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A Powerful Vision . . . or nothing at all

Updated on May 12, 2013

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside awakens.”

– Carl Jung

How I learned to love Quantum Physics...

Recently, while at a holiday party, I met and was talking with a new friend. When asked my favorite pastime by my new friend, I hesitated on an answer because I love golf, but my favorite pastime is uncovering the mysteries of the universe, enter Quantum Physics. When you say those words to people they may run screaming from you, because they immediately time-travel to their experience of physics in the past while in school. This was the case, momentarily, for my new friend, but eventually their curiosity got the best of them and they eagerly returned for a deeper conversation about the mysteries of life.

Gregg Braden wrote a book, many years ago, called, "The Divine Matrix". In this book he covers the subject of our connection to the divine and he recommends ways to express this connection consciously and intentionally. Braden relates experiments in Quantum Physics to the context of our everyday lives with a design in empowering our experiences in consciousness. He says that feeling is the language to direct and focus our awareness on, but it is not just any feeling, it is the desires we have without hidden motive. He goes on to say, "Another way of clarifying this ... is to say in modern terms that we must make our decisions from a desire that's not based in our ego. The great secret to bringing the focus of our imagination, beliefs, healing, and peace into a present reality is that we must do so without a strong attachment to the outcome of our choice." He further says, "...We are invited to pray without our judgments of what should or shouldn't be happening." The way the spiritual leader of my church would say it is, "God already knows what you need, so make your prayer a meditation and listen for the answer to your prayer."

Subtle Is The Universe...

To me, thusfar, the greatest discovery I have uncovered in my travels through Quantum Physics is that the detached observations of the scientist performing the experiment affect the outcome of the experiment. One specific example of this is in particle science. If the experimenter is looking for the location of the particle, the particle remains a particle, if they are looking for the speed of the particle, it becomes a wave. You may be saying, "So what?" The so what answer is 'How do we change the world effectively?' Gregg Braden says it appears, "...The stronger our desire is to change our world, the more elusive our power to do so becomes. This is because what we want is so often ego based." What I see in this is that we can want whatever we want until we become blue in the face, but it will not manifest until we get our ego out of the mix. So, if I have a vision of an earth where all people love each other and themselves, how do I go about making it a reality? I come from love and my only prayer becomes "Thy will as my will."

Physicist, Amit Goswami proposes that it takes more than just a regular state of consciousness to mold a quantum possibility into a present reality. He says that we must be in a "non-ordinary state of consciousness." Well, it has been my observation that our ordinary state of consciousness is to look at how everything affects us individually. I would go as far as to say that most of those who do pray are praying from the space of how they are already affected by the thing they are hoping God will change.

A Powerful Vision

In a book published originally in 1935 called, "The "I AM" Discourses", the author, Godfrey Ray King says, "To find your "I AM Presence" and anchor to It, is the only desirable thing to do." The "I AM Presence" he is referring to here is the Divine within us. He further states, "The most important, the most desirable thing that anyone can do, is to fix within his or her mind the one permanent necessity and is --to keep at it, until one reaches so deeply and firmly into this "Mighty I AM Presence," that all Love, Light, Good and Riches flow into his Life and experience, by an Inner Propelling Power that naught of outer personalities may at any time, anywhere, ever interfere with."

So, today, change your filter, stop looking at how everything affects you and start looking at how what you are doing and saying is affecting the world around you, and BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD. Find the vision that is in your heart and awaken your consciousness to the 'God Presence' within you so that your vision can become a reality.

I love you,



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