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A Private Matter

Updated on May 31, 2012

Some say "she really gained weight" while others may say "Shoot, she looks miserable." One hundred ways to say a woman is pregnant but the reality of it is that she is carrying a miracle. Few things are as beautiful to me as a mother carrying her miracle inside of her. There is a sense of joy and of love that radiates from her face and whispers to the world "I have been blessed." No man that truly loves the woman that carries their child inside of her womb notices she has gained weight or anything else other than that she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

When a woman is pregnant, one thing she does Not do is walk around with her blouse lifted. She is proud and loves the baby inside more than her words would ever convey but... she does not wish for the "World" to see her tummy. I write this because of the newest "fad" in mommies and babies. A recent article in Time magazine sparked a flame that seems to be burning everywhere. A woman, breast feeding her "Toddler" caused some stirring amongst people. This controversial subject matter has now been enhanced by the photo's of two military ladies, breast feeding their babies.

I want to say that breast feeding in and of itself is as beautiful as the carrying of the child. There is nothing "dirty" or "naughty" about the act. It is as God intended and an act of bonding that is shared between a mother and her baby. The father or a sibling, seeing the mother feeding her child, can feel the bonding that grows within the mother and babies hearts. I think that it is an act of total giving and love that should never be shunned.

So why do I write today? I am not here to promote breast feeding nor am I here to discourage it. I write because I believe that there are still certain acts, whether they be of love or otherwise, that should remain out of the "Strangers" or public's view. The photos were shown and the issues became a "military" issue. I do not see them as such. Military or civilian, there are still some things in our lives that should remain private.

Breast feeding in public is something that simply need not be. I watched my Aunts and cousins and other friends and family breast feed. It was not something that was taught to be dirty or an "Oh My God" if we walked in on the act. What I did see was that who ever was breast feeding, they always had a small blanket that covered the breast. I did not need to see that private part of the woman to know what she was doing. The one feeding had no desire for me or anyone else to see either. The act of breast feeding isn't a public display. It is something precious between a mother and her child that my eyes, nor anyone else, need see.

I mention that this is not a dirty or naughty act but giving way to other reasons why it should be kept private isn't such a far stones toss. Though we like to think that such photos are viewed by people that simply look and move on, we live in a world that is not made up of only good people. Today, we have eyes that are not so good and that do not think good thoughts. The Internet, and I am not going to get into a debate on it's good or bad issues, allows for every type of mind to view photos, including those that show women breast feeding. Exposing ones self to the eyes and mind of perverts and depraved minds is dangerous. A woman, sitting out in the full view of 1000 + eyes, would unlikely expose her self. She would cover herself to ward off the "less than desirable's" or would seek a private place to feed her child.

Photo's of women, and again I say military or civilian, should be kept private for their family. I do not see the purpose of plastering something that is beautiful and so very personal all over magazines and the internet for ALL of the world to see. There are simply still some things that should remain private. Ladies, what you do is a beauty and bond and I believe it is more than just wonderful. I also believe that it is something you should not share with the world. Don't give the world a chance to dirty something so precious as the bonding of a mother and her child.


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    • Dday50627 profile image

      Darrel Day 5 years ago from Iowa

      Thank you for reading and for your words. there are just some things that are for no ones eyes especially in this world we live in today. thank you again so much.

    • QudsiaP1 profile image

      QudsiaP1 5 years ago

      I agree completely; it is a beautiful natural act to be performed in private where the baby maybe shielded from the prying eyes of strangers.