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A Proposal to the Races Part 1

Updated on July 25, 2013

Ending Racism once and for all.

This proposal is broken into 2 parts. Each part must be carefully understood, as not to misunderstand it's purpose.

The Proposal is WAR!

Black vs. White, no holds barred, a fight to the death. To the winner goes the spoils. Dominance for the winning race. All the riches of the country fall to the winning race. All industry, commerce, and trade fall under control of the winning race.

Think of it, a country without a constant fight, or backlash of impropriety.

Rules. We must have Rules.

  1. White can only fight with White
  2. Black can only fight with Black
  3. No intermingling, one side versus the other.
  4. All weapons will be at the disposal of each team
  5. The battle cannot take place on home turf, as not to kill innocent people.
  6. The Battle will take place in a large open country.
  7. You must sign up to fight
  8. It must be to the death.
  9. The government will supply all supplies to each side.
  10. Individual fighters can pick any type of weapon they wish to use, from rifle to nuke.
  11. The races will choose their leaders to lead them into battle.
  12. The leaders must sign up to fight as well.
  13. The races will be shipped on the government's dime to and from the battlefield.
  14. Winner is declared, when the opposing force is annihilated.

Will you fight?

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Sign Up to Fight!

Will you or won't you?

What's your race?

Leave your sign up in the comment section below. Tell us why you would fight.

Follow me for Part two. Like and share.

What weapon would you use?

Provided to you free of charge. If you choose to fight, what weapon would you use?


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