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Obnoxiously Loud Neighbors; The Bane of My Existence...

Updated on November 26, 2014

My words for the inconsiderate jerks of the world...

You live amongst others. You are required to be quiet for the sake of those others if it is at all possible. Especially if it is in your lease.

Extremely loud music is not like loud children, loud footsteps, or loud pets. It can be easily avoided. Blasting your music so loud that it disturbs your neighbors is a purposeful decision to be an inconsiderate douchebag, one that you choose to make every time you do it.

Blasting your music and forcing EVERYONE around your apartment to listen to it, whether they feel like listening to music or not, especially to the point where they cannot make a phone call, hear their own music, or sit comfortably in their own home and relax, is extremely rude and thoughtless behavior.

7 Ways to Tell If You're an Obnoxiously Loud Asshole:

1 - You have people knocking on your door asking you to turn down your music all the time.

2 - They have said that it is vibrating their floors and furniture, disturbing their children, keeping them from sleeping, etc.

3 - You keep effin doing it, after having received numerous complaints of this nature.

4 -People are actually pissed at you when they knock, or they have stopped bothering to come knock, and have taken to slamming on the floor/ceiling.

5 - You've had the cops called on you, or have been given noise violations or been tossed for them by management.

6 - You listen to Raggaeton. Loudly or quietly. (There is no excuse, you know you're wrong for that.)

7 - NONE OF THIS CONCERNED YOU, you think it's just them being nit pickers.

Your neighbors are not a-holes for this. It is definitely you.

If they have politely asked you to turn it down on more than one occasion, and you keep turning it up loud anyway, you're a selfish a-hole. Maybe if you pull your head out of there, you'd be able to hear your music without blasting it.

News Flash!

If these people feel like they have to report you to management or call the police to get you to stop, it is not THEM who are in the wrong.

You do not NEED to listen to music that loudly to enjoy it. You WANT to. Those people you're not considering when you do, they NEED peace and quiet to be happy. You take that away from them, and they have no say in it, and it upsets them. You ruin their ability to have company, to read quietly, to listen to their own music, watch TV, or talk on the phone. You ruin their lives whenever you want. You're a terrible person. You deserve whatever hate your neighbors have for you.

They are not party poopers, or trying to boss you around, they aren't out to ruin your fun. They're human beings who just want to have a say in whether or not they and their guests listen to music that day, or sit in a vibrating chair.

You're committing aural rape. And you should really just stop.

Here's a novel idea; Get an MP3 player and a good headset if you're so desperate to blow your eardrums. If you have the money for a sound system so loud you shake entire houses, AND make it so your neighbors can't hear their own freaking television, then you have money for that. If not, sell your unnecessarily loud crap and get them. Use the extra money towards sensitivity training.

Or just turn it down. Either way, stop being a douche.

Poll: Are You Still an A-hole?

Are you still going to be an aural rapist after all you have read here today?

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© 2014 Lady Luv

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