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A Roadmap For Progressives

Updated on October 10, 2016


In interactions with progressives, I have come to the realization that they don't know how to achieve their goals. In trying to skirt the Constitution, they have undermined their progress in the long term. To help them in their endeavors, I am presenting here a roadmap for progressives. Not that I want them to succeed, but at least, I want them to go about it the right way, Does that make sense? If anything, it may lead to better communications between the different groups.

-June 2015


It has been frustrating at times conversing with someone who have a very different view of how the world works. It is almost as if we are speaking a different language. In trying to improve on this, I have decided to create this "roadmap". Perhaps, if progressives find this useful, they can do the same in kind for conservatives. In the process, I hope to improve communications and perhaps learn from each other.

Roadmap For Progressives

The following is a set of roadmap instructions to help anyone who wants to bring about changes in our government. To start with, one must have a basic understanding of how our government works.

  1. Start with our Constitution and work within it's constructs.
  2. Have open dialog to discuss the issues and win over hearts and minds.
  3. Use your civic duty by voting people who agrees with your point of view.

The Constitution

  • Check and Balance of the three Branches.
  • The Amendment Process.
  • Federalism.
  • Bill of Rights.

Please read my other hub on American Civics 101.

Open Dialog

Have open dialog with your friends and neighbor to discuss the issues and win over hearts and minds. Most reasonable people will engage honestly. Don't try to silent the opposition. It just makes things worse.

Ballot Box

Use your one legitimate means to affect change by electing people to government, local and federal that believes in the same cause. That is how the democratic process suppose to work. It does require patience. The notion of "drink no wine before its time..." applies here. Some changes, no matter how good or how just, requires the test of time to work.

What Not to Do...

I would not use the following tactics to get my way.

  • Use unelected judges to legislate from the bench.
  • Stir up dissent and create a wedge between various groups by (race, gender...)
  • Attack our institution such as the church and undermine the family unit.
  • When all else fail, use bribe by providing entitlements.


I have a confession to make. The title of this hub is a little misleading. The roadmap I outline applies to all groups, not just progressives. As a conservative, I would use the same strategy to win over hearts and minds.


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