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A Slobbering Teleprompter Affair

Updated on October 7, 2012

Sometimes I worry about young people being able to vote. And in the case of a video I just watched about how unfair it was for the Debate Commission to not allow Obama to use a teleprompter during the Presidential debates an outright drunk. Just that guy's performance on this video is just cause to have a simple test to confirm voter qualifications to cast a ballot.

I wrote a Hub about part of this and will include the link at the bottom of this article for a continuation reading if so desired. In that article I advanced the idea that there would be a move to proclaim that it was unfair for Obama not to be able to use the same crutch he has always used and relied upon for someone else to tell him what he is supposed to say. This question was posed to a number of younger people but somehow I suspect that many of his older sheeple would also utter the nonsense you will hear here on this video. So lets take a short break and watch in utter amazement as I did the first time I saw this. It isn't on Youtube as of today so please use the link provided below.

The question asked of those being interviewed was simple enough. “How unfair was it for the Debate Commission to not allow the president to use his teleprompter?” Generally the answers showed how uninformed many people who are eligible to vote really are. In the case of the town drunk I find it remarkable that he is allowed anywhere near a polling station

The objective of a debate isn't to have your handlers give you the answers to the questions being asked as they are asked. A teleprompter is a crutch for being knowledgeable and Barack Hussein Obama has been the poster child for using one since I can remember. He used on when addressing an elementary school audience and a 6th grade audience and on and on. What we just saw this past Wednesday night is the man who doesn't have the least bit of grasp on the many subjects that came up during that debate. And it showed.

The use of notes, prepared in advance or taken as you witnessed Romney doing during the first debate, is an acceptable practice in debating. But a teleprompter? Come on folks. If a man or woman can't advance their position or defend it without the use of a crutch such as a teleprompter, what business do they have being the President of this nation?

This is teleprompter nonsense. So defend it without it.

And in closing I offer you, the reader, an opportunity to hear another tidbit that Obama recently served up concerning success. Listen carefully to exactly what he said. The opportunity to succeed has always been present in this nation since I can remember. It seems to be ingrained in your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The opportunity has always been there as I remember things. You are entitled to success if you are willing to work for it. That is up to you and the whole concept of the government being responsible for your success should,. and is to many people, very foreign. Just listen closely to Obama and start engaging your brain cells.

Then someone explain to me how the middle class grows the economy from the middle. His teleprompter told him to say that and it makes very little sense. Just that statement alone tells me how much Obama DOES NOT know about how an economy such as ours functions. The middle class is grown through job creation and opportunity. And just who is it that creates jobs Obama? His answers would be and has been - the government.

It's time for some of you out there in Obamaland to wise up. I will now close with a recent quote made about the Trickle Me Obama doll I read recently. I'm just wondering if it comes with its own teleprompter.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Trickle Me Obama - What every Obama Mama will be buying their children at Christmas with their extra Obama bucks!"

"Like" It, "Tweet" It, "Pin " It, "Share It" With Your Followers. Time to let em read it.

As Always,

The Frog Prince

Meanwhile Back At The Dinner Table...

Remember In November


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    • Angela Blair profile image

      Angela Blair 5 years ago from Central Texas

      Loved the Hub -- and the doll -- I agree if anyone can't think on their feet (particularly the POTUS) what hope do we have? Although, must admit the times he's "thought on his feet" haven't been too spectacular to say the least! Best/Sis

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Those teleprompters are like spell checks - they cripple you after awhile. I don't know if how popular the doll will be .. may sit on the shelves for quite awhile.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 5 years ago

      I can't see how he could use a teleprompter. In fact, I am sure he would get so confused that it would be unreal. In any case, it's a debate and using teleprompters would be ridiculous. In my view, if you can't think on your feet you have no right to be president. Awesome!

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

      HAHAHAHAHA Your title of this hub is pure genius. I needed a good laugh this day. HAHAHAHA That video of him stating flat-out "Don't believe anybody is entitled to success in this country" is well . . . I'll just say . . . there you go. No one need even add to that one, it can stand alone. The dinner table scenario video is profound. God bless. In His Love, Faith Reaper

    • profile image

      Ghost32 5 years ago

      "The economy doesn't grow from the top down; it grows from the middle out!"

      Uh...Barack, you didn't build that!

      That love handle didn't grow from the top (food into mouth) down; it grew from the middle out!

      Wow. In one swell foop, the Prez and his peletrompter have given us awesome insights into both the economy and the tummy.

      The People are going to clean house from the top down and throw Obama out.

      Remember in November!

    • caltex profile image

      caltex 5 years ago

      Teleprompter was not allowed. The audience was not allowed to clap either. Obama was disarmed and exposed as a result. The mainstream media may report all they want the debates do not matter and would not help Romney. We'll see.

    • profile image

      Stu 5 years ago

      Wow. I hope my answer makes sense (my teleprompter is in the shop for repairs). My hope is that the video selected out those young people with differing opinions. It would really be scary if most young voters believed that debaters should have to depend on "crib notes" to answer debate questions. Typical debate questions do not require recall of minutiae. Obama wants the teleprompter solely so he has a very smooth way to deflect, giving the appearance that he's answering the question when he really isn't. For this reason, and this reason alone, teleprompters should not be allowed. I can accept hand written notes, as it helps a debater not to forget to mention an important point that's part of the answer to a question. But that's a far cry from being spoon fed a non-answer.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 5 years ago from south Florida

      This quote of yours, Jim, says it all: "Come on folks. If a man or woman can't advance their position or defend it without the use of a crutch such as a teleprompter, what business do they have being the President of this nation?" Amen!

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 5 years ago

      This is absurd,

      Forget the teleprompter. Although I hate this expression, it is what it is....

    • profile image

      Old Poolman 5 years ago

      I thought the debate questions were supposed to be a surprise to both candidates, so not sure how he could use a teleprompter anyhow. But I guess if he had someone behind the scenes typing answers like crazy it would give him an advantage. He is a gifted speech reader, just not accustomed to having to come up with anything to say on his own.

    • TheGroundsquirrel profile image

      TheGroundsquirrel 5 years ago

      "Some people insist that “mediocre” is better than “best.” They delight in clipping wings because they themselves can’t fly. They despise brains because they have none. Pfah!" – Robert A. Heinlein

    • Wayne Brown profile image

      Wayne Brown 5 years ago from Texas

      Let him use it and then America can watch Romney speak from his mind and heart while Obama reads off what someone else tells him to say.....Duh! ~WB