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The United Nations... a World Government...a new world order

Updated on September 12, 2012


a highly structured system of human organization for large-scale community living that normally furnishes protection, continuity, security, and a communal identity for its members.

In order for a Society to survive... There must be rules agreed upon and followed by all the people...

People that want to peacefully co-exist realize that no one gets everything they want every time they want or that peaceful co-existence cannot survive. That doesn't mean people quit trying to get everything they want every time they want. It just means they get smarter at getting what they want. The reaction to that is the creation of law after law thwarting the efforts of those that refuse to accept compromise. The use of law making on both sides of this issue has resulted in the 'Law' becoming an ineffectual entity.

The inability of some people to put another human beings needs ahead of their own, even for just a little bit. Results in a state of constant one-uppings, of political maneuvering, and corruption.

These types of people are generally known as tyrants.

Successful Tyrants usually end up rich and powerful. Unsuccessful ones end up in jail or killed.

To make Governments accountable...

We the People (worldwide) need VETO power on every Law in existence and on every tax levied against us... If the people we elect can't do the job with the money we give them they should be replaced by someone who can.


1. the political direction and control exercised over the actions of the members, citizens, or inhabitants of communities, societies, and states; direction of the affairs of a state, community, etc.; political administration.

2. the form or system of rule by which a state, community, etc., is governed: monarchical government; episcopal government.

3. the governing body of persons in a state, community, etc.; administration.

4. a branch or service of the supreme authority of a state or nation, taken as representing the whole.

Government is necessary to the existence of peaceful civilized society. Without a Government of one type or another we would be forced into a 'strong man society'. But aren't we anyway?

The Golden Rule: Those that have the Gold make the rules. In a more barbaric society we know that he who can kill us while we cannot kill them is the man that makes the rules. Tribal leaders of the American Indians were often the greatest warriors in the tribe. In our society it is the smart that are capable of fooling us while we cannot fool them that make the rules.

I saw a couple conspiracy theory videos called Zeitgeist the links keep getting deleted so try Googling Zeitgeist. After watching these videos I came to the conclusion that A World Government isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact I believe that sooner or later it will be a necessity. Eventually humanity will have to be held to the same standards and laws the world over. The Nuclear arsenals are the reason why. Nuclear technology will become common place, it will be possible for a child of teenage years to be able to understand the concepts involved.

If the world isn't a fair and just place to live, a world where tyranny, even by a World Government is unthinkable, then some poor desperate nuclear savvy individual may decide for all of us that the world should end.

So how do we decide who gets to make the rules? Who gets to be the boss? Historically these decisions are made through warfare. The strongest society wins and gets to make the rules. Is this how we want it to be decided? Shouldn't we find a better way? Can we find a better way?

What must remain clear in our minds, and in our hearts, is the base truth that our "free" nation was created on. The foundational truth that tyranny in any form is evil and must be combated by people of goodwill and good moral fiber at all costs. No person or nation has the right to make others suffer in the conquest of riches and power. This is as true for the United States and her interests as it is for any nation on Earth. We have allowed the rich and powerful companies of our nation to forget this principle and they in turn have used the might and power of the United States for their own ends... We the People of goodwill and good moral fiber must end this perversion of our way of life and stop the misuse of our government, our resources, and most especially that of our armed forces. We must all learn how to share the limited resources of our planet for the betterment of humanity, worldwide.

The United Nations

A unification of the nations of Earth, under the flag of the United Nations is a good start. Businessmen however would prefer the United Corporations. Money is the deciding factor to power and control in the business world...most of the world is now controlled by money. Governments including the United States Government are controlled by money and the businesses and businessmen that own those companies.

A new world order controlled by the rich and successful tyrants of the business world? This too is a possibility, and it could work, but I think much like the videos state, it would be a world of slavery.

Humanity needs a representative government, a government of the people by the people, like the one the United States started out with, not the one we have now.

Human Rights

Rights are not privileges that can be revoked when they are inconvenient, or ever for that matter. A world government that fights tyranny has fair and just laws, laws easily understandable by the common people. It is a system that provides equal access to laws and legal procedures. Standard forms that are easy to understand, read, fill in and process.

But there must also be a way for 'We The People' to eliminate laws that are unwanted ... Public VETO power is crucial to the success of 'Our Society' (If We the People don't understand a law, it should be vetoed).

The legal system should cost NOTHING to the people. That is right, no 'court costs' no 'legal fees'.


The legal process is the voice of the people through the government and to the government. Money, and the power play that money is, should have NO part in the legal process. The entire legal process is a right, requiring money for its use makes it a privilege not a right.

The next thing this new world order needs is objective and incorruptible Judges. Judges that have been under intense psychological testing. These Judges should be people from all over the world, that have proven themselves to be of the highest intelligence, moral character, and most of all unshakable integrity.

The voted political leaders of this new world government should come from all the nations on Earth. They should be as well tested as the afore mentioned Judges. They should be dedicated to providing a system of government that gives the world population the highest standard of living attainable. A system of government dedicated to giving people the world over the absolute most freedom that can be given. The freedoms to live and learn and decide for ourselves what is best for us. They must always know that first and foremost it is their job to protect the common man from the tyrants, the peasants from the nobility if you will. Tyrants that won't stop trying to take over in anyway they can, seizing on any opening presented to them. Including but not limited to infiltration of the government that is suppose to be fighting them. Tyrants that will be the leaders of our successful companies, because that is the personality type that it takes to succeed at business.

The problem is, the successful tyrants that have infiltrated the existing national governments and businesses are already in control and are merely bickering with each other. These men and women, from all the world's nations and businesses, don't want the kind of world government that the people need. They want to control the world, each and everyone of them. Which is why we have the petty childish behaviors we have from our world leaders. They all want a world government, they just want it to be their world government.

We need heroes.


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    • RachaelLefler profile image

      Rachael Lefler 7 years ago from Illinois

      Good hub, but I feel that we need to make all the governments everywhere smaller and return authority to local governments. People in D.C. can't understand the needs of every community in the United States, and a local government has a greater chance of providing for the needs of the people. A world government is an unpopular idea with many people because it means a faceless, distant, entity that is impossible to communicate with will dictate your local laws, whether it's the will of the people in your community or not.

    • qwark profile image

      qwark 7 years ago


      I agree with you.

      There is no way for humankind to continue to exist other than to be governed by a 1 world power!...STERNLY AND WITH A DEDICATION TO SUCCEED!

      There is no chance that that can happen when the majority of human life has been so horribly and irreversibly fractured in so many ways.

      There is no 1 cause that can unify it to work toward it's viability as a species of life.

      A well reasoned 'Hub."

    • Ohma profile image

      Ohma 7 years ago

      As usual Mike I find that I am in total agreement. Nice Hub!