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A Distant Relative of ‘tasmanian Devil’

Updated on November 5, 2019
Beata Stasak profile image

Beata works as a qualified primary school teacher, a councillor for drug and alcohol addiction and a farm caretaker for organic olive grow.

It has just been discovered in the Northern Hemisphere.

Scientists were aware of its presence for some time.

General public came to a close contact with it only recently.

There is vicious debate going on for past few years if that new found North American creature is good for our future human progress or the sign of our doom.

It puzzles scientists and general public alike as it is nothing we have encountered before in our human mist. Yes, it is lives among us. Unlike Tasmanian Devil this new discovered North American Devil has human DNA in it with prevalent human physical characteristics although its predominant obsession with digestion, reproduction and survival belong to animal kingdom.

It feeds only on meat .

Being of a carnivore type it is used to rotten remnants left over from hunt.

It is not brave enough to kill nevertheless it is flourishing in the most advanced country in the nowadays being fed the fresh juicy steaks. How does that happen it is still a mystery that makes waves of shock, disgust or curiosity everywhere in the USA and all around the world. Its’ human physical features together with its human weakness for grooming and self obsession make it so alike to other of human types that it made its name popular on TV shows and advertisement in early days. It used to colour its mane red to distinguish itself from other suitable males and continue on feeding and breeding until it was discovered to be used for political purposes.

Its brain is simple and its language is simple.

It is unpredictable and follow its urges.

It feeds on anything that has meat on it and it turns on its own or devour its own for survival. It understands destruction to feed its needs. It feeds on weakness for its animal instinct understand survival. Belonging to hyena type of a carnivore it never hunts itself having no strength only excessive fat acquired by constant human feeding neither it has stamina or bravery but it watches from the background the heroics of destruction and comes out on open to pound its chests of remnants of kill. That is its territory. It can threaten you by baring its teeth, making animal noises and using basic human language it learnt out of necessity. It acts out because of its own fear in self defense more than animosity but it is truly affective on humans who are taken back by its animal behaviour and lack of reasoning.

Humans are used to acquire knowledge.

Then they are used to apply this knowledge for better world and common good.

In the process they become better themselves.

Humans are used to live with purpose and strive to grow to be better human beings. Humans live with conscience. Humans are usually predictable in their constant battle to do good even if their temporary selfish motives bring them to dead end from time to time. Humans care about their environment and their fellow human beings generally and have empathy and willingness to repent if caught red handed to do wrong.

All those human characteristics are foreign to the North American Devil for the obvious reason.

It may share some human physical characteristics with other humans.

Due to its prevalent animal urges it is commonly classify it to be an animal and because of its specifically North American features it was given nickname Trump.

The name Devil it was given to this type of carnivore for its devious qualities it applies to its victims in spite of its small brain or maybe because of it.

This type of devil may be unique to North America nevertheless its origin was first mentioned in Germany in 1939 where it caused ‘pestilence’. For it is a pest that causes great damage to environment and country it invades and need to be eradicated.

Humans being humans, they often bring in pest with them to settle in a new country.

They bring them for the purposes of amusement.

Sometimes they bring them of true belief of their sheer uniqueness and sometimes just for their simplicity and viciousness.

Strange as it seems, humans in their contradiction when in desperation or for lack of money or power turn to anything to help them rise out of swamp. They forget that being great among hyenas is not the same as being great among humans.

Some may die as dogs for their lack of conscience, some may live like dogs for the lack of conscience, at the end they are both of the same kind. We are not talking about the ‘White fangs’ type of loyal and brave dogs we love. We talk about hyenas here.

Human reasons do not apply here, neither human laws or order.

We have long experience with pests of different kind in human history .

All of them were eradicated in the end. Pest is only pest and should be treated like one.

Some humans put them on top of power and admiration for its unpredictability and sheer animal viciousness. These humans do it for their own personal gains they should be aware they are dealing with pests that feed on everything even their own.


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