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A series of Life's events

Updated on April 15, 2012

Life is a series of experiences. A series of people in and out of your life to which you take what you need from them or give what you have. its hard to remember this simple fact while going through the motions of every day life. the trials and tribulations that occur daily. i find it so funny how one can go through the motions of everyday life like a drone refusing to look deeper. Not thinking or even dreaming of thier passion for what makes them happy. we all strive for it, and if you dont your stuck. for these people i feel pity. not to open your eyes to the little things in life. simple things such as walking by a stranger and having them ask how you are and seeing in thier eyes they really care. to those who dont wait for the reply... who say it just to tide over the silenece and uncomfortableness... these people are stuck. im fully aware that not everyone is in a place in life where they are truley happy, accutally thats the majority of us. however its the people who have closed eyes, and no need to want anything further i feel like screaming at. youve got to want better to get better.

i honestly cherish those in my life who have opened new doors, given motivation, passion, shown me thrill, happieness where i didnt think it was possible. those are the givers that make a difference. people dont often think about wheather or not they are contributing in their life or take, take, taking. and for those who take for a living... its these people i give the most. why is that? these people are all about themselves.

life lessons are all about learning and any dumb ass knows that. and if you dont well... ur a dumb ass! and just when you come to think you have a pretty good handle on things, juggling all the many things to which you prioritize in your life, it all comes crashing down. i swear somone of a higher power looks down at you and says.."ha! so there! you have to start all over again." it is as if it a joke to them, when in all acctuality its your life! but hell, we all start over infact i love starting over. nice breather from all the hussle and bussle and stress of balancing everything just right.

random thought of the day.. .why cant i ever make up my mind? or why cant i stick to what i decide? oh yea, its because its not always the best thing for me at the time. let it roll off and go a different route.

people think its so hard to meet people and its not really the case. for me, meeting people is one of the easiest things in the world. its trusting them that is the challenge. not to say i am miss defensive but i give to those who take, bad choice on my part. one the other side if you dont trust you will never live. everyone has their hand bag full of issues. trust, truth, image and daddy issues if you will. but its a matter of over coming them and taking what you will from them. some people need therapy... LOL! not going to lie, but what most refuse to do is look inside themselves. challenge themselves.


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