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A sacred voice lays chained and suppressed

Updated on February 20, 2015

Conceptualizing goals

A goal is a self conceptualized process to meet a particular objective in mind towards achieving greater satisfaction. It can be referred to as a notion or an impression imbedded in one’s mind which paves the way towards directing task oriented behavior through a specified means.

How are goals formed?

From birth, every individual goes through the process of socializing by understanding societal interactions through the environment around them. By engaging in interactions, goals are unconsciously formulated through interpretation from the external environment ultimately influencing one’s own attitude.This is the stage of life wherein all thoughts and feelings seem visionary and glossy. It is during this stage also that children should be encouraged to explore and vent out their dreams.

Later on in life when the child starts to interact in a wider environment the child realizes there are many obstacles, and thus the desired dream or goal one had slowly starts to get repressed as layers of barriers are built suppressing the original primary goal once thought.

With society influencing man's thought process, opinions get influenced and one starts to alter one’s own goal towards the easy way out, ultimately suppressing the desired goal one did dream of as a child.

Importance of Nurturing goals

It is necessary to tap deep within and follow that original thought process one had as a child and pursue the dream irrespective of what the outcome would be. Knowing one tried and failed will open up a different path and give relieve rather than living a life of repentance. Repentance is truly a factor that can kill a living individual faster.

There are multiple paths to being victorious! For example, if one needs to reach a certain destination by road and the highway is blocked, on being determined one would take an alternate route reaching that destination irrespective of the blocks. The same concept applies to our lives too.

Every individual has a goal or a dream in mind, be it a dream to be a doctor, a shepherd, a sailor irrespective. Holding on to that that primary dream and living that dream large is what being a free individual is all about.

A good parenting style would be providing means to set ablaze and keep that burning spark/dream alive within the child. As all human beings are equal, children too should be recognized as individual human beings having the right to self expression and self determination as long as they mean no harm to another human being.

Success tips to meet goals:

  • A goals should be understood in terms of what it represents, a primary thought, a seed imbedded into the mindset of a child. it is highly important to allow the goal to control and direct task oriented responses and pave the way, rather than allowing goals to be responses to task oriented behaviours.
  • Focus more on the primary goal in particular and not the means engaged to achieve the goal as too much emphasis on the means throws one off balance from achieving one’s broader visionary goal. For example if a child has a dream of being a millionaire by the age of 35 then the child should focus more on the ends, that is being a millionaire as only then does the mind get accustomed to the thought process which will influence attitude. And only after the mind is accustomed can one’s behaviour be directed. This is because one’s thought process directly influences attitude and attitude in turn influences behaviour.
  • Try engaging into intuitive insight by thinking from the soul and not the mind. This can possibly be the best means to understanding what the universe is trying to tell, as the revelation of this is exactly what the universe imbibed during one’s primary goal setting phase. This could be the best means to connecting to one’s primary goal.
  • Remember that altering attitudes to suit others convenience is not best for either one as each individual is unique, and the only means is to be aware of attitudes and control them if it causes displeasure to others. Attitudes like not being patient has its pros and cons. One’s attitude reflects one’s identity and altering attitudes could lead to identity loss.
  • Be positive and leave no scope for error as an error will only be a product of a faulty thought process.


it is important hence to nurture a child in a safe and positive environment, as depending on the environment the child is brought up in the goal will be formulated upon.

A simple way to put it is, the environment will influence the child's personality traits which formulates attitudes and attitudes influence behavioural patterns!


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