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After Two Years of Trump

Updated on May 11, 2019
jada67 profile image

Trump thinks he is above the laws that were created for all mankind. He once said he could walk down the street and kill and no will care.

Our country and the American people deserve more and better than Donald Trump leadership. we are tired of seeing Trump commit crimes out in the open with no one holding him accountable for his actions. Donald Trump is a disease

Obstruction Justice in the faces of the American people he was going to bring the very best people in, he brought the worst of all including himself.

Trump Is A Poor Excuse

No president in history has gotten away with what Trump has done, he refuses to show his tax return, which every president has done. He has abused the power of the constitution, he tells associates to ignore the power of a subpoena.

Trump Interfered In The 2016 Elections

Trump knew Russia interfered with our voting system in the 2016 elections. He announced to the world on national television that he hoped Russia find Clinton emails and he loved Wikileaks a site that has been known a lot for corruptions across the world.

Trump is dangerous

President Trump always lies saying someone is always out to get him or no one treats him fairly after creating all these problems himself. Trump's mouth is his worst enemy, he doesn't know how to shut up. He attacks the media by saying they report fake news against him. Since the election of Trump violence crimes across America have increased among Jews with Muslims used as targets. Trump has done nothing to curve the violent acts that have generated from his rhetoric.

Americans Are Tired

Americans are tired are watching Trump dictate to the American people daily what he doesn't want. Trump said don't want Mueller to Testify, he knows William Barr will defend him. Donald Trump the President of the United State is not above the laws, that every American have to abide by. Trump has escaped corruption, Obstruction, and collusion because he is the president.

Trump is A Fake

Trump has said nothing about protecting our voting System from Russia the next election for20/20. Donald Trump is boosting on the economy which was on the rise when Former President Obama left the office of the White House.


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