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All That Is/Was/Can Ever Be ... Is What You Really Are

Updated on January 30, 2019

We Don't Need A Control System

People cannot perceive a world without the Control System, because they think that there would be chaos in the world! But look at it! In what way is the world not already in a state of chaos? It's already crazy! People are slaves to a Control System that is controlled by politicians who are themselves slaves to the Control System! It is slaves enslaving other slaves who enslave them in return -- it is insanity! We do not need the Control System! There are many ways we can provide everything we need: food, water, clothing, shelter -- love -- with no need at all for a Control System ... for a government.

Right now we think it is impossible, but there are other ways of living and if we can connect ourselves to higher levels of consciousness those ways of living and interacting with society will be obvious and available to us all.

Not everyone will experience the same things though, and that is why it is important for each of us to understand what we, as individuals, are to experience. Let's make sure we experience what we are supposed to experience, and let everyone else experience whatever they are supposed to experience -- with no ridicule, condemnation, or criticism ... as long as they are not harming others.

Rigid Beliefs

A lot of people are still imprisoned within rigid belief systems and have unchangeable opinions about things, even in light of evidence that proves those opinions wrong (cognitive dissonance). Whenever you believe something very strongly, the neural activity in the brain habitually becomes accustomed to this belief; your brain then proceeds to function in a way that not only keeps you confined to the belief, but it also filters all of the information you receive to conform to that belief.

Religions and other belief systems, like Scientism and Statism, are nothing more than prisons for the mind; we must learn how to escape them, if we are to expand our awareness. You can't do that if you already have everything figured out: "This is the way it is and there is nothing that is going to change my mind about it," are the words of someone who is imprisoned within their own mind. What if you're wrong? Not possible for you to be wrong? Jordan Maxwell: "When you think you know everything, you know less than nothing." With just a bit of thought, the enslavement of the mind by rigid beliefs and systems of belief becomes blatantly obvious for those who honestly embrace and seek after truth.

If you believe very strongly in a particular politician, you will excuse even their most disgusting acts. The people who disliked Obama were very angry and outspoken when he bombed the Middle East; now that Trump is doing it, the same people support bombing the Middle East. It makes no difference who is doing it, but people who have strong beliefs about particular politicians or political parties cannot see or realize that -- because they are slaves inside their own minds.

This is the same thing that happens with flags: once a person is brainwashed into flag worship they will support anything you put that flag on. Murder without the flag would be unacceptable to the same person, but slap that flag on it and the murder is somehow justified -- but flags don't make murder OK. Only brainwashed people who have a very strong rigid belief about the flag would do that; sadly, that is the majority of people all over the world.

These things function just like addiction: the mind becomes addicted to the chemicals of "patriotism" and "nationalism" and "religion", and then people will support anything; it's called mind control. What are we doing having all these rigid ideas about things? We can think whatever we like, and change our minds whenever we feel like it. Why are we confining ourselves into these little belief pens of the misguided perceptions of slaves?

Why do we think there is just one possibility? "What I believe is the only possibility." What? That is extreme limitation. Consciousness laughs at the suggestion of one possibility. One possibility? Are you serious? We live within All Possibility, not one possibility. That is the thought process of a mind that has been caged in a tiny little concrete box ... someone get a hammer!

None of the religions will survive when humanity wakes up; religion is just an expression of the same Control System, the same way of thinking and level of consciousness as all the rest of it.

“The more you begin to investigate, what we THINK we understand, where we came from, what we think we’re doing, the more you begin to see, we’ve been lied to. We’ve been lied to by every institution, what makes you think for one minute that the religious institution is the only one that’s never been touched? The religious institutions of this world are at the BOTTOM of the dirt. The religious institutions in this world are put there by the same people who gave you your government, your corrupt education, who set up your international banking cartels. We have been misled away from the true and divine presence of the Universe that Men have called God"..."The more you educate yourself, the more you understand where things come from, the more obvious things become, and you begin to see lies everywhere. You have to KNOW the truth, and SEEK the truth, and the truth will set you free." - Jordan Maxwell.

What makes you think the institutions of religion will survive an enlightened and truly conscious human race? Conscious and aware humans reject religion, and all systems of rigid belief ... none of this is going to survive. And we don't even have to fight anyone to make it fall ... we just have to evolve; it will do the falling all on its own.

There are many prisons for the mind; Statism, for instance, is the belief that other people have the authority to make rules that you must live by, but only when they call themselves "government". Larken Rose: "The belief in 'government' – the notion that some people actually have the moral right to rule over others – has caused immeasurable pain and suffering, injustice and oppression, enslavement and death.” Statism is the worlds most dangerous and deadliest religion, being responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of millions of people.

It doesn't matter what your belief system, research has shown that when you have rigid beliefs for long enough the brain simply becomes incapable of functioning in any other manner than to keep itself and you confined to those beliefs; this is also how habits are formed. When those patterns become well established, the brain will then filter everything through that belief system -- even when it is obviously and blatantly incorrect or destructive to self or others. It's kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy ... if you rigidly believe life is a certain way, you will experience that belief as your reality.

All Possibility

When we open our minds, and move beyond ridiculous belief systems, we begin to be able to perceive well beyond anything we have been capable of perceiving while still in the limitation of those belief systems. What we need is to just clear all of this stuff out. All of it, every belief, wiped away -- back to square one, an unpainted canvas. This is your life -- free yourself from the prison called "belief". What is an unpainted canvas? It is All Possibility -- you choose what goes onto it. You don't need to learn anything new to free yourself from the slavery you have endured; you are already All-Knowing. What is needed is to clear the canvas and embrace the All Possibility that you already are, and have always been -- the ALL, that ever was/is/can be that is all of us; that's what you really are. Remember...

We are All Possibility, like a blank piece of paper; what will you write on it? Or ... will you let others fill your pages with what they think should be on them? NO! Never allow others to fill your pages. "If you don't control your mind, someone else will." - John Allston. You decide what goes on that page, no-one else ... period -- not ever!

We need to consider how we actually think and what we really feel about things, not just succumb to the preconceived ideas that have been invented by other people and shoved into the recesses of our brains, that so far, have been beyond our ability to become conscious and aware of. Don't just decide something is impossible based on rigid beliefs ... let's see if it is impossible -- based on information, evidence, experience, and our own intuition.

Can you feel your heart?

We are limiting and confining ourselves to the intellect and the mind, as if that is all we are. These things are important, for sure, but they are certainly not all we are or all that is. We have cut ourselves off from intuition which comes from the heart, which knows far more than our brains do.

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller.

If we have a conflict between heart and brain we should always follow our heart. A person who follows their heart might have some problems here and there, but their life will be far happier than the person who follows their brain. If your heart is screaming at you, you would be wise to listen to what it is trying to tell you; it is the only part of you that actually "knows" anything. Thinking happens in the brain ... but knowing happens in the heart. That is why people "know in their heart", but think in their brain.

Passion comes from Heart, and in order to have a happy, meaningful, fulfilling, and successful life, you have to follow your passion -- that is who you really are.

Freedom is also not in the mind, it's in the heart; feel it, in the center of your chest ... feel your heart. And not just that thing that pumps blood, that is only a physical expression of the real heart; the real heart can only be felt from within ... can you feel your heart, your real heart?

Stop the War Between Heart and Mind

When we live according to Heart we can begin accessing another level of awareness, one that is beyond what the five-senses will ever be able to perceive. When Heart becomes the primary driver of our life, we do things that people still trapped in Mind think are crazy; sometimes mentally enslaved people think that Heart-driven people are even dangerous. But this is like sheep who are still inside the pen, waiting to be slaughtered, being upset with the sheep who figured out how to get out. BAA! (get) BAA! (back) BAA! (in) BAA! (here) ... NO! We are not coming back in there!

Life becomes fantastic when you put Heart first and Mind second. Some people live every day in serious conflict with themselves: "Should I do this? Or that? Geez, I just don't know?" And they go on and on ... "but I feel this way, but I think that way; what should I do? AAAAGGGGHHHH!" But when you follow your heart and put your brain in its place, the war stops -- life becomes fantastic and beautiful, a wonderful experience to have, rather than some chaotic nightmare that must be survived.

Choose Freedom

When Mind (brain) serves Consciousness (heart) we come into a natural harmony and an appropriate balance -- wholeness -- the way things are supposed to be. When it is the other way around, we experience a life of unnatural disharmonious misery and struggle. The mind serves the self, and that is why so many people are so selfish and lonely, but Consciousness serves ALL ... because it knows it is ALL. This is a totally different way of interacting with the world -- to follow our hearts -- and it is available to all of us.

We have been slaves who think we are free; this is the first thing we need to acknowledge to begin the process of awakening to higher levels of reality. But do not react poorly to that, it is what it is; it is only when we acknowledge the truth of a thing that we can do something about it. How can you do anything about something you don't acknowledge to be real? You cannot, and that is why that up 'til now we have not done anything about our situation; but that is changing, we are starting to do something about it.

The second thing is to choose freedom. Choose freedom! Refuse any form of slavery in your life. Look at your life, honestly -- what are you a slave to? Stop being a slave -- decide to be free, and choose freedom, always, every time -- no matter how scary it looks. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”- Benjamin Franklin. Choose liberty, and not just for self (Mind); choose it for everyone (Consciousness).

If we choose freedom over slavery and are willing to do whatever is necessary, then that resolve will be tested. You have to really mean it, or life will prevent you from doing it. You choose freedom; life says "Oh yeah, you do, do ya? We'll see about that." Then it throws every excuse it can at you. If you are truly dedicated to being free, stay the course no matter what happens; prove that you are indeed going to keep making that same choice -- no matter what happens -- and a fantastic shift will suddenly take place in your life. Your journey will begin at that time.

A New Life

Our state of mind produces corresponding energy fields that go out as vibrational frequencies; these act like magnets and draw back toward us that which is in sync with the frequencies we are sending out. If we choose freedom, and remain steadfast in that decision, then freedom in all its forms is drawn back toward us -- and eventually becomes our experienced reality. This will come to us in the form of people and things, opportunities, etc ... that we can then choose or not. When we demand freedom, life gives us the opportunity to be free, but we have to accept it.

When the shift takes place and we truly intend to end our slavery and embrace and demand our freedom, this will draw to us a whole new life. You cannot have the life of a slave if you are free. Many people, not all, but many, experience this as their lives falling apart. Yes, it has to -- this is a good thing. It sure does not seem to be a good thing as you are going through it, but afterwards, it is always so. The life of slavery has to fall apart to make way for the new life of freedom. You will not accept things in your life the way you did before, so it must fall apart. People experience this as their lives becoming a mess: relationships and marriages might end, troubles with family members might begin, sometimes a job will end, and people often find themselves in isolation when they "awaken". It is because when you become aware of your own slavery and demand freedom, there will be a lot in your life that you just won't tolerate anymore -- because you will know that it does not help to facilitate your freedom.

All of this happens because the old energy is moving out and pulling the old life away from you along with it, while the new life energy is coming in. Slaves freeing themselves always looks like war, but after that, there is peace ... it must be this way. If you want to change your life, the old life has to fall apart: how can you enter into your new life of Heart motivated expanded elevated conscious awareness, if you refuse to let go of your old tired dense low energy drudgery of a life that you had before? You cannot, so let it go and proceed forward. The old life has to fall apart if it does not serve and benefit the new one.

It can be quite a challenge when we choose freedom over slavery, especially in the beginning when everything is so confusing, but that doesn't last; if you stay the course, freedom will be yours.

Infinite Love

The secret to all of this is very simple: know yourself. Not what you have been told you are, but the real you -- who and what you really are.

We are everything; we are everyone; we are everywhere; we are everytime -- we are ALL that ever was, is, and can be; that ... is what we are, and it is long since time we realized this.

It is also time we realized that the ruthless Control System we live subjugated to has structured the whole world, and does everything it can, to prevent us from ever realizing the truth of what we really are. They, more than anything else, don't want us waking up and realizing what we really are. They are desperately terrified of this happening; that is why the world is structured the way it is.

We are told that we are just "little ol' me" who has no power -- "I'm just one person; I'm nobody; I can't do anything." They want you to believe that what you see when you look in a mirror is all you are, when what you really are is ALL THAT IS. It is like looking at a human being through a microscope ... you can't even begin to see the whole thing.

We must bring our point of observation from our names, where we were born, who we are related to, what our job is, etc... to Infinite Consciousness -- to ALL that has ever been, and ALL that will ever be; that is what we are, not our names and all that other stuff. Names are just something they give us when we are born; we didn't even decide that for ourselves: why do you think that is what you are? No, you are not your name ... you are All Possibility, Infinite Potential, Unlimited, Boundless, All-Knowing Eternal Consciousness that has always been and will never cease to be.

We are not our past; we are not what has happened to us; we are not our memory; we are not our family tree; we are not our genes; we are not our DNA; we are not our race, religion, sexuality, national origin, age, weight, height -- none of it! We are INFINITE LOVE; that is what we are, having an experience through this physical body that they gave a name to when it came into this physical world. We are All Names, not just one name; one name is just one name -- it is not All Possibility. If "ALL" is really what we are, how can we be our name? We cannot, because we are not.

When our point of observation shifts to this type of conscious awareness, there becomes a fantastic transformation of low-density energies in our lives that hold us to our slavery. Everything changes when we shift our perception of self, and we all have a decision to make: the human race is at a fork in the road; which way will we go? Are we going to become conscious, powerful, and free ... or will we stay slaves who live little tiny powerless lives?

© 2019 Jason Horne


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