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American State

Updated on May 28, 2019

By: Wayne Brown

President Obama will be addressing a joint-session of Congress on Tuesday night, February 12, 2013. This is the annual State of the Union address by the President and the media reports that he specifically chose the event of Lincoln’s birthday for his speech. Once again we note the current President attempting to align himself and his actions with presidential icons of the past. What will history record…President Lincoln freed the slaves but President Obama broke the financial back of the middle income wage earners…the primary point of resistance in the overthrow of the American government as designed by the Founding Fathers.

While Harry Reid and company have tabled every bill coming through the Senate and refused it a floor debate, Obama will point his finger at the conservative side of the aisle and attempt to bring shame on their calls for fiscal restraint at a time when the nation’s economy is struggling. He will call for every American to do more; to bear up a greater part of the burden in these times when the future of our nation’s economic health is threatened. He will point out that it is not just the responsibility of the wealthy to do more but that of every able-bodied American…at least that half that still pays taxes. His message will insinuate that his re-election was a clear message that the people want to do more and pay more to sustain this great country that we live in today. His message will be clear that his methods up to now have not gained the ground required because he has not had the necessary revenue to carry out his plan…a situation which Congress must remedy with great speed.

Oh, don’t worry, the President will not dare mention that revenue into the treasury has increased by over 40% over his first four years in office nor will he point out that spending under his watch has increased by a whopping 140%+ over that timeframe. No, those are unnecessary elements to the discussion topics that he will elect to raise for they have a way of pointing out that no amount of revenue can sustain the actions of this administration in terms of fiscal irresponsibility. The key here is not a reduction of debt or deficit; the key is not a reduction of spending or visible fiscal restraint. The key here is to simply take more money from those who earn money and distribute it as he sees fit. That is the plan in a nutshell but the citizens of this nation will never hear it explained to them in that fashion.

Obama will set the stage for the suggestion of yet another spending stimulus to finally pull the nation out of the doldrums. He will suggest that while the first round of stimulus did some level of good, it was too little too late and that fact should be rectified as quickly as possible with yet another punch by the government to jump start the economy. Never mind that the stimulus money never seems to arrive in the mainstream economy but appears to flow off into union channels, the “green jobs network” and foreign investments in our future some of which makes its way back into the coffers of the Democrat Party right about election time.

Obama-Care will be hailed as licensed and condoned though still opposed vehemently by 20 States in terms of its launch. The added expense of forcing that system upon those States will become that of the federal government and all its taxpayers…yet one more burden on the back. Still, great pride will be hailed by the Commander-In-Chief that the new day is coming when all Americans will have affordable healthcare. Of course there will be no mention as to who is footing the bill. Behind closed doors, 2014 will be spoken of as the time when American stomachs will sour for the Obama Administration in greater numbers than ever before as the reality of this program upon each American household is unleashed. It is obvious to the administration that tax and spending measures which can be put into place must come through in this year or there will not be enough support for them downstream. If those measures of broad taxation and stimulus spending can be put into place, the Democrat coffers for the mid-terms will be ready for another broader voter-buying sweep.

Of course, immigration reform will be on the agenda highlights. The President will call for the necessary reforms which Congress must move forward as a necessary economic measure for our future. There will be no talk of border security; no talk of deportation; no talk of welfare benefits expended on those who are not citizens. The focus will not be on security but on the process of amnesty and accelerated citizenship making all those hiding from the Immigration Service an able-bodied voter for the cause of progressivism in America. You see, security is not the concern when people are suffering and need the necessary reforms to eliminate that suffering.

Gun control will be a huge topic as well but the reference to it will not hinge on the word “control” but revolve around that of “gun violence” in America. The President will make the call to Congress to take the steps to implement gun registration and legality with high priority while knowing that he currently does not have anything that even approaches a majority vote in either house on the issue; while knowing that less than 5% of the American public is demanding action yet using it to drive yet another wedge into the divisions of the nation which will be shouldered and amplified by the puppet media that worships at the feet of this “messiah” labeled holder of high office. Get ready for the suggestion that we need to join the world in terms of addressing gun violence in a uniform approach…i.e. United Nations Treaty sanctions.

The President will call for action in the names of the children murdered by gun violence in the past years yet he will have nothing to say about the hundreds of thousands of babies dead at the hands of licensed physicians terminated in legal partial-birth abortions. He will not weep for those children for they never existed in his mind. He will cry out that it is absolutely necessary for the identification and registration of every law-abiding gun-owner in America yet stand up on the podium and decry any who suggest that voter registration is a necessary step in keeping our elections honest and legal in terms of those who vote and how many times that they vote. For those who might see this as irrational logic there is the suggestion that their understanding of their rights under the Constitution is flawed to no end. If America is to progress, we must kill our children by legal abortion and we must give up our guns. Anything short of that is simply a “war on women” and “criminal intent”.

The President is not going to point out that Chrysler took the taxpayers’ bailout money yet still announced, after Obama’s re-election of course, that they were indeed building a Jeep plant in China. He is not going to bring up that his Labor Relations Board deprived the State of South Carolina of over 1,000 jobs by forcibly shutting down Boeing’s plan to build a plant on soil in that state. In fact, he is going to have very little to say about the private sector business world because he cares nothing about it. The private sector is a fly in the ointment of his agenda to grow big government and to justify that growth. In his mind, government must be everything to the people…the basis of employment and economic growth, the source of healthcare, the source of welfare, the source of security and defense, the source of equality and fairness, and on and on. There can be nothing else which competes with that concept and in that sense the private sector is a burden for it offers opportunities to work, earn income, to better one’s position in life, and to prepare for the future. At least that is the case when it works as it has over past decades. Under this administration, the private sector is a non-entity responsible for nothing and providing no opportunity to the people. It is simply a basis for measuring unemployment and poverty when the government needs to show how unfair and unbalance our society can be when the business world attempts to make a profit thus it requires continuous regulation and taxation.

In terms of foreign affairs, the President will not dare address the actions of Benghazi or Fast ‘n Furious but will be quick to state that America must embrace the new world order and take its place as a responsible citizen of the global community. His suggestion will stop short of stating that in order to do so we must fully embrace the control and direction of the United Nations in that process of creating a global community of cattle or sheep…either way, something to be herded. Power, true power, over the masses lies in the control of the mass of humanity in the world. Capitalism does not control those masses though it feeds much of it nor does America control those masses thus there is a higher order of power that all rational thinking people must seek if we are to be part of that global community which is being designed on the basis or fairness and equality of the individual…to each one according to their needs. Though it is the pursuit of power over the masses, it is sold as a state of Utopia which all people throughout the world seek regardless of opinion, religion, politics, ethnicity, or intent. The President will let you know in no uncertain terms that America is much too far behind in embracing that vision. This is Obama’s foreign relations policy, plain and simple.

On Tuesday night, the President wants to walk away from that podium believing that he has laid out a call for Congress to “set Americans free”. He wants to get that “rah, rah!” going which goes with his campaign style…the only real style he possess. He wants to walk away from that podium knowing that he has struck fear in the hearts of the elderly, raised the hopes of those unwilling to produce, and drove the stakes of division more deeply into the heart of the nation than they have ever been before. This speech will not suggest change but demand it at the expense of everything else we currently hold on to as a nation. Forget our history; forget our core values; forget our freedom, liberty and pursuit of happiness as a people…tear it all down, throw it all away and begin anew all on the basis of him having a better plan, a better way, a way that he promotes yet never explains. A way that suggests an equal cut of the pie at no costs to those who feel entitled as such. A way that suggests that one cannot succeed unless someone else fails…tit for tat. A way that pits the American people against themselves and tosses our historical values out the window. This Lincoln’s birthday will reveal yet another chapter in “Fundamental Transformation”, an effort which should never be confused with “Emancipation Proclaimation and the End to Civil War”.

©Copyright WBrown2013. All Rights Reserved.

11 February 2013


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