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Updated on January 21, 2010


The Author, Carol Jose

Photo by Baldino, Cocoa Beach
Photo by Baldino, Cocoa Beach

I conducted an interview with Carol Jose, co-author of the book entitled "You Are Not Forgotten," the captivating story of one woman's struggle to find out what happened to her husband, who was shot down, captured alive and then unable to be located. She then made remarkable strides to get information, and provided encouragement to other family members of the prisoners of war missing in action.

Here are the questions I posed to her, and her responses to those questions:

Laura: Carol, how did you come to co-author this book?

Carol: This is the third book of a trilogy I was working toward on the Vietnam POW/MIA story, from various angles. The first two books were "A POW's Story, 2801 Days in Hanoi" by Larry Guarino, a 7+ years POW and commander of various camps at various times. So that was the actual prison camp story, the first of the trilogy...then I co-wrote "Saved by Love" with Larry's wife Evelyn Guarino, telling the wife's story, how she coped, etc., and what happened when he came home after more than 7 years away, how does one bridge a gap like that, and keep a marriage afloat? I was speaking about that when Evelyn Grubb approached me and asked me to co-author her book, which happened to be just the kind of story I wanted for the final book, one about a POW who didn't return...that was her husband, Newk Grubb, and her story about how she helped found the National League of Families of POW/MIA, and the interaction they had with the powers that be all over the world. That's "You Are Not Forgotten", the current book.

Laura: And were you surprised when Henry Kissinger was able to provide you with a forward? . .

Carol: Flabbergasted! What author wouldn't be? But now that I've met him in person, I know he's a kind and caring man, he really cares about these families and the troops. It's a great honor and a life highlight for me, of course, that he agreed to write the Foreword to this book, and that he was so cordial in meeting with me at his office in New York City when I was there last.

Laura: Do you feel that we have "left behind" the Vietnam era veterans and the families of those who are still MIA from that war?

Carol: We did do that, for a long time. We mistreated our heroes, our troops, our military families for decades. However, we are now resurrecting the lessons from that horrific War, and revisiting the painful memories of it. Most Americans don't know that the MIA are being searched for diligently, and slowly, slowly, remains are being recoverd, identified, and returned home.

Laura: Will sales from your book benefit any particular charity organization?

Carol: Yes, several. First of all, it's now linked to the National League of Families of POW/MIA website, and a portion of every book sold from there will go to searching for, and documenting, the MIA, and continuing the work of the League. Another charity that benefits for those who indicate NLAPW on their check or in the comment box that's at when they order a book, $5 is donated to the scholarship fund of the local branch of the Pen Women, to encourage budding artists and writers and musicians. The third charity is "Sally's House" a refuge home for pregnant women who are willing to be rehabilitated from drugs or other addictions so their babies will not be born addicted. Proceeds from any books purchased that put Sally's House on the check or in the comment box, Sally's House receives a $5 donation to continue their work. Those three are our chosen charitable recipients.

Laura: Did you know Evelyn Grubb personally?

Carol: Yes, she's the one who asked me to write her story. We worked together on the story for 3 years. She had an enormous amount of documentation, photos, clips, journals, etc. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with cancer soon after we began work on the book, barely 3 months into it. We continued working together as her health permitted, for the next 3 years. She passed away of her cancer in December 2005. I worked several more years to complete the book for publication. It was published in late September of last year. I do miss Evelyn, and wish she was here to share all the honors and praise the book we produced has gotten.

Laura: Do you feel that she ever received the closure she wanted before she died?

Carol: Yes, I do. Writing this book had been her life's ambition, after Newk's death was confirmed, but she couldn't deal with it for a long time. When she finally was willing to open that painful period in her life again, It was very difficult still. Fortunately, we were able to work well together on it, and she knew I'd carry on the project, I promised her that 3 weeks before she passed away, and she knew I'd keep my promise. And I did. "You Are Not Forgotten" is now a reality, and was just awarded the 2009 first prize in History/Non-fiction category by Indie Book Awards. I know she'd be very proud of that, as am I. And she'd have been thrilled to know Henry Kissinger wrote the Foreword, and that the book is being honored in Washington DC as part of the NLAPW's Lincoln Bicentennial Celebration, honoring the POW/MIA of all wars. Anyone wishing to purchase a copy of the book can go to or Anyone with questions for me can contact me at or I welcome feedback from readers.

Most people don't know about Vinnie Ream and that she sculpted the statue of Lincoln that stands in the Capitol Rotunda...she was married to a Brigadier General, Richard Hoxie and they are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.
Most people don't know about Vinnie Ream and that she sculpted the statue of Lincoln that stands in the Capitol Rotunda...she was married to a Brigadier General, Richard Hoxie and they are buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


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    • advisor4qb profile image

      advisor4qb 8 years ago from On New Footing

      Thank you. Carol Jose is such an interesting person. I actually talked with her quite in depth. She is truly a remarkable person! These were just the questions I found to be most important to the cause and plight of the charity, the National League of Families. I never went to journalism school.

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

      It wasn't until I went to journalism school that I realized what an art interviewing is... how you ask the right questions in the right ways, to really get to the depths of a person. Although I guess no leading questions :) And you have to interview the right people!