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Updated on August 4, 2017

October 15, 2011


The Occupy Movement is spreading like wild fire all across America. The Occupy people are out in the streets of America like rebels united by a collected sense of being taken advantage of by the rich and powerful. The Tea Party movement has a stated purpose and a goal, their intent to take the country and the Presidency back is well known. If you ask, take it back from whom? The people with the signs, teabag hats, bearing arms will tell you quickly, Obama, the Democrats and Liberals. The occupy people are out there because of an undefined feeling felt nationwide by people of all political persuasions. It is not easy to define a feeling when it’s base on things you can’t prove is true. People may feel that they are being taken advantage by the rich and powerful, but it isn’t what you know, but what you can prove. The rich and powerful hate rules and regulations because if rules and regulations are passed the people could point to violations that put them at a disadvantage. Those that have violated the people’s trust claim, truthfully, “That they have broke no law or committed no crime” Deregulation is another way the Tea Party wants to take the country backwards. I believe if the Tea Party can say things they can’t prove, what’s good for the goose is good for the Occupy Moment.


The Occupy Movement wants to occupy the Nation and reoccupy the millions of jobs and homes lost in the last ten years. The Tea Party movement wants to confiscate the Government and the Presidency. The American people have two sets of policies and intent to choose from in 2012. The Republican policies and intentions have been demonstrated the last eight years of the Bush Presidency and the last two and a half of the Obama Presidency. The President and the majority of Democrats have demonstrated their policies and intentions the last two and a half. When the votes are counted and if the Republicans win, the Tea Party wins, or they lose. If the President and Democrats win the Occupy movement wins. I believe that the middle class, we the people, the grass roots and underclass will not be served if the Republicans have their way in 2012. I base my beliefs on the policies and intent of the 2010 Tea Party- Republicans in the House and Senate. By 2012 no voter can say they don’t know the difference.



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  • junko profile image

    junko 6 years ago

    BL, thank you, I would like you who encourage me, to join hubpages. Take the tour and sign up, you don't have to write a hub to be a member. You can continue to comment only, if you are ever move to write you will have made the steps required to write on hubpages. COME ON DOWN, BL!!!

  • profile image

    BL 6 years ago

    Our schedules can get so busy and our lives so hectic that we often neglect to take the time to thank and encourage those who make a difference in our lives. Your writings have been very enlightening and informative. I appreciate the time, talent, effort and sacrifices you make to keep us knowledgeable of pertinent and current events.

  • junko profile image

    junko 6 years ago

    Leomtac, for those who work for others at no cost appreciation is appreciated. Thanks for passing back by I appreciate you, my brother.

  • leomtac profile image

    leomtac 6 years ago from Washington State

    Thank you my brother,

    Your insight is to be commended in that you bring to the fore that which I am finding to be ever enlightening and very educational for the mind of the people.

    I am yet looking (Of The People, For The People, and By The People)!.

    Please continue and know that you are appreciated.

    The Servant Of The Lord!......

  • junko profile image

    junko 6 years ago

    Leomtac your comments are always encourageing. I try to point out the clear and present danger of mis and dis information by those who wish to eliminate the America Government.

  • leomtac profile image

    leomtac 6 years ago from Washington State

    As usual I find your assesments to be on the very pulse of the heartbeat of what is the truth of the endeavors of the different factions spoken of here. It is A given that the people are truly being handled like chomps (Yet I must confess that it is our own fault) I applaud you with a loud and resounding hand Junko.We have allowed ourselves to be puns fed with a spoon full of ignorance.

    Let us please not let ourselves become the filth that is the food they (Republicans),(Tea Party)forced fed us with. We need to wake up!!!....

    Servant of The Lord Thy God!.

  • junko profile image

    junko 6 years ago

    Mary, Squad Leader has a good point about an indentifiable confirmed agenda being used against the movement. Thank you both for commenting.

  • the bunco squad profile image

    the bunco squad 6 years ago from Savannah GA

    Mary, I’m not sure that is a good thing. When there is a definite gripe and agenda then we begin to wonder who is really behind a movement. The Tea Party club claimed to be grass roots but all they did was mimic the radio heads, showing their real agenda. Occupy Wall Street is a myriad of complaints all focused on one enemy. That is what a grass roots movement should be.

  • 50 Caliber profile image

    50 Caliber 6 years ago from Arizona

    Junko, I can appreciate well your stance here and in total neither agree totally nor do I disagree. I have reached my goal for this life so I'm of neither party or a bagger and don't want to be. I try and stay out of these arguments. However the folks at Wall Street, I don't know for sure, was it the birth of this movement?

    They have a right to assemble, yes, soldiers are dying for that right, right now.

    A right to never leave Wall Street and go home then come back at the expense of 80,000 dollars a day or 560,000 dollars each 7 days they continue to do what ever it is they are doing, that is where their right ends, in my opinion. If the excuse is they traveled far and have no money to clear out at dark, they should have thought of that detail prior to going.

    I think curfew hours need to be set and obeyed to allow street cleaners to tidy up the area at night.No?

    It sure would make appearances better and cut costs by a good margin.

    I understand your statements as to who gets the White-house and the whys of it all. I don't approve of the action of the federal government backward through time a long long way, most recently, 8 Clinton years and the Free Trade, moving into the Bush 8 of irresponsibly spending just like all but at accelerated speed that carried right into our current administration and none of it has benefited any one. In 1972 Nixon and his cronies damn near killed me and were responsible for short sheeting the bed and a whole lotta dying took place in the events that followed. I don't think we have had a God fearing government in my life time and I don't expect we ever will.

    We are at a time a Bible thumpin Gun hugger like me thinks that we need to do a whole lotta praying for everyone in this country, and rise above and unite as "we the people" while the system of checks and balances still exist. I send an email to a congress member every day, even those of other states, Imagine everyone doing that who owns a computer we are in a non-partisan rut, it may have been party that got us here but it is all of us that needs to shoulder up and help each other out, as human-beings.

    great hub,

    Peace Amigo,


  • junko profile image

    junko 6 years ago

    Credence2 I Know you understand what I wrote and Iam encouraged by you and your views. Thanks for your comment.

  • Credence2 profile image

    Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

    Hi, Junko, yes indeed, it is not hard to see who the villain is in this story. It will be crucial that the amorphous Occupy movement, finds its voice and channel its anger and frustration against those that have been pouring salt on the wound. Those are the GOP, Tea Party, plutocrats. I certainly hope that we can get the political muscle potential in play well before the 2012 elections! Nice hub, Junko, thanks Cred2

  • junko profile image

    junko 6 years ago

    Thanks, for the comment and the prose, Squad Leader

  • the bunco squad profile image

    the bunco squad 6 years ago from Savannah GA

    Very well stated Junko, I find it interesting that with all of the media that has covered the Occupy Movement not one of the protestors interviewed can seem to give a coherent response as to their goals for being there. Logic dictates that out of the thousand of people protesting at least fifty percent would have a defined purpose. This tells me that those comments are lying on the cutting room floor. I hope you don’t mind, but if I could I would like to leave a short piece of poetry for your readers to ponder.

    So ignorant are the money gods

    So deaf are their souls

    That cannot understand the children’s cries

    From the darkened holes

    They say let us have a world

    A world without fear

    One that we can thrive in

    One we can hold dear

    These are rebel children

    Cry out the gods made of molt

    And they send the axmen

    To behead the rebel colts

    But in the darkness are whispers

    Then rumbles from town to town

    We children have united

    And are coming to put you down

    I just really liked the simplicity and message of these prose.