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Ann Romney Equates 'Serving on Morman Missions' Equivalent to Serving in the U.S. Military?

Updated on June 5, 2019

Tomb of Unknown Soldier - Paris France

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Paris France Photography taken by Jérôme BLUM on 2006, July 14
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Paris France Photography taken by Jérôme BLUM on 2006, July 14 | Source

Ann thought her husband should have become Commander and Chief?

I am offended that Mrs. Romney seems to believe that serving in the United States Armed Forces is essentially the same as serving on a Mormon mission. And, she wants her husband and her son's next mission to be in the White House.

Ann Romney's stated on the View, in referring to her husband, “He was serving his mission and my five sons also served [on] missions,” Ann Romney replied. “We find different ways of serving.”

Mrs. Romney went on to say that the Military and Mormon missions are essentially the same, because they share the same values.

In France, Mitt Romney out of the draft, he might catch a bullet.
In France, Mitt Romney out of the draft, he might catch a bullet. | Source

Does Mrs. Romney really think Morman missions and armed combat is essentially the same?

Does she really think Mormon missions are just like armed combat? When the greatest danger Mr. Romney and his sons would have to face, would be someone's French Poodle nipping at their heels, or maybe having a door slammed in their face or on their foot.

Do Mormons send their missionaries in harms way?

How do you compare going on a mission to serving in the military. Going on a mission, to do what? Ride a bike around the country side to convert people to Mormonism?

That is really putting their lives on the line to protect our national security! But, protect our national security from what? Staying a Christian?

Did Romney go to France, on a "Mission" during the Vietnam War, to avoid the draft?

Mrs. Romney said her husband did not serve in Vietnam because it was/is against his religion, but he served his country by going on a vacation/Morman Mission?

Ann Romney insults the Military, compairs to Mormon Proselytizing

In an article by Laura Gottesdiener on AlterNet:

"Some veterans, however, are not so happy to hear the prospective First Lady equate a voluntary religious mission aimed at growing your religion with the sacrifice of serving in the U.S. military in the name of protecting American national security."

Mitt Romney was scheduled to appear on the View with his wife but, cancelled stating he had conflicting schedules?


That was not what you said Mr. Romney in the secret video at the $50,000 dollar a plate dinner with your rich donors. When you said you were nervous about sitting down with the ladies of the view who are not conservative.

On the Raw Story, Howard Kurtz asked the question: How can Romney face Putin if he's afraid of Whoopi?

Mitt Romney lived in a Paris mansion with a household staff for 6 months of his Mormon mission

Was Mr. Romney proud of his Mission to a China factory?

Also on the secret video Mr. Romney talks about visiting the factory in China. Was he on a Mission?

And, is this Mr. Romney's vision or mission for America's future?

© 2012 Shyron E Shenko


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