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Updated on September 4, 2014


A new study conducted at the University of Washington, and funded by the US Army and other Federal agencies, recently showed how a human brain can be controlled by another human brain, via Internet. The two scientists who conducted this experiment recorded a video on how this is done, and how this way of control apparently has no limit! This would placed the Internet as the new “world wide control device” not only used to send signals to someone's brain (even overseas), but also commanding that person to execute a specific action. Sounds familiar? Actually more than familiar! We have been watching this kind of scenes on the Sci Fi channel for years!

From the science point of view, this is an outrageous step to technology, however, for the rest of us, it means vulnerability, and leaves the door open for someone to use this findings, to have complete control over our mind. Think about it! What a great way to become powerful, turning the population into some kind of robots, obeying an unknown mind, and executing actions against our will. And again! Why is this study funded by the Government according to the news? Let's face it! It just doesn't sound right. Why would any Government would spend millions of dollars, from an already “weak budget”, just to enjoy watching two scientist experimenting with each others mind?The question is, how long this experiment really been going on?


So now, if we take all this in consideration, along with the fact that kids, and adults, spend a great deal of time in front of a screen “sucking” violence on a daily basis, what would happened if there were indeed some kind of subliminal messages hidden in those images? And if this experiment is true, what would it take for someone to completely subdue any mind?

Now, it might sound crazy but the tragedies that have occurred in the last years, and always involving young people, have one common denominator: they were weak minds, and they were all addicted to video games. One more thing they had in common is the facial expression. If you observe their eyes right after the shootings occurred, and you compare them to the ones of a person under deep hypnosis, you will find an alarming fact: they all look the same! Now, the question is: would it be possible that there is more behind these tragedies, than a kid "snapping" and shooting innocent people? Is it possible that there was something else leading these young people to commit such horrible crimes? This question, unfortunately, remains unanswered. What purpose or interest would someone have, to control someone's mind and lead them to commit a crime so horrible and so tragic? Weapons in the hands of young weaken minded people, triggered by some kind of command transmitted via Internet or through the video games? For what? And again, is this really possible?


I was a Law Enforcement officer for 15 years, and I learned that if someone is exposed to violence on regular basis, sooner or later, that violence will become part of his/her personality in some way. A colleague of mine conducted an experiment with his own 17 year old son. Every time the kid would play a violent game for a few days, my friend would ask him to do something around the house, like vacuuming or cutting the grass. Despite the typical reaction of a teenager when asked to do chores, my friend son's reaction was more like violent, which was not his normal demeanor. Then again, after depriving the kid from playing the game for a few days, he was back to normal, and in the best disposition toward his dad. He didn't even want to play that video game anymore! We arrived to the conclusion that, indeed, the exposure to violence changed his whole personality.

So, going back to the University of Washington experiment, and taking all the factors mentioned above in consideration: Is controlling minds through the Internet, something we should really applaud? Probably not!

Maybe using this astonished discovery in the medical field, would turn it into a great resource to cure some mental disorders, however there is no guarantee that this mind controlling technique will be limited to just cure.

In the wrong hands, it could be a very powerful and devastating weapon, no bottom to push, or trigger to pull, no international debate about it, just our minds on line to execute someone's command.

Studies on this subject have revealed that: “Intense intelligence-dampening is performed by providing you with constant short snippets of information on various subjects. This trains you to have a short memory, makes the amount of information feel overwhelming, and the answers provided by the manipulator to be highly desired due to how overwhelmed you feel”. Something like traveling at a high speed in a train, and seeing intermittent flashes, looking outside the window. The messages are imperceptible, but repeated over and over again.


The answer is: We can't! There is too much invested in what is shown on the screen on these days. We breath violence everywhere, and our kids minds are exposed to it, even if we want it or not. Unfortunately, most parents have to work to survive, and we cannot afford to stay home and just watch our kids 24/7. They come from the school or college, and the first thing they do “to chill out” is to turn that screen on, and start playing video games. The more violent the “coolest”. Maybe if we make them aware of what they are exposed to, we could alert their minds to prevent being controlled, or brain washed. Both manipulation techniques work following the same pattern: repeated statements that eventually stick in your brain, manipulative messages, and continuity. The more you receive all these messages, the more engraved it will be in your mind.

Commercials on TV are the best example. They send a message of need: food, clothes, cars, etc with a hint of happiness and smiles. Gradually, you will go get a burger, or a shirt, or a car right to the place announced on TV. The fact that every commercial shows happy faces, creates a related need for self satisfaction too. The need to be happy relates then to the product announced. It is called “emotional manipulation”.

Now going back on how you can keep your kids from being manipulated, the most accurate answer, is to keep a balance in their lives.

Have a talk with them, explain to your kids what dangers are hiding behind that screen, and lure them to share their free time in a more productive and healthy ways. Get them involved in sports, limit the time they spend in front of the computer, or watching TV and playing video games. Also encourage them to share some family time, and promote every activity related to the outdoors from Sunday's BAR-B-Q, to walks at the beach or at the park, camping, fishing, whatever it takes to keep them away from the screen.

Open a good communication channel with your kids, it is crucial to make them understand that they can talk to you about everything, no matter what it is.

Don't let anything, or anyone mentally snatch your kids from you. Open your eyes! It is happening right now, as you read this article around the world, and under every parent's nose! The truth is that we live in a world where it seems that all it matters is the dollar sign, and where even publishers fear to get in the Government's last nerve with articles not fitting their allowed criteria, so they won't be "punished" with fees and violations. Our kids are being “assimilated” by violence, let's stop them today, before we all have to regret it. Mind control seems to be imminent in our future, let's just say that at least we are not completely unaware of it.


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    • profile image

      Romie Tealdo 4 years ago

      This is so true and the worst disease to fight as a nation. Let's start with our Families at home and we can all make a difference. Ready, on your marks, get set, start, NOW!