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Sacky - On The Gay Life

Updated on April 30, 2011

Hello, my name is Sacajawea but my folks call me Sacky! I got that name while I was leading my dad through the Lewis and Clark trail on a trip West to Oregon. I love belly kisses! But that is enough about me. I am here to answer your questions and give you the real poop. That’s right. This is

Just Ask Sacky!

Rick, A Gay man asks Sacky: Do I know if the organization “People Can Change” is an effective way for Gay men to exit the lifestyle?

Well Rick, of the topics: War, Rape, Murder, Poverty, Equal rights for gays, Guess which one the Southern Baptist Convention is protesting?

People Can Change” is an online support group, which also holds weekend retreats around the country for men who want to Exit their homosexual lifestyle.

Sacky did a little research and here is the real poop. The American Psychiatric Association released a statement cautioning therapists against reparative therapy, saying in part: "The validity, efficacy and ethics of clinical attempts to change an individual's sexual orientation have been challenged. To date, there are no scientifically rigorous outcome studies to determine either the actual efficacy or harm of 'reparative' treatments."

Not bad for a pooch, eh? Hold it, there is more. Is Gay a choice?

And there is more and more evidence to indicate the Gay life is not just a matter of choice. Studies at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden show Gay men have brains that respond differently from those of heterosexual males when exposed to a chemical from the male hormone testosterone. Gay men responded more like women to the testosterone.

Sacky says “Who Cares”! Who said there is anything wrong with you? I tell you who, it is one of those humans that pretends they believe in

Don't Tread on Me government but Wants to Tread on YOU.

If A human wants to “HELP” you be what “THEY KNOW” is the right way to be, be careful! When they try it with me I run the other way. I know what I want to be. Watch out Rick, it is nobody business to tell you to change or make you feel guilty for being you. If someone tries to “HELP” you it means they have a problem, not you. The bible was used by segregationists to prove the black man was inferior. The bible is used to prove any point you want to make. Religious fundamentalists like to suppress people and make them feel guilty and push one person’s way upon another. So forget that biblical nonsense. Throw out the "Bible". Throw out the "Quran". Throw out the "Conservative Manifesto".Throw out "Dog Tricks 101". Think for yourself and be proud. Sacky suggests you GET EVEN and start a retreat for religious zealots to help them exit from their oppressive and, excuse me, dogmatic life style. They are the ones that are sick, not you. In this time of an ailing America, my dad says the religious zealots and the Tea Baggers are trying to take us to the pre-dog Age. We need you Rick, just the way you are!

Everybody's journey is individual. If you fall in love with a boy, you fall in love with a boy. The fact that many Americans consider it a disease says more about them than it does about homosexuality. ~James Baldwin

Here is a French Kiss (XXX) from Sacky!Do not say "YUCK",

To ask me a question: email:

Kiss My Belly!


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