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Abbey Sunderland Saved by AMSA

Updated on October 30, 2011

I have written extensively on the way Australian Sailor Jessica Watson was able to sail around the world. read more here...]

In the midst of celebrations surrounding the safe return of Jessica Watson's return from her mammoth around the world so yacht voyage American Abbey Sunderland ran into difficulty in the southern ocean some 2000 miles south west of Perth Western Australia. Her Yacht "Wild Eyes" got into difficulty in heavy storms & seas.

Australia's Maritime Safety Authority sprung into action following the distress beacons activated by Abbey Sunderland. AMSA took charge of the search and recovery effort. Abbey activated both her boat Epirb GPS tracking device from both her boat and a personal one attached to her life jacket. Such was the pick up and effective response by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority that they mustered and sent a Qantas Jet within minutes to the search areas and alert boats to her distress in the already remote region where Abbey was located.  AMSA should be congratulated by all for going above and beyond their duty by conductind such a sprtiley ane effective operation outside their normal operational Australian Waters.


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