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Abortion. "What's The Deal?"

Updated on October 21, 2016
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Facts and Things to Ponder.

On this upcoming 44th anniversary (January 22, 2017) of the controversial court ruling in the case of Roe v. Wade, decided January 22, 1973, we find our country and nation still divided over the abortion issue. As of this current date there have been an estimated 58,815,466 (as of January 22, 2016) abortions since this ruling. This represents approximately 18 percent of the current population of the United States. Every year that passes approximately 1.2 million plus lives are aborted or one every 26 seconds. This is a horrible horrible stain on society and our conscience.

The following is an article written by the hub author in 1992 where even then it was hotly debated issue that divides and continues to divide this country. The message and opinions have not changed in all these years. The arguments are as valid today as then. This is still an issue in the 2016 Presidential Election of the United States.

Abortion. “What’s The Deal?’ I have been observing the abortion issue for a number of years now. The arguments, motives, and tactics utilized in general by both pro lifers and pro choice supporter’s covers a wide range of reasons which are indicative of some of the reasons which form the basis of our demoralizing society. The point of this article I hope will enlighten some readers to realize a very important point in the abortion issue and in the individual’s quest for peace, individualism, and freedom. I have been amazed that this obvious point has been widely overlooked (when article was written) and to the best of my knowledge never mentioned in print or in the media. The abortion issue is so clear cut its continuing debate over the last decades is puzzling for me.

The election process makes the abortion issue a major issue to the candidates and the voters. It is still important and dividing after Roe versus Wade. The voters still makes choices regarding their candidate on this issue and they should. Why this subject continues to be present and dominating in the political arena is questionable. The political candidates regularly waffle and try to sidestep dealing with this issue and thus offending any voters or groups, whether they are pro lifers or pro choice supporters.

Just watching any of the political candidates trying to be elected to political office is disheartening. It is disheartening not just for their abortion position but for their obvious lack of leadership and support for their own personal convictions, regardless of what it may be. They do not want to be nailed down on anything in fear of offending a segment of the voting population. Because the politicians want to appeal to as many voters as possible, anything they say is so water downed and generalized that it is often offers no real insight in what a candidate really believes or what he/she thinks is the real cause of today’s problems let alone offer real specific solutions.

It has been argued by most pro choice women that women have a right to do what they wish with their bodies. Another argument raised by pro choice women is that they have a constitutional right to abortion and that society must recognize these fundamental rights. However, both of these arguments are without merit because they simply do not consider or recognize the source of creation and one of man’s ultimate responsibilities and duties in life.

A women and mans right in society is limited in that we must recognize and accept certain facts and responsibilities. Whether we accept this point or not we do not have an automatic right to do what we want, when we want, and how we want, much less to whom we want. There are consequences for our actions. If you fail to recognize even the fundamental basic point that some higher authority or duty bonds all of mankind to each other then you fail to recognize the minimum duty of respecting each other. The failure to recognize this minimum duty of respecting each other is a key source and cause of man’s overall problems today.

Regardless of whether a pro choice woman or man accepts it, you have at some times in your life a duty larger than your own self interests. This is one of those times. At a minimum, in regards to the abortion issue, that duty is to at least position yourself where you do not have to make any decision regarding the life of anyone as it relates to your own body and actions. This decision making responsibility is one that must be shared by both men and women. Just because a human life is in your body does not give any woman any right to terminate that life. If you fail in this responsibility by having an unwanted pregnancy, you again have another opportunity to make a correct and responsible decision. You can either decide to accept your responsibility and birth that child or make another bad decision to abort that life within you.

The argument that a woman has a constitutional right to an abortion or a constitutional right to do with her body anything she pleases is without merit and frivolous. First, mankind has been on this earth longer than any constitution designed by humans and more specifically the United States Constitution. The issue of life was being pondered centuries before the United States was ever dreamed of and established. The right to life or lack thereof (as some would have it) did not ever begin with man and man has never had or possessed the right or power to decide life and death issues resulting from any human designed mandate. In short, life was well along its way long before the United States constitution or any other type of charter came in to existence.

The subject of abortion today is probably being fought in the wrong arena today or at least was at one time. One of the most important issue regarding abortion is the question, “Who has the right to decide what life is and how it will be sustained?” The subject of abortion should not be in the hands of the politicians, courts, or legal system to decide what is right or who can live. This power in the hands of government is wrongly placed. This is an issue which must be decided individually. Abortion is not actually in the hands of humans to actually decide. What is actually in their hands is the responsibility to make the right choices. If this country and mankind is to survive, the decisions of each one of us must reflect the right to life, of social responsibility, and responsibility to authority which is fair, respectful, loving, and guiding. That authority is God and there is only ONE God who reigns supreme over ALL mankind.

The lack of respect present in society today is evidenced by the lack of leadership and role models. The widespread feeling of despair, loneliness, and emptiness in life that many feel is a direct result of society failing to recognize the broader picture of life and our existence in this world. We must recognize that a bigger plan of events is being played out in this world and we must move in relationship to that Plan. It is not easy.

If you been wondering “What’s The Deal,” its as follows. The deal is two fold. We as human beings have absolutely no say as to who lives and who does not live. We have a responsibility to sustain, prolong, and promote life at every opportunity. Only God, Our Supreme Father, has the authority and power to make decision regarding life. It’s really not in our hands to decide one way or the other when properly understood. There is no other position to take on this abortion issue. At no time has life started or ended without God intervening with the final decision. Even during those most difficult times in our lives we must learn to put that ultimate decision in the hands of God. We must learn to trust, understand, and accept God’s ultimate decision. I know it is not easy as we often feel helpless.

Your actions regarding this important abortion issue may very well determine your own salvation. The discussion of your salvation is not within the scope of this article. Even if you were not a believer in God and even if God was not a part of the abortion picture, one must ask themselves a very important question. The question that you must ask yourself is this, “What person honestly has the authority or right on this earth to decide who has the right to live or not to live?” Is it you? Who is it? Certainly there is no one and certainly you don’t want any human being to have the authority that they may randomly or selectively authorize your demise at anytime for any reason. (Think about the debate with the recent Obama Health Care Plan)

Human beings are not qualified to make these decisions nor have they any authority to make such decisions that affect the ultimate life of others to live in this world. They have never been qualified or had the authority. The failure of so many to recognize such an obvious point regarding the issue of abortion, of life, and the respect thereof is frightening and indicative of our decline as a human race. Do human beings really believe that the miracle of life and its development started with humans by their own design and selves, which by the way is a physical impossibility? For the evolutionist’s, do you really believe that the ape started life by itself?

There are no exceptions to this abortion issue which is often or never mentioned by any politician or media source. Life must be enhanced under all conditions. There can’t be exceptions for rapes, incest, inconvenient pregnancies, or for frivolous arguments over when life begins. We must show strength, faith, and compassion in life’s difficult times.

While I have compassion for those who have been victimized and raped, surely you can’t accept the victimization of an unborn defenseless child. The conditions arising out of these problems are only the after affects of deeper ailments in society resulting from our behavior and attitudes. They can be traced backed from a sinning and godless society. Aborting the baby of a rape victim will not correct or reform the rapist’s behavior or motives. Do pro lifers really believe you can make exceptions for abortion in the areas of incest and rape and still be considered pro life? Just as you can not be a little pregnant, you can not be just a little pro life. Can politicians and those who favor these exceptions really be considered pro life or are they just trying to avoid the real issue and get elected. A person today has to wonder how much thought has been given to these issues by these types of pro life supporters. If we can’t see right and wrong with this issue and understand it clearly, then there is little hope of solving the myriad of other issues confronting society today.

In closing, we resist temptation to put this issue in the hands of government to decide. To relinquish this power to any government or bureaucrat is to ultimately relinquish the sovereignty of society. We are shirking our duty as human beings and members of society if we do not act responsible and accept responsibility for our own actions in this abortion issue and how it will affect our lives. The imposition of government on this issue can only tend to divide this county. Both pro lifers and pro choice supporters who may have good intentions cannot raise or legislate moral standards thru government action and intervention. Government regardless of its decision does not have authority to make this important decision either. The government’s representative or our elected or unelected officials are under the same mandate as we are in acting on this abortion debate and as such will be held equally accountable as we are individually. A society or government that tolerates the killing of defenseless human beings while ultimately protecting the survival of the bald eagle and other endangered species over human beings is a society without priorities and direction, and therefore ultimately destined to perish and lose favor with God our Father. To permit and tolerate abortions in a society of human beings is ghastly and again further evidence of how we as a society has declined.

If government is removed from this process where they sanction abortion as lawful we will be forced as individuals to examine our actions and hopefully begin to act responsible in restoring our individual integrity as a human race and human being. You will not be able to blame government if you lapse in your responsibility to society as whole on this matter. The limiting of government to make decisions for use should be an objective of all of us.

The actions of pro lifers in the past and currently where attempted in trying to stop the operations of abortion clinics, in harassing the doctors who perform the abortions, and the violence in general is just as morally wrong as the actions taken by pro choice supporters and more specifically those woman seeking abortions. I wonder if all the women seeking abortions realize what kind of destruction is taken place in the abortion process, including their own moral values, or do they rationalize as a routine legal medical procedure.

If you are a supporter of freedom and individual liberty, you have to be a supporter of life. Surely this issue is clear to see.

Let’s hope we all start to see the importance of recognizing and enhancing the quality of life for everyone. If we can’t recognize the simplicity and fundamental importance of respecting each other and our right to life, and its importance to a free, strong, and healthy society, then I don’t how we can ever begin to have any peace in this world. The future, ladies and gentlemen, is and always has been, in YOUR hands.

© 1992 – All rights reserved. Ronald C. Bachner

Comment: The point of this article is that we must be individually responsible for decisions. Whether you are a believer in God or not, respect for life must be protected by all of us. The statistics state that 74 percent of women get a abortion because a baby would interfere with work or other responsibilities. Seventy three percent (73%) say they can not afford a child. Forty eight percent (48%) say they do not want to be a single parent or are having other relationship problems. Only 2% say they got pregnant as a result of rape or incest. You can argue with statistics or numbers, but you can not argue with your moral responsibility to protect and promote life even due to our own mistakes, lack of planning, or unfortunate circumstances.

A baby is aborted every 26 seconds, 137 every hour, 3,304 every day, 23,196 every week, 100,516 every month, or 1,206192 every year. Great Britain has had 7,000,000 abortions alone.

Americans believe abortion should be available only in some circumstances by 68 percent. Only 11 percent believe it should be illegal in all circumstances. Marist Poll December 2011


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