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Abortion is the Result: Digging Up the Roots of the Abortion Tree

Updated on October 26, 2015

Abortion Tree

Abortion is an extensively detrimental crisis in the world. It is the result of irresponsibility, misinformation, and deception. These are several roots to this problem which provide the foundation for the abortion tree to grow and the branches to expand in this continuous, vicious cycle. This continuation must be stopped.


Repair the Adoption Agencies

Currently, there are too few genuinely compassionate adoption agencies. It is imperative that greater emphasis be placed on these organizations. There are so many qualified families who would love to adopt children. If a caring, moral, finically stable family is willing to adopt children, they should first be thoroughly investigated; however, if they prove their overall competency, they should have permission to continue with the official adoption. Adoption gives an expecting mother a hopeful option instead of aborting her baby.


Overhaul the Foster Care System

Further investigation into the foster care system is necessary. It is essential that this system be more organized and structured, employing more thorough screening and background checks of potential families. It should not just give away the children to whomever shows up to take them, but rather first attempt to find their relatives. The children should be transferred only if it is discovered that the relatives are willing and able to provide an appropriate life for the children.

This system shouldn't just drop the children from the program when they turn eighteen, but should either continue to help them find a loving home, or help them with school or employment opportunities so they can adequately provide for themselves.


Help Prevent Traumatic Childhood Situations

Foster care should help children remain with the same family if that environment provides consistency and highly competent care. This helps prevent children from being raised in broken homes and abusive situations which happens often under the foster care system. If they’ve gone through a traumatic childhood, as children grow up they have potential to cause an unwanted pregnancy or become the victim of an unintended pregnancy which can lead to an abortion.

Overall, it is necessary to exterminate the rapists, and choose life for babies like this fourteen- year-old girl chose. Even if someone is raped, they should still choose life because it's not the baby's fault and two wrongs don't make a right. Both victims, the mother and the baby, need support.

Children in the Foster Care System

Conservative studies find one in five will become homeless after 18; at 24, only half will be employed; less than 3% will have earned a college degree; 71% of women will be pregnant by 21; and one in four will have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder at twice the rate of United States war veterans. Many are at risk of moving back into government systems -- from juvenile centers to prison.

Preventing Abortion

Abortion can be prevented and it should be stopped at the source. Here are some of the causes of abortion and various ways to prevent it:

* Acknowledge the fact that life begins at conception

* Exonerate the excessive acceptance toward immoral issues

* Parents need to teach children responsibility, dignity and respectable morals

* Stop being insensitive, immune, and unaffected by corruption, obscenities, and lack of morals

* Exterminate rapists

* Discourage Abortion; Encourage Adoption

* Revive Adoption Agencies

* Revamp Foster Care System


Provide High Quality Pregnancy Centers

Additionally, high quality pregnancy centers should be maintained by highly qualified caregivers. These places should offer support and help the mothers obtain profitable jobs when they are able to work again. They should also provide options for adoption on site so as to encourage the mothers to preserve their child's life and keep the baby, or give the baby to trustworthy parents. Adoption should be championed rather than abortion which quells any potential opportunity for a baby to live.


Children Need Love and Protection

Children should be protected and not allowed to wander around everywhere which may result in many kidnappings, and therefore, again potential unintended pregnancies. Conceiving a life is a serious and significant issue that must be perceived with the utmost sincerity and dedication. Children are not supposed to be conceived then murdered out of convenience because some people consider them an inconvenience. They need to be treated in a special way with the respect they deserve because they are absolutely precious. They are not created just to be selfishly disregarded, monstrously discarded, and heartlessly forgotten. People need to learn how to control their actions, or accept the consequences. If that consequence is a child, then that is a blessing.


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