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Abortion: when is it right?

Updated on July 19, 2012

People have asked, when is it right to commit abortion? That is to terminate a pregnancy.

This is because of the debate that surrounds the idea of when life actually starts. Some school of thought claim that life starts at conception while others claim that it starts when the developing human has formed some structures that confirm it is human. Most religions and tradition believe it is wrong to abort pregnancy as it is an act of killing. It is for this reason that people claim an abortion carried out at the early stages of pregnancy when the developing human has not formed can not be considered an act of killing.

Some women get unwanted pregnancy so they want it terminated but the question should be why would one get pregnant when one does not want it? It does occur by mistake or unexpectedly. Some people also want to abort because they claim they can not take care of the new born. It is for same reason that some of them abandon their babies after birth.

The question, again, is it better to bring in a child to the world and let the child suffer or to abort such child at an early stage?

We know that there are times abortion may be necessary either to safe the life of a mother or may be because of some malformation that would make the developing human unable to survive or for other medically related reasons. Therefore, an abortion in such situations is right as the medical practitioners believe.

The choice for abort has been claimed to be a human right issue so it is a matter of choice. However, while some people also claim that the developing human also has a right to life. It is for these reasons that it becomes important for women to be careful so as not to make mistakes and put themselves in a situation where they have to consider abortion of an unwanted pregnancies. It is better we do unto the developing human as we would want to be done to us.


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