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Abraham Lincoln's Method

Updated on June 28, 2014

Some people may wonder why people take interest in writing about other men that had lived and passed on. The fact is that it may be because of what we, the living, can learn from these men. It may also be because of what they did for humanity or because of their achievements in their life time or because such men are part of history that it will be impossible to talk about certain things in human history without their name being mentioned or discussed, so they are inexpungible in human history.

These men were not supernatural beings; there were mortals like us and that is why is becomes inexplicable why mortals will sing praises to their follow mortals. That is why the writer of this article may not understand why this work is written to acknowledge one of such men, in this case Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American president.

Many articles and books have been written on Abraham Lincoln, and his achievements among others. However, this article wants to look at what helped or made it possible for Lincoln to achieve such success in his lifetime even though his life was cut short by the assassin’s bullet.

Some people many easily forget that life was not easy for little Lincoln because, as a child as, he lost his mother at an early age, 9 year old, yet he reached the greatest height attainable in American history with its honor and glory. It is said that Lincoln had no formal education and he was mostly self-educated yet he became a lawyer.

It means that he did not allow his lack of education to stop his attainment and he did not only become a lawyer; it is said that his writings are more than that written in the bible and fewer more than the works written by William Shakespeare.

The career of Lincoln in politics and business can be narrated briefly as follow:

He started as a store clerk but he lost the job then he became a partner in a small store business. Then he joined politics. He was elect into congress after he failed three times and he failed re-election to same post. He also failed election into the senate and then he failed in his party nomination for Vice president. Finally, he became the 16th president of the United States of America.

The Lincoln method:

After studying the above failures and successes, one may not easily learn from it. It will take a different reasoning to understand what the writer choice to call, “Abraham Lincoln method.” Lincoln lost his job as a store clerk then he became a storeowner. His business, can be said, did not do so well as he had to settle some debts then he joined politics. He lost elections but he kept trying until he won. He then lost re-election for congress then he ran for senate and lost. He also lost the nomination as his party’s VP before he contested for the presidency and won.

A careful study will suggest that each time Lincoln failed in his objective or target; he will either try again or try something more difficult than that which he failed. This is unusual in most people’s life style because people easily try something different or they quit from the task or they try something less difficult which they think / belief they have a greater chance of getting than trying something more difficult than that in which they failed.

However, Lincoln’s method was different because after his failure in congress and senate election plus his failure in his party VP nomination he still was not afraid to go for the office of the presidency, which was higher than all that he contested and failed. However, surprisingly, he contested for the presidency and won it.

This goes a long way to show that most of these men who achieved greatness in life had focus and they did not allow anything to prevent them from attaining their goals so they remained focus and they preferred to try something more difficult than quitting in their task.

They were men like us; they were mortals but they thought differently. That seems to be the only thing that separated them from the crowd. They were unusual men because of the ways they did things in their life and the decisions they took. They also used various methods and reasoning; and one of such methods is what the writer chooses to call, “Abraham Lincoln’s method.”

It is impossible for one who applied such unusual methods to fail because even heaven won’t fail to help such a one.


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 4 years ago

      Thanks a lot Lions44. We just have to keep pushing forward.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 4 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Great points about Lincoln's career. Keep sticking to your goals. I think being an attorney helps because you get used to winning some and losing some. Very rarely is there a long winning streak. Voted up.