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Absolute Nightmare on Dartmouth Road (2)

Updated on August 18, 2015

I feel sure that those who follow me would like to know that I have written and published my first book on my continued nightmare with neighbours from hell! I decided to write it because what has happened to me is completely unacceptable and outrageous. As a victim of crime, I was further traumatised by lack of action from those who should have helped and protected me. In fact I then got proof that not only did the housing association and other authorities not have any intentions of helping me, they went all out and to great lengths to crush me and my uncomfortable allegations. And all this in the face of mounting evidence that my allegations were absolutely correct.

I had to write this book to do my bit for justice and to fight for my own justice and the right to breathe in uncontaminated air in my own home - I am trying to be the change I want to see in the world. It is also to let those who have treated me so terribly know that they cannot treat a fellow human being this way and get away with it scot free. There are consequences to our actions and our tenancy agreements clearly state that nothing illegal, immoral or illicit should be done or used on the premises.

I am now diagnosed with a condition directly related to passive smoking my neighbours drugs and other pollutants. My symptoms exactly mimic the symptoms of those who inhaled the fumes, debris, particles in the air when the twin towers collapsed, I also do not want this to happen to anyone else. I hope this book enlightens and inspires.

In the book I also discuss subjects such as astrology, strength and religion. There is a whole chapter on Saturn and Capricorns. So the book carries on from my hub on my neighbours and drugs and it also talks about Astrology.

The actual writing of the book was not that difficult except that I have had do deal with symptoms of the fumes leaking into my flat and poisoning me. Plus fighting the whole situation at the same time and trying to get help which was not forth coming and I found evidence that those who should have helped by investigating impartially were going all out to throw me under the bus and crush me, only I escaped the wheels of the bus just! But I think I have a flair for writing and when you are writing from the heart about something which means a lot to you and has distressed you, it all pours out of you. All you then have to do is control the way what flows out of your mind gets on to the page.

What has been difficult and tedious is the checking over and over, the reading and re-reading. Making sure all the pages were right and it's a short story, I can't image having to check over a long story of 500 pages or so.


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