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Cute Poem about an Intriguing Elephant

Updated on November 2, 2015

Tabbot and the Lone Star

It was Houston and Anne, toe to toe.

Two generals battling for a quantity of land.

It was the famous Battle of the Alamo.

Where the Lone Star took its stand.

Time had passed in the Lone Star state.

Its scenery had changed.

There is a self-proclaimed elephant named Tabbot the Great.

He was slowly becoming deranged.

There was a precious store in the Lone Star state.

It had closed for only renovation.

But Tabbot went on to investigate.

Concluding it is a military operation.

The people panicked in fear, only to run and hide.

They were appalled by the U.S. intrusion.

Tabbot could not see past his foolish pride.

Thus, falling for this absurd illusion.

President Karrab explained that this is not the case.

Extrapolating to the Lone Star people that it is only an exercise.

Tabbot looked at the president with a contemptuous face.

Snarling, “Do not feed me your proclamation of lies”!

President Karrab had walked off with great embarrassment.

Diligently trying to rationalize Tabbot’s brain.

“Could this animal be that arrogant”?

“Has this elephant gone insane”?

Tabbot preached of infringement upon their rights.

Telling his people that action will be taken.

“We’ll watch that Yankee military, keeping them in our sights”.

Actually believing the Lone Star is being forsaken.

Tabbot is being misguided by false patriotism and aspiration.

The elephant’s action makes him look like a cock.

Not only is Tabbot being laughed at by the nation.

He has furthered the U.S. as a laughingstock.

We hope that Tabbot will come to learn.

What he is doing is nothing but petulance

Being a fool and wilding that much power brings great concern.

Surely in time the Lone Star will look past itself and reflect on their absurd arrogance.


Tabbot the Great


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