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Action to Prevent School Shootings

Updated on December 18, 2012

School Visitation Policy

Foremost, my heart goes out to all the victims affected by school shootings. As a prospective schoolteacher and a parent of four children, I can only relate to your pain on a minuscule level. However, the pain is so extreme that it encourages me, presumably many others, to conceive ideas to prevent future threats.

Actions to prevent school shooting crises in the United States are necessary to implement, but an immediate response ought to be the focus. Stronger gun control laws appear to be the preventive to consider, but the process provokes inexorable debates and establishing such amendments is laboriously time consuming. Furthermore, the idea needs to gain national acceptance, stay within national educational budgets, and most importantly, the approach most be effective. Therefore, I propose a plan that may meet the recommended requirements; and maybe even President Obama’s term, “meaningful action”.

I feel that schools should implement a new policy about visitations. All visitors, regarding who or purpose, should contact the school prior to arrival, I am thinking 20-30 minutes. This will allow the school to prepare for the visitation. The school will send a faculty member to greet the visitor at a safe designated area. The faculty member will then be able to observe the visitor for unusual apparel or behavior as well as be equipped with a metal detector to scan the visitor for any firearms or knives. The faculty member may also carry a communication device to inform members inside the school of the process. If visitors fail to abide by the new visitation policy, school faculty can authorize an arrest.

A new visitation policy may be the approach the nation needs to end school shootings. The idea appears to be easy to implement, does not exhaust school funds, and can be effective as schools will be alert, aware, and prepared. I admit it is not a full proof solution because we cannot prevent force entries by the ill determined. However, it is a preventive plan that monitors visitor activities.

Should visitors be strictly monitored before entering the school ?

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