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Actions must be taken to stop Child Labour

Updated on August 3, 2016
Children doing severely hard work.
Children doing severely hard work. | Source


Children, what does this word mean?! It means that a person who lives his life to the fullest! or do they? The sad truth about today is that, children are forced by their guardian to do work, It is our duty to change it.



Ever wondered what is the source of child labour, what is the core of it?

  • Lack of Formal Education: Children in rural areas often are not presented with Quality education perhaps no education at all, this results in employment at early stage, if children have nothing to do, they are forced to work!
  • Poverty: Parents/Guardians do not have enough money to live so instead to sending them to school, they tell them to work and bring back money if they want food and shelter!
  • Unaware of their rights: Children do not go to school which results in them not knowing their right so they do not take a stand and they get back to work.
  • Weak young workers: Even if the children stand up and ask about their rights, guardians threaten them to abandon them or even take their life, thus leaving no hope in child's heart.
  • Demand for cheap Labourers: Due to high demand of construction and ceramics, It is the easiest profession to get in so children are sent to work all day.
  • Weak Laws to protect: Like most of the rural areas, there is always lack of security and laws to fight against so there is nothing to stop or restrain!

No More power to continue. Help.
No More power to continue. Help. | Source

Effects on children:

  • Ability to access risk: Even Though it is a ability, not every ability is good. The access to risks means that it is dangerous for their life, they might get hurt, they might die.
  • Skeletal growth disorder: Due to carrying heavy weights, soon the skeletal structure weakens resulting in growth disorders.
  • Greediness: Children realise that it is too hard to earn money so they develop a habit of stealing things from other which puts a negative impact on their mind.
  • Loss of Creativity: Due to excessive work load, child begins to take work as life, they have no freedom and soon, child does not think of anything other than work hence losing creativity.
  • Mind set: Child has a brain that is newly learning things, when he sees that children work, he already has thought what he will do with his children. Cycle Continues.

Bright Side

Organizations: There are list of organizations to stop child labour such as Unicef and IPEC, these organizations work day and night to prevent child labour to spread.

Major Decrease in child labour: ILO claims that the numbers of child labour have dramatically dropped since 2000, this is thanks to organizations and people who stood against it.

Major Decrease in child labour
Major Decrease in child labour | Source

What can I do?

  • Be Responsible: The organizations are having thousands of employees, If you happen to be one, take your job seriously to stop this diseases, investigate and go to high measures to stop it.
  • Spread awareness: Most people and blinded by the truth so like me, go and educate people, put posters, make a new step to prevent this!
  • Buy Child labour-free products: Know what products you buy, if you buy them, you must know them so make sure you buy the right products or you might support child labour.
  • Investigate: Call retail stores and ask them about the origin of their products, do give them suggestions!
  • Use you Resources: If you’re a shareholder, use your voice to ensure that your companies support humane, sustainable, just practices that don’t include child labor.

Good Luck!

This article was not only for you to read, it is for you to change things around you. Make the world a better place to live, any force on other's right must be prevented, let's just try our best to spread this cause and help those children. As a human being it's my duty to educate you with the causes, effects and prevention. It is your duty as human to spread awareness and tell others to stop this disease. I am going to pen down here, thank you for reading.

''Stop it, Stop Child Labour''


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    • Abdul Nafeh1 profile image

      Abdul Nafeh1 16 months ago

      Thank you!

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      The clansman 16 months ago

      Nice one.

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      Abdullah niazi 16 months ago

      Great message! Hope this article spreads far and wide!

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      Hassan 16 months ago

      Wow, Beautiful piece!

      Keep it up