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Adolf Hitler Comparison: John McDonnell on Boris.

Updated on August 31, 2019

Is it right to compare, new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to a dictator? Or is Boris, like the right-wing press say, just carrying out the wishes, of the 17.4 million, who voted to leave the EU, back in 2016. Perhaps Boris is doing the will of the people, who won the vote to leave the EU, fairly and squarely. Boris would appear, to be upholding democracy, doing the will of the people, that is the Breixteers, who won the referendum.

However, given Boris's lying and fantasies, is he hiding behind the shield of backing the people and up to something else? Given the cowardice of Cameron and mishap May, along comes Boris, shuts parliament and declares, the UK is leaving the EU, on 31st October, deal or no-deal. It is easy to see why the right-wing press loves him and Brexiteers, perhaps even some remainers, who also want Brexit done, admire his tenacity.

However, John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, has compared Johnson to one, Adolf Hitler. Which is ironic really, when you think Boris, compares himself, to Hitler's nemesis, Winston Churchill. McDonnell says in shutting parliament, Johnson's actions are an attack on democracy.

Certainly any debate to be had about Brexit, by Boris's opponents, will give them less time, to stop a no-deal Brexit. Legal challenges may be a waste of time and calls to see the Queen, may also have come too late.

McDonnell has said, Boris runs 10 Downing Street, like the Bullingdon Club. An exclusive so-called 'gentleman's club' for Oxford students. Boris attended this club, with his chum, one David Cameron. Also, McDonnell has stated, Boris treats ordinary folks and other MPs, like serfs.

The clown comparison has been made with Johnson, many times. McDonnell has stated that Boris's apparent upbeat and can-do attitude, together, with his clown-like behaviour, has taken people in. McDonnell has been quick to say, if people want clowns, they should go visit a circus. To many leavers, remainers and those not of a political persuasion, all this kerfuffle over Brexit, must seem like just like that, a circus!

John McDonnell has backed his party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in calling for disobedience against Boris. Many groups of all political persuasions have called on people, who, are against Boris's (as they see it), anti-democratic actions, to bring the UK, to a halt, in protest.

Boris, himself, in taking a gamble to shut parliament and take us out of the EU, deal or no-deal. Boris, it seems, will either triumph or fall spectacularly, over Brexit, time will tell.

Boris Johnson: Man on A Mission?

British Actor: Hugh Grant and Chancellor: Sajid Javid.

Hugh Grant Attacks Boris and Sajid Javid, Clashes with Boris.

Hugh Grant, seems like many of us, outraged, at Boris's closing of parliament, next month. Boris announced the closing of parliament, so if a no-deal Brexit, is the only option, he can get on with it, without debate.

Labour, SNP, Lib-Dems, etc have all been outraged that they, cannot, debate Brexit, next month. Today, up and down and the land, there have been mass protests, against Boris's decision. However, according to some polls, Boris has risen in popularity, as other members of the population, feel, at last, they have a man in Boris, with balls.

Time is short in the run-up, to the UK's leave date, of the 31st October, for the opposition parties and other opponents, to stop a no-deal Brexit. But, it seems, from the protests - legal challenges, they are willing to stake all, to stop a no-deal Brexit.

British actor, who from his background, you would have thought would have been a natural Tory, has lambasted Boris, on Twitter. It seems Hugh, is not happy about the closing of parliament.

Using expletives to describe Boris, Hugh Grant did not hold back. denouncing Boris thus: "You will not fuck with my children's future. You will not destroy the freedoms my grandfather fought 2 world wars to defend".

Carrying on Mr Grant said "Fuck off you over promoted rubber bath toy. Britain is revolted by you and your little gang of masturbatory prefects".

Boris, it appears has also clashed with his Chancellor, Sajid Javid. Apparently, Boris's so-called special advisor, Dominic Cummings, had a female worker, working for works for Mr Javid's office frogmarched out and sacked by police.

The reason for this was apparently, some leaked information, this young lady had leaked to the media. It seems, Mr Javid, was none too pleased with this and clashed with Boris, over the matter.


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