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After All The Fireworks

Updated on January 2, 2013
The new year 2013
The new year 2013 | Source

Excitement seems to be everywhere presently. You could even see joy on the faces of people almost everywhere. It's a few hours to the end of the year 2012 and that on it's own is a reason why we are all happy. This holiday season has been great and exciting, fun and rewarding in many ways. There has been a reduction in crime rates and violence and we have all lived together like one big family.

The funny thing however is that a few weeks into the new year and we are all back to hearing those tragic news that makes us sad and depressed. All our joy, love and happy sharing exhibited during the festive season have been thrown out of the window. This really should not be the case; we should learn to make these attributes a part of our lives and not just a routine during festive periods. It is very possible to live at peace with people, it is very possible to always wear a smile, it is also very possible to share joyfully at all times if we are really ready to. These festive periods are meant to serve as examples to us on how we are meant to live.

The fireworks are all set to be released to usher in the new year, but what happens when the fireworks go off?

New Year Resolutions

We do this every year. The time of the year when we pick up our pen and write down those things we want to turn away from and those we hope to start. We decide to turn from our wicked acts and become better humans. Very little really follow these resolutions to the letter. A couple of days into the new year and we begin to hear news of killings and bombings and several wicked acts. It pains my soul and I just find it difficult to imagine that we were the same set of people that celebrated a few days ago. I believe we should all begin to learn from what these holidays teach us and try to live by them. Violence is not what we are taught during Christmas; Love and sharing is what we are taught. I believe we are to exhibit these traits throughout the year and not just during the festive period. Our new year resolutions are not just meant to be written down, they are to be followed.

What Do We Do?

If just making resolutions change only a little, then what are we to do? Below is a list of what I believe we can do:

1. Set our goal for 2013: This can be a singular thing like "being a better person" but try as much as possible not to make it too vague. We can be specific like "feeding 50 people every month". Our goals should be positive and be a blessing to our environment.

2. Learn more each day: There is a need for us to improve ourselves this new year. We have a lot of things to learn and we have to do this on a daily basis. Learning never stops and so we should always be looking for new things to learn.

3. Be a positive influence: We can't influence others positively if we have not developed ourselves. We should always be available to help others and do great things which we would be remembered for.

4. Fight violence: Let's all kick against every act of violence and every form of abuse in whatever guise it might come. Let's not encourage evil and we should be our brother's keeper.

5. Don't procrastinate: I also believe that the main reason why we achieve only a fraction of what we could have achieved is because we procrastinate a lot. We all should learn to do what we are meant to do at the right time. This is a time to get rid of laziness and start working big time.

Final words

After all the fireworks, remember that we are all one big family and we should really be living in peace and unity. Say NO to violence and other forms of abuses. Have a great year ahead.


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    • KDeus profile image

      Keely Deuschle 5 years ago from Florida

      Very nicely written! Your five suggestions of what we can do to spur change are excellent. If each of us does a little part, together we can make positive change happen. Happy New Year!