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Air Biafra

Updated on September 13, 2012

Why Biafra?
What was actually on their mind, their plans and philosophy?

I was born after the war and heard so many courageous and as well troubling stories about the Nigeria-Biafra war but before i go on with this short note, i would want to tell those of us who do not know that Biafra was a sectional state from Nigeria, Nigeria went to War with the independent people of Biafra, a war that lasted for three years (1967-1970).

Growing up, i heard so many stories of bunkers, there were so many of them in my home town and my late Dad told me stories of how they were trained as Biafra soldiers, it was through him that i heard this word 'Ajdu wire'. This means halt in the military. Now let me go back to the article...

...Why did they break away from Nigeria, why did they do that and caused themselves so much trouble? You see, there was this big marginalization in Nigeria as the powers to be was taking everything so those who felt left alone decided to just be on their own so that was how Late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu came into the issue, as the then Eastern Governor who served as the voice of people, it was him who has to lead the sectional people so after series of meetings, the Eastern/Southern part of Nigeria decided to break away from the giant Nigeria.

The philosophy of the leaders of Biafra was actually to make sure that every given BIAFRAN is well taking care of by the Government of Biafra,(Government of the people, by the people and for the people), they intended to build a state of oneness, one accord and opportunities for its people, this could best be understood in bits...

...Provision of Employment, Housing, Education, Health and enriching every single Citizen with the nation's wealth.

That was simply what they envisaged because they lacked it from Nigeria. Now, the then Nigeria Government which was led by Gen. Gowon saw the idea as the North losing everything because the national wealth lies at the Eastern and Southern part of the Nation. So they refused totally to let Biafra be but Biafrans took their case to the African leading council and an accord was reached at Aburi in Ghana for Biafra to be and Nigeria be. In that particular meeting were the two heads of state. Ojukwu and Gowon.

Upon return from Aburi, what happened next was horrific. People who were not meant to get involve all got involve. We all lost so much, there were lots of casualties from both side and my family lost a son whom i never knew but heard about. 'AGHA BIAFA'...You see, Biafra is not just about the Igbo Man. The Calabar, Delta and every single part of South-South, South-East is about Biafra.

There was nothing civil about that war, believe me, i have read many books about that war and watched a movie TEARS OF THE SUN. 'OSUNDU AGWU IKE'.

In conclusion, the continuous threat from Boko Haram sends a clear message to our agitation and although i am a fan of One Nigeria and wish to see my beloved country excel. However, if the new Nigeria which i dream of will remind people about USSR, then let be because all i want and ever will always want is the good of where i come from. "The shadow of Biara is still alive". Marcus Garvey had an idea to transport all the blacks left at the Caribbean back to Africa and he intentionally wanted to begin that movement of Jah people from his home land JAMAICA thus the setting up of a coastal line THE BLACK STAR. I hate to imitate people, i love to be real so i dream of my own and to transport my people back to where we belong.



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