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Airplane Etiquette 101

Updated on August 7, 2012

Things You Shouldn't Do On A Flight

There are many things that you should try not to do on a flight. Lets talk about four things you should try not to do on a plane.

Stay Seated As For As Long As Possible

Try to stay seated for most of the flight. There has been way too many times I have been seated next to someone on a flight and they literally keep getting up as often as they can, which means that I had to keep getting up, waking up, move my legs to create enough room to let them by. Getting up to use the rest rooms is fine and if you need to stretch your legs but to get up every single half hour for no apparent reason whatever is not really necessary. I notice way too many people getting up and having the person next to them every thirty minutes or so just to walk around, and this goes on for the duration of the flight.

Unless you have some sort of medical condition or something that prevents you from staying seated, then there is no reason to keep on getting up every single 30 minutes. Stay seated for as long as you can and the people sitting next to you will appreciate it.

However if you sit right by the aisle, then this doesn't really apply to you, so feel free to get up as many times as you wish.

Talk Softly, Don't Shout

It is surprising to me that many people on an airplane do not know how to talk quietly or in a way where the entire plane literally does not have to hear the entire conversation. When I talk on a plane I keep a very mild tone and I never feel the need to raise my voice or talk so loud that passengers four rows in front of me can hear me. Think about it, if you were sleeping on a plane and woke up because people ten rows behind you are talking loudly, it wouldn't make you too happy right? Simply talk as soft as you can and don't shout, its simple.

Don't Throw Up Into Somebody's Lap

Don't throw up into the lap of the person sitting next to you. Yes, this may seem funny but it has happened before. Some people get air sick and they can't control whether or not they get sick but they can really control where they throw up. Throw up anywhere but onto the person next to you. I witnessed a passenger get sick before and they threw up into the lap of the person seated next to them. You could tell that there was a lot of embarrassment and awkwardness between the two throughout the rest of the flight.

The Cabin Crew Is There To Serve You But Don't Treat Them Like They Are Your Slave

The cabin crew is there to serve you and make your flight as comfortable as possible. However don't treat them like slaves. This means that you don't really have to keep calling them over ever 20 minutes for nonsense. There have been many times when I have seen passengers calling over the cabin crew for nonsense, and they kept calling them over and over and over way too often. It was clear that the stewardess was getting aggravated. Yes it is their job but that does not mean that people should treat them like their personal slaves.

Can you think of some things people should try not to do while they are on a plane? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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