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All Lives Matter...

Updated on July 15, 2016
Laurinzo Scott profile image

I am a person who lives to write and writes to live; because it is such a way to tether human spirits to this sometimes confusing plane


First the hysterical masses were screaming ..."Black lives matter... and then... All lives matter... and now... Cops lives matter" They are right on all fronts.

The lives that are being ignored however are the lives of those monsters (or corporate giants) who head and control our major media outlets and feed our brains the "skewed , fictional, watered down, biased versions of the "truth" , we dine upon daily. This country is so divided on the issue of race yet again that many parts of the modern world are "embarrassed" for us.

Although certainly there are issues we must address as a nation.. how did this new racial fever ignite? and how good is it for selling newspapers, inspiring viewership, and fanning the flames of discord among the masses.

I simply challenge Americans across the board (and of all races, religion and preference) ; that before you...

  • Say that cops are targeting Blacks for extermination
  • Say that backs are too sensitive or even paranoid
  • Say that Black people instinctively have disdain for authority
  • Say that are secret enclaves of Blacks preparing for a race war
  • In many states the law requires more hours of training for barbers and chefs than for Police officers

... consider these facts:

In 2012 there were over one hundred blacks killed by police... that same year there were nearly 400 whites killed..

Many "Community Policing" (*see definition) programs were spearheaded and initiated throughout troublesome cities such as L.A., Chicago, and New York by white officers.

According to a 2015 survey at the University of Pennsylvania black cops were more than 3 times more likely to discharge their weapons

From the years 1995 to 2013 , there were an average of 50 police officers slain for each of those years...

over 40% of those perpetrated by blacks

None of these facts are ever reported by mass media channels. Could it be because these facts don't stir up as much controversy or curiosity?

Could it even be that a media system controlled by the likes of Disney, or the Fox Entertainment Group could be only interested in stimulating even more revenue into their over 30 billion dollar enterprises? ... even at the expense of accurate, factual reporting.

It is interesting to me that there is not much more coverage of the monster who killed those officers in Dallas. I guess it is easier for the media to create monsters than feed them.

I am certainly not saying that the media is responsible for the growing racial unrest in this country; but maybe some more responsible reporting could carry us into a more positive view!!!

After all ... ALL TRUTH MATTERs!!!

*com·mu·ni·ty po·lic·ingnounnoun: community policing

  1. the system of allocating police officers to particular areas so that they become familiar with the local inhabitants.

The All Lives Matter Campaign

For several months before the horrible incident in Dallas took place; "Black Lives Matter" was plastered over every local and national airwave. Regardless of the intent of some or all of it's members; and the nobility of it's cause. the movement was greatly misconstrued and even zealous reporters made blatantly biased reports on this movement and what it meant. Of course Black lives matter, white and brown lives matter too.

I think it is important to remember that the taking of lives by officers is serious and needs to be addressed; it must be acknowledged that it is a strained system that is forcing out officers who may or may not be ready to assume the incredible responsibility that their job requires. More training and more extensive mental health assessments are in order.

It is unfortunate that in the wake of recent events the reputation and rapport that two distinct segments of our society share has been tarnished so severely.

It is time for us to heal, put the past behind us, and each of us take the responsibility to educate ourselves our children and our community about the dangers of not embracing all of mankind. It is time for us to rise above something so petty as the differences of our skin color and focus on the common things we all humans share. Maybe a more responsible media can start inundating the airwaves with segments like these;

What Do You Think?

Do You Think the Media Sews Racial Discord?

See results

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