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All Men Are Equal Hoax

Updated on May 20, 2020
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A living Entity with a quest to seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Men Women Equal Rights
Men Women Equal Rights

Equal Rights Bias

So what the heck is up with everyone and their mommas crying out for equality? The last time I checked we were all equal. Or is it that I am just way too naive and have my head stuck up my b-hole to realize that not all people on planet Earth is given equal rights. So what is equal rights by the way? How does one determine if he or she isn’t given the same rights as everyone else? Well, let us analyse the rights issue.

What Is Equality Or Equal Rights?

So having equality to me is the same as having equal rights. Equal rights to me is basically allowing all persons to access the same privileges and be treated in the same manner. We can agree to disagree with my meaning of equal rights as those who are unable to think logically and reasonable can consult Wikipedia. So what does being treated the same way means? It means just that, if I as a black man go to access a loan and I am unable to get through because I do not meet the banks loan criteria, a man of Caucasian origin should not be able to access that loan either if he does not meet the same criteria and should not be given any special privileges just because of his race. If I as a black man is told to leave a store because I look like a robber, a man of Asian, Caucasian or any other racial origin should be told the same thing also. But we live in a world dominated by ignorance and stereotyping. We unfortunately have citizens and leaders who really believe that not all people should be given equal rights. This is a bad idea to hold on to as it most times foster civil unrest and hatred between races.

Equal Rights is Not Equality
Equal Rights is Not Equality

Does Equal Rights Does Not Mean All Men Are Equal?

That is a resounding no! What, you are shocked by what I just said? Yes, I said it and it is the God damn truth. All men are not created equal, but that does not mean all men should not have equal rights. All men are not created equal just like all animals are not created equal. Men are not created equal because men are born and really not created.

When you create a batch of things, you may find that all are equal in use and performance and some are badly manufactured and needs to be replaced. This can be a true saying as it relates to man and creation. If all men were created equal, all men should have the same abilities which we can clearly see is just not the case.

Men are born from the womb through a fertilization process which creates specific traits in that individual which gives him/her their own uniqueness. Some of us are born geniuses, some are born athletes, some born artist, etc. Our body structures are different which allows some of us to do some amazing things. The truth is, people who are gifted and can do amazing things with mind or body are those who we talk about and adore.

While no one really talks about the Janitor Joe who ensures that the school is cleaned for our kids to properly learn. But to compare equality is really to compare folks within the same field. So one can say that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. That means he is not equal in skill to the rest of players. He is better

Women Rights
Women Rights

Are Women Equal To Men?

That subtopic should not even exist. There is no way on planet Earth that women will ever be equal to men and I am speaking with the utmost respect. Let us remember, equal rights does not make us all equal. I have seen where women activist are batting to be equal to men in every way. But guess what? Mother Nature never made us to be equal, else we would not need each other. A man is naturally bigger and stronger than most women. He is faster and can endure much hardship and can man-oeuvre his environment to suit him quickly. That is how nature made man. Or should I say that is how nature has designed most male species.

Remember, Mammals in a large proportion of mammal species, the males are generally larger than females. Both genes and hormones affect the formation of many animal brains before "birth" (or hatching), and also behavior of adult individuals. Just take a look at the general design of women. They are elegantly shaped. They are smaller than their male counterparts and much less aggressive. They are designed as comforters, nurturers of love and goodness. That is why we use the term, “Mother Nature”. Women are designed to be the comfort and balance of the earth. While men are designed to be the builders and protectors. You don’t need science to tell you this, God gave your eyes to see, ears to hear and a common sense to feel.

Remember, not being equal does not mean you cannot get equal rights. Equal rights are the rights of living on the land. A woman can be a soldier, likewise a man can be a soldier. A woman can be a nurse, likewise a man can be a nurse, and the list goes on and on. But don’t be naive. There are a few this that men do that a woman can do but will never in a million years do it better than a man and things a woman can do that a man will never be good at in a million years.

Women and Men Treated the Same? The hypocrisy

This is another thing that women should never bat for. Have you ever seen how guys treat other guys? That is something I know women do not want. Women and men don’t think the same so they cannot be treated the same. I am sure you wouldn’t want to train a toy dog to guard your home instead of a Doberman. The toy dog is a dog, yet it is physically incapable of achieving the greatness that a Doberman can when guarding your home. This is the same reason why when countries go to war, they send men to fight men. Not women to fight men. Women must remember that if they want to be equal to men, it is much more than just bringing home more money and paying a few bills. You have to take on the aura of a man and accept the consequences of wearing that aura.

I have seen the hypocrisy in the world of women rights where a woman will beat a man in public and everyone stands aside and laugh and as soon as the man retaliates, other men, women, the navy, the police and the guardians of the galaxy run to her rescue and begin to condemn the man. But everyone had popcorn out when the woman started her beat down on the man. This is women equality hypocrisy.

Are All Races Equal?

I don't really mean to start a race war by asking this question as many people are also hypocritical when it comes to open discussion on races. We are trembling in fear of the truth and clamp our mouths shut like an alligator snapping turtle. Well, lets get the hate rolling. Are all races equal?. All you have to do is look and see with your own eyes. But before I go any further in this article, I just want to throw out a question for you to answer in your spare time. Why did the One create the different races? Are some of us different versions of humans or we are simply different humans in racial categories? Or were we created by the different Gods in their own images? I ask this because in all my calculations, I simply cannot see a need to create all the various races. Because if I was the One, I would simply place the traits of the different races in one species of man and that would be it. One race, one color, one human category. But hey, I am not the One and I guess it knows what is best.

Now, back to equality of races. In my own view, vision and understanding. All races could never be equal as all races have different mental and physical capabilities which allows them to standout in their own way. Some races are better in Athletics than others, another race is great at Computer Science and another race is simply amazing at Natural Healing. All the races have something about them which gives leverage over each other. This could never be considered being equal.

Groups Fighting For Equal Rights and Justice

There are many groups today who want to be given the same privileges as the mass of society.

  • The LGBT group has gained a lot of strides as it relates to same sex marriage and they are blasting their agenda all over the Globe.
  • Abortion Rights group are seeking the right to do as they will with their pregnancy.
  • The Mexicans seeking the rights to their lands which were stolen
  • Pedophilia Advocacy Groups are established and helping Pedophiles.
  • Women Rights Group. Still drilling the system to demolish discrimination and prejudice against women.
  • Animal Rights Groups. Save and Prevent cruelty to animals as all animals should have equal right to life and living as us humans.
  • Men Right Movement. Want to put an end to demonizing masculinity and stop prejudice against men and boys by even women rights movement.
  • Black Lives Matter. Black people advocating for the end of discrimination against black people by the law enforcement and society in general.

These are just some of the many groups which exist which are fighting for equal rights as it relates to the treatment of mankind on planet Earth.


All humans need equal rights. They need equal treatment, equal laws and equal opportunity. But if you believe that all people are equal you are just bull pooping your self and suppressing your logic. The One probably created all this diversity because it excites it and just was bored after seeing one Race dig for gold for a million years. But despite our weakness, greatness and differences, I just wish you One LOVE. Yeah Man!

© 2020 Clive Williams


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