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Alternative Energy technologies in the past and the present

Updated on January 30, 2015

mechanical engine

John B. Bad's comment concerning the availability of the element Lithium and it being mined in Afganistan speaks volumes about at least one reason we have a presence there.Another is an oil pipeline being built that goes through there also.

We,could have had many energy alternatives since the beginning of the industrial revolution ,but there seems to be a determined effort to keep low cost or almost free energy from the population of the world at large.

Control over people and the energy they use is the single most obvious reason for this.

Another is a monopoly on the sources of energy we do have.

Any sincere search online will reveal the truth.

Almost all attempts to bring low cost or almost free energy into use over the years has been bought out or brought down one way or another.

If,we deserve low cost inexpensive independent off the grid energy devices that are not dependent on power transmission lines we will have to have the will and support of many people determined to get it done.

Solar and wind are not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about machines that use scientific principles that have been dismissed by the official scientific community in favor of an inferior way of generating energy.

The Bedini circuit utilizes the back E.M.F. to tap the energy from a fly back Electro Motive Force.

Energy lost in the form of heat in the traditional energy generator or electric motor comes from this back E.M.F.So,instead of creating heat we can get more force in the form of mechanical or electrical force from this excess energy.

There are more efficient ways of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen than the traditional low 12volt high current system that has been traditionally used in the past and still being used today by some researchers

In fact one inventor from Texas built a car that used the old method of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen by utilizing two generators in his car.One was used exclusively to power his electrolytic water to gas carborator and the other to run all the cars other electrical needs.I have no idea what his cars fuel millage was.It,probably was not very good but ,then we are talking about a car that runs on water in 1938 and when it burns it turns right back into water.So, you can Imagine recycling the very same water over and over again with some losses due to the ambient heat around the system and the potential for evaporation.


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