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Amber Peat:

Updated on August 16, 2015


Social services admit they are investigating a 'serious case review'

“The review will look at whether anything can be learned from this tragic event which could lead to improvements in the way that agencies work together to protect children”

Here we go AGAIN:

We didn’t see it.

We didn’t know.

No; one’s fault.

No: one to blame.

Lessons: to be learned.


The same old story: Over & over again. Every time a child dies:


When will this country take the safety & wellbeing of its peoples: Seriously.

When: will the peoples become more than tank fodder or collateral damage.

When will this country make a serious effort to tackle abuse?

When will our politicians stop lining their own pockets & abusing our peoples with immunity?


The same scenarios play out again & again: And have done so for decades.

When well the populous, wake up and say NO.


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