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Amber Rudd: Coloured People or People of Colour?

Updated on March 8, 2019

Work and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd.

Labour MP and Frontbencher: Diane Abbott.

Oh dear, aren't some people thin-skinned and easily offended these days. Work and Pensions Secretary, Amber Rudd, was giving a radio interview when she mentioned Diane Abbott and the word 'coloured' in the same sentence. Right away, Diane Abbott took to Twitter and said Rudd's choice of words, was "outdated, offensive and revealing".

Amber Rudd said she was mortified after using those words and said it was a slip of the tongue. Certainly, I am no Amber Rudd fan, but that said, Ms Rudd, did not mean anything offensive by using the word 'coloured'. Ms Rudd's use of the word coloured, unleashed a storm of protest and yet to me this is rank hypocrisy.

It is easy to understand why black people would be offended by the term 'coloured', however, they themselves and other people who are brown for example, refer to themselves as 'people of colour'. So can they have it both ways, be offended by the word coloured and yet refer to themselves as people of colour, what's the difference? Whether you say coloured people or people of colour, it means the same thing in the end!

In the interview, Ms Rudd was speaking about the abuse many female MP's suffer, especially on social media. Black women came in for more abuse than those who are not black, people like Diane Abbott, for example. In speaking about this issue, Ms Rudd was seeking to highlight this but because she used the word 'coloured' the easily offended and pc amongst us took to Facebook, Twitter etc to deliver a storm of protest. Why do people today take one word which was a slip of the tongue out of context and not read the entire interview (given by Ms Rudd) and recognise the fact that Ms Rudd was saying, women (of any colour) should not have to take abuse?

Black MP's like Diane Abbott and David Lammy are rank hypocrites because they themselves have said things about white people. For example, Diane Abbott has said things about white people that are certainly offensive. David Lammy said recently that 'Strictly' winner Stacey Dooley was acting like yet another white saviour when she travelled to Africa for 'Comic Relief'. It seems though because Lammy and Abbott are black, no one takes to social media to protest this, which is why I say it is rank hypocrisy That said, Stacey Dooley, did hit back at David Lammy, saying if he didn't want white people going to Africa on behalf of charities, then maybe he should go himself. Apparently, Comic Relief has asked David Lammy in the past but has received no response, so who is he to criticise Stacey Dooley?

The politically correct climate that we live in has created an atmosphere of terror, where people (especially whites) are afraid to speak their minds, even if it was a mistake as in Rudd's case. It's not just blacks who seemingly can't be criticised, it's gays, Muslims, Jews, women, but if you happen to be white, Christian, male and straight, it seems you are fair game.

Amber Rudd, Bio.

1) Born on 1 August 1963.

2) The fourth child of Tony Rudd and Ethe Fitzgerald.

3) Born in Marylebone, London.

4) Approximately aged, 54.

5) She has two children from another relationship.

6) Ms Rudd is a relationship with mixed race Conservative MP, Kwasi Kwarteng.

7) She studied at Edinburgh Uni.

8) Previously she was the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

9) Before that, she worked in the same dept as Parliamentary Undersecretary.

10) She was Home Secretary but resigned over 'Windrush Affair'.

11) Replaced by Savid Javid, as Home Secretary.

12) Came back into Conservative cabinet as Work and Pensions Secretary.

13) Star sign is Leo.

14) Could possibly be a replacement for Theresa May, if and when she steps down.

15) MP for Hastings Rye.


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