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America Is Quickly Becoming A Police State

Updated on August 18, 2014

Back To The Future

During the Cold War era many communist bloc countries employed secret police to maintain order in their provinces. Those policemen would routinely violate the human rights of their citizens on a daily basis.

The people were terrified of being woken up in the middle of the night and whisked away to some remote destination where they would be beaten, tortured or even killed for perceived crimes against the state.

Many times they did not even bother to take citizens into custody but would do their business right in the street in front of the entire neighborhood as a lesson not to conspire against the state.

Today in America, unfortunately we find ourselves in a similar state of affairs with many police departments across the country. In the last several years reports of police abuse and justified police shootings of unarmed citizens has risen.

These revelations are alarming without question but what is more alarming is the apparent targeting of unarmed African Americans. In the last month at least four unarmed black men have lost their lives at the hands of the police in four cities leaving Americans wondering what is happening to our police forces in America.

Although America is not and never has been considered a police state it by all accounts is looking a lot more like one everyday.

Eric Garner's Death By Strangulation At The Hands Of The Staten Island Police

A Simple Definition

By simple definition a police state is a region that is governed by military-like force where those in authority use physical intimidation to govern, rule and control the population.

In a police state random, unwarranted and unpredictable violence is used as a means to terrorize the populace into absolute loyalty to the ruling structure. It is used to manipulate their thoughts and actions in a way that guarantees that they will follow the precepts established by the ruling class.

Unprovoked violence is perpetrated upon the people to keep them on edge in fear of reprisal if they appear to be going against the state edict.

Individual will and expression is not allowed and the people are forced to fall in line with the governing body’s train of thought.

In essence everyone becomes an automaton, a robot, a sheeple pre-programmed to tow the state’s line with no exception.

You become a lifeless, mindless person with no will but to do as the state requires.

And you do it under the threat of violence.

Michael Brown 18-year-old Unarmed Teen Killed By Ferguson, Missouri Policeman

Heavy Handed Tactics

If nothing else proves the United States is moving toward police state status it is the killing of four unarmed African American males within a month time period.

The deaths of Eric Garner, John Crawford, Michael Brown and Ezell Ford, four unarmed black males, all at the hands of the police within four weeks of each other points to a serious problem that seems to exist within several police departments across the country.

None of the men were in the throws of the commission of a crime or threatening anyone so their deaths seem unwarranted at the least and criminal at the worst.

To say these “cop killings” are unnerving would be an understatement. They are downright frightening. To think that those who are sworn to uphold the law are abusing the law to the degree of killing unarmed citizens at random is a horrifying thought.

As best as can be ascertained none of these men committed or were suspected of committing a crime that demanded that they be shot dead. Or in the case of Eric Garner in Staten Island, choked to death.

If it was just one or two isolated incidents that occurred every so often it would not even draw attention. but the fact that these killings seem to be happening with regularity is a glaring indication of a nationwide problem.

The case of Michael Brown is particularly disturbing in that he was stopped with his hands raised in the air when he was gunned down in cold blood, according to witnesses. If that is indeed the case the officer involved should be tried just as any cold-blooded killer would be and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

There is no place in America for killer policemen running loose in the streets gunning down innocent civilians just on a whim.

The police just like anyone else, must operate by a moral code to preserve life not to take it.

If we as Americans can’t trust those who are sworn to “protect and serve” to indeed protect us then where do we turn to find protection?

We are not a communist bloc country trying to instill fear of the state in its people.

Or are we?

The People Speak

Does America seem to be moving toward police state governance?

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    • TonyDan profile image

      Tony Daniels 3 years ago from Toledo, Ohio

      Agreed on all points Express10. This present attitude of the police has come as a result of numerous questionable shootings in the past that were ruled "justified." This gave policeman confidence that no matter what they did to civilians they would be exonerated. Naturally all police do not operate in this fashion but enough of them are making life miserable for law abiding citizens like yourself and me. Thank you for commenting.

    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 3 years ago from East Coast

      I say it all the time, the police protect and serve THEIR OWN and I am an upstanding, sane and law abiding citizen. Always have been, always will be. Add in the fact that hundreds of police departments have actual military vehicles and weapons and most would agree that it is becoming a police state. As for the viciously idiotic fools looting their own city in MO, this does not bring justice or show those taking part in the illegal deed in a good light.