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America, The Matrix, and John Galt Part 2

Updated on June 16, 2021

"Public good be damned"

If you have read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, or even watched the movie and its three parts, you might get the sense that we are living it right now, in America. The novel was very prophetic, in that a Russian immigrant, that had experienced revolution in her home country, was able to make predictions, based on her own experiences, of how the “land of the free” would eventually, like so many other countries, fall into a government controlled abyss, that our founding fathers wanted so very much, to avoid. I will not go so much into plot, as I will the characters, their principles, and actions. So if you haven’t at least watched the movies, definitely check them out. If you have time, read the book instead. In the story, you have the owner of Rearden Steel, Hank Rearden, that is said to be the only remaining reliable manufacturer of steel. After 10 years of research and much time and effort being put into the creation of this alloy known as Rearden Steel, it seemed to be the last hope for Dagny Taggart, the VP of operations for Taggart Transcontinental Railroad, that is trying to rebuild The Rio Norte Line, that provides service to industrial areas, as well as oil fields in Colorado. She needs a reliable material, and Rearden’s steel, was the only game in town. Not because he cheated, or stole money from anyone, but because he believed in his product and he worked hard to make it the best.

At this point, Taggart Transcontinental, is the only practical transportation for goods, from coast to coast, due to the increase in fuel costs, making other modes of transport impossible from a cost standpoint. Government regulations are out of control, but Hank Rearden continues to do business as usual. You begin to see that this is some kind of twisted version of America, with everything being done for “the public good”. But the scary reality in this story comes from the idea that the government wields this power so effortlessly and it is done in a way, that makes it appear normal and acceptable. These are the parts of the story, that start to look like they are out of our daily newspaper. Hank Rearden refuses to play ball with the government, and ignores their regulations and restrictions on how much of his steel he is allowed to sell, while keeping his cool, as he is bullied by the government. He will not bend or break. They haul him in front of a court, and tell him that he is being charged, for non compliance with the “fair share law”, and he is asked to comply or be shut down and his property confiscated. His response is awesome! It is delivered to the court, in an un-apologetic tone, where he very bluntly tells the court, that if they think that they have the right to take what is his, then come and take it by force. Show it for what it is, and bring guns. He made clear, that if it was going to be taken, then they could take it, but, he would not hand it over, under his own will. When the court responded, by stating that no one had any intention of taking anything away from him, they were just seeking compliance, Mr. Rearden then replies, “Then why are we here?”.

Hank Rearden lets em have it!

American Exceptionalism and Natural Law

Where is our modern day Hank Rearden? Who is going to stand up, and say to uncle sam,” that is not your place, I will not comply, if you dont like it, then come and arrest me.” If tens of millions of people were to understand the role of government in the US Constitution, we would not be in this current fix. What will be the 1st private sector entity,

corporation, big business, or small business, that says no to an Obama executive order, or a regulation by the EPA? They are not legally obligated to follow such orders, and even state legislatures have the ability to nullify federal laws. The so called, supremacy clause in the Constitution, states that Federal law only supercedes states law when said federal law is “in pursuance thereof” what is outlined in the Constitution. This means that any Federal law that does not respect the US Constitution, can be nullified, not only by the state legislators, but the people themselves. Where is Hank Rearden? When does the go along to get along mentality stop? Is it fear? Perhaps, but fear should not hinder one from dissenting. Dissent, is more patriotic, than blind allegiance to a figurehead such as the President, or a bumper sticker catch phrase. Nothing embodies patriotism in America, more than dissent, for our country was born out of such dissent. Reagan said, Trust, but verify. Thomas Jefferson once said, “ Question with Boldness, even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear”. We want to trust our government, but we do not follow blindly. America is not a greeting card, it is not about catchphrases or summer day bbq for the 4th of July. It is a set of principles hardwired into the American soul. Republican, Democrat, Independent, it doesn’t matter, we are all bound together as children of God. Political affiliation, race, sexual orientation is irrelevant. We know that freedom isn’t free and that the best solution does not always involve a stroll down the path of least resistance. There must be Dissent in this country if are to stop government overreach. That doesn’t mean violence, it means refusing to comply with unlawful government demands, that are not grounded in natural law. Congress passes laws, but it is made up of men and women who are imperfect and subject to personal world views, that could hinder awareness, when attempting to respect an individual’s God given rights. Without adhering to Natural law, you are just making laws based on personal bias and political expediency. Sometimes this man made legislating can lead to corruption, selfishness, and disregard for our fellow man by imposing a worldview that is unattractive to the representative’s constituents. America is unique, in that our laws inherently have origins, with the 10 commandments, or God’s law. This, makes America exceptional, and I don’t care for a minute, that our divider in chief thinks otherwise.

Which way to Galt's Gulch?

Throughout the story of Atlas Shrugged, you hear the question, “Who is John Galt?” It becomes a battle cry of sorts, amongst those that are attempting to call out the oligarchs that are guilty of regulating the economy into the ground, in the name of the “public good”. John Galt was a blue collar worker, that was tired of seeing his country ripped to shreds by a government hell bent on control, and was no longer content with being a bystander. He one day disappears, and only later in the story are you shown his libertarian utopia, given the name, Galt’s Gulch. Galt’s Gulch is America, before corruption, regulation, fiat currency, Big Banks and the Federal Reserve, It is the vision, that our founders had in mind. It is well hidden, they use only gold as currency, and they take the best minds, and their expertise in their chosen field, away from society, as the foundation of the country continues to crumble. All of this formed a free society, with no regulations, medical and technological innovations that go far beyond modern science. One of these inventions, acts as an unlimited energy supply. Its creation made possible by the absence of Federal regulations, red tape, and other government intrusions. Galt’s Gulch is what America could be, given the opportunity. If the shackles of government were broken. But we need a John Galt, or at least a Hank Rearden to get the ball rolling and start a resistance. I guess the question at this point, would be, “Where Is John Galt?”.

In conclusion, the question still remains, are you going to take the blue pill and go back to sleep, or will you down the red pill, man up, and be John Galt, Hank Rearden or both? I can only hope that most avoid the former, and choose the latter.


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