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America Has No kings

Updated on May 24, 2019
jada67 profile image

Two years ago when Republicans and the president controlled the house and senate why didn't they fund the wall.

Trump Adminstration Bow to The King today by lying

Donald Trump the president of the United States, must realize that America will never have a king. Our Government has always run for the people, and by the people, Trump has already taken on the role of a king, with some Republicans and his administrations bowing down to him. Donald J. Trump is trying to construct his own form of Government, with him making all the decision, like children American have to obey him.

Our Constitution

Trump has already abused the written laws of the land, declaring war on the Constitution of the United States. Trump ignores Congress by telling his people just to ignore subpoenas. Republicans are already bowing down to the President protecting this sociopath whatever he does. Republicans in Congress have failed this country and the people who voted them in office. They sat back and watch Trump make a mockery out of our laws, knowing Trump is abusing the power of the president of the United States of America.Donald Trump has stripped Republicans of their dignity, their integrity, their morals, and their souls leading them down a path of the uncertainty. Rather than during what's right, they look the other way without shame.

Republicans Went Off The Grid

Republicans tore into Michael Cohen at a Congressional hearing they tried to destroy Cohen by calling Cohen a liar, a fixer, a convicted felon, and a disgrace. They sat in the room knowing every word Cohen was true about President Trump. They made a show of trying to defaming the character of Cohen, and ex-lawyer of Donald Trump. Michael Cohen was a lawyer of Trump for ten-years presented proof of checks of Trump paid a Porn Star"Stormy Daniels and Karl McDougall.

They bashed Democrats for doing their jobs, blaming them for trying to get even with Trump. Republicans bashed Democrats for wanting to get to the bottom of issues concerning Donald Trump.

Republicans Are Scare Of Trump

Republicans watched the president strip away the laws of the constitution piece by piece, Trump has put America in a crisis by changing laws, Trump has instructed his administration to ignore subpoenas and not to show up in court.

Robert Mueller Report

Republicans classified Mueller as a straight shooter and honorable after the redacted report was read Republicans didn't try and defend the man who was a straight shooter, they stood back not requesting the report with the redaction. Republicans know Mueller report is accurate. Donald Trump the president of the Knew Russia interfered in the 2016 election, Mueller knew it and so does the Republicans and the America people. Mueller knew he couldn't convict Trump. Mueller passed it over to the Congress so they could do their jobs. How can Mitch McConnell say it's over Russia might do the same thing In the 20/20 elections?


Congress has a duty to make laws and to abide by the Constitution of the United States. Congress representative the United States of America and the people, it's their duty to uphold the laws guided by the Constitution of America. Congress can no longer sit back and watch Trump destroy the making of America. Trump thinks he is untouchable, the House has subpoenas power with Trump abusing his power as president, it's time to stop Trump.

It's time for Democrats to start using their executive powers if Trump people don't apply with the laws of the Constitutions. Trump and his associates are not exempt from the laws of the land. If they can't obey the laws they should be locked up.

Trump Think his word is Golden

Every word that comes out of this President Trump supporters laugh and clap their hands as if they don't have common sense, an idiot knows better. Trump has filled their minds with lies and they listen, they don't care about missiles being tested in North Korea or Trump hasn't paid taxes in ten years and that's ok. Trump laughed at a supporter when he said to shoot immigrants, instead of checking this supporter he thought it was funny. People this is the president of the United States, making fun of a comment made about shooting when two brave young men who lost their lives in a school shooting.

Trump is worse than A gangster

Donald Trump is a disgrace to America and the world, Republicans should see that Trump is a danger and on the verge of Starting a War. Republicans what Will you. Do?


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