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America: Built by Bigotry

Updated on May 5, 2021


America was colonised and settled by people seeking to escape oppression.

Athough some might try to delude themselves discussing science and economics; for most immigrants, coming to America was survival.

People needing to escape the Spanish Inquisition and subsequent religious
intolerance, came to America to Survive.

Others didn't chose to come; many were indentured servants, transported to
America in this form of slavery.

Subsequently this form of indentured slavery was replaced by African slaves.
This was done as a matter of efficacy.

Indentured Servant vs Slave

The general problem with an Indentured servant was that when the period of
indenture was completed, the servant had to be freed and given land and

This was part of the Contract.

If America had been unpopulated before the European arrivals there would have
been enough land to fulfill the contracts.

But America was occupied and there were limitations on how far a settlement could extend before breaching the borders set by the original occupants.

It became wiser to abandon indentured servitude and institute slavery which would
lessen friction with the indigenous populations.

It must be remembered that the first Africans who were brought to America were
treated as Indentured Servants and freed after a period of years.

These Africans became members of the colony and had full rights as citizens.
This is why a Black Man, Anthony Johnson, could bring the matter of his
'servant/slave' John Casor to Court and be heard.

It is that case which legitimised slavery in what would become the state of Virginia
and in the rest of the United States.


In Europe and other parts of the world, dividing people into different Castes or Classes is done by various methods.

In some areas the serf and the master looked the same, (and might have the same genetic material).

For many years the permanent state of serfdom existed in Europe. People were tied to the land. They were born, lived, and died in some defined area, owned by whomever owned the land.

This existed until the destruction of European society by the Bubonic Plague.

At least one third of the European population died. The serfs left the land, went to the various towns where their labour was needed. They were paid for their work and were free to move about the country as they chose.

It was not easy to define who was the son of Lord Mudtoes and who was the son of a nameless serf.

Knowing societal mores, how one spoke were determinates, but nothing was easier to use than colour.

It is not shocking that the entire curriculum of race inferiority was promulgated during this period of African slavery.

There needed to be 'proof' why Africans should be enslaved and various 'philosophers' joined with 'scientists' to provide such evidence.

The inferiority of those with more melanin in their skins has been a main tenet of the United States.

Despite slavery being abolished in 1863 it was not until 1964 that those of African descent gained full rights.

However, racism could not easily be dispelled, nor has it.


In 2008 Barack Obama, whose father was from Kenya, ran for President of the United States against particularly weak Republicans. He was elected and at that point the Shock and Awe of putting a Black Man in the White House hit Americans.

Everything had to be done to stop him, to discredit him, and to exert the superiority of the White Race.

Between 2008 - 2012 the level of racism in the United States increased. Aware of political correctness people did not call themselves Knights of the White Camellia or Ku Klux Klan but "Tea Party".

People didn't overtly, in most cases use the old racial epithets and images (although there were many images of President Obama which made him look like a monkey, and endless questions as to where he was born). They spoke of 'Taking America Back'...(from whom?)... they spoke of 'Core American Values'...(like racism).

Unlike previous protests those against Obama were hysterical and overflowing with hatred. This is not because he did anything which could provoke such outcry, this is because he is Black.

The Election

Mitt Romney is not a particularly attractive candidate.

At first his religion, (Mormon) was ample blockage to prevent his election. However, when faced with a choice between religion and race, religion is the lesser of two 'evils'.

Secondly, his class; he is multimillionaire who has profited a great deal from many factors which were not helpful to America.

Moving factories overseas, for example, and his attitude about the poor were not helpful. Nor was the Bush mode of helping millionaires and supporting capitalism, and letting those at the bottom scrounge .

But when it's a choice of class or colour, class is the lesser of the two 'evils'.

The fact that almost every piece of legislation that Obama presented was voted down by the Republican Congress seems unknown to most Americans.

How can Obama be blamed for what was done by the Republicans? He was given a basket to carry water.

He took over a crashed economy for which he was not responsible. Yet, he is blamed for actions done in 2004 - 2008.

If he were white none of the attacks against him would be made. The public would not hate him so much. And hate is not a misnomer.

Remarkably, Barack Obama won a second term.

This is because America was built by people escaping bigotry and hopelessness
in their own countries, and came to America for survival, and out number millionaire oppressors, bigots and their like.

Enter Trump

Utilising the anger and hatred of having a Black Man in the White House, Trump ran on a racist ticket; Make America Great (White) Again.

Racists voted for him, and there was some manipulation of the Electoral Votes so that he came into Office in 2016.

From his entry until his departure in 2020 he increased racism, xenophobia, and took the masks from the faces, exposing what America really is and always was; a nation built on racism, bigotry, capitalism, exploitation.


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