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America is Crumbling Around Us

Updated on October 20, 2009

We Had it Pretty Good

When I was a kid we had Wild Bill Hickock, Howdy Doody & Buffalo Bob, Hop A Long Cassidy, Sargent Preston of the Yukon and King, Gumby, Mr. Wizard, Kit Carson, Our Miss Brooks, Dick Clark, Topper, Sky King, and one of my favorites was My Little Margie. Then came I dream of Jeannie, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Fugitive, Johnnie Carson, Dean Martin, Andy Williams and Glen Campbell and Sonny and Cher. We did not have to watch such crap as MTV, clay dolls fing in a boxing ring, or reality TV bleeping out every other word because society accepts the worst of the best now as cultural correctness and we were even told not to sit to close to the TV it would hurt our eyes. That was before Bill Gates came out of the closet with his garage with the machine that would break up marriages, have people satisfying themselves singularly, playing stupid games and looking for kids to molest.

We played outside with the neighbors kids as cowboys and Indians, or cops and robbers. We did not curse, smoke, sell dope, dress like slobs, or break into homes, steal cars or take nude pictures and post them all over the world for folks to see.

Black and white was black and white. There was no animosity on our behalf. We did not care about issues that did not concern us. Our neighbors were not selling drugs or pimping prostitutes. We left well enough alone and the worries for the grown ups. I came up in a Democratic household and that was good enough for us. We did not know better till later, much later.We really did not know what greed was and how someone goes off the deep end when they get power without brains. We did not know our country was on the path to destruction. We thought all was well. If we did something wrong in my dad's eyes we got the belt and the next time we thought about doing wrong we had a choice (yea my dad lived with us and we had a tight knit, loving family).

There are changes taking place in America that are not in our best interest. In fact I am not sure whose best interest they are in because when the powers to be are through I do not believe we will be in control of our country unless something takes place in 2010 to make a huge difference on the Economy, the Government and our borders. If the healthcare plan get approved. If anymore blue noses or Republicans roll over we are done for because the first thing Obama is going to do id give amnesty to 30 million illegals in America so he can asure his re-election no matter that 10% of the country is already out of work. Obama has done absolutley nothing for the economy but put us much deeper in debt. In his way of thinking its my way or the poor house. He is doing he best to bankrupt us and join the European Markets along with the Euro, Ameros or some other monitary means instead of the dollar and at that time our money will be like confederate money. Worthless.

Our standing in the world is changing and not in our favor. I feel that Obama had in the back of his mind with all his weak ideaologies that sound much loike Marxism to me, he would somehow be ask to Preside over the European Trade Union. His idea of a democratic society goes something like this. Without the elimination of the fetter of the private ownership of the means of production, human society is unable to achieve further development and he is definitely doing away with the middle working class and small business.

Do you know we have spent 2.5 trillion dollars on what our Government calls the "War on Drugs". The drug dealers have a profit of 98.5% fom cradle to nose on cocaine and we won't close the borders because it would be lost votes or lost cheap labor for the upper class. Not to mention the terrorist that are coming in. But hey, that's OK with Obama as long as he is looking at votes in the bag in 2012.My thinking is if we went as far as legalizing the drugs it would leave the dealers holding the bag and it would change the out going monies to incoming. What a change that would bring to a country on its knees apologizing to our enemies and kissing their feet as Obama would have it.

The polar ice cap is melting and I don't care how much money goes into Gore's pockets, that will not change. The other day Gore was in a presentation about Climate Change (they change the names so we don't recconize the issue anymore) and a man asked about the 9 falicies that have been proven with Climate Change and would he explain, so as the man proceded to ask about the issues they cut his microphone off. Has anyone seen the tempereatures around the country lately. Here in Jacksonville, Fla we just broke a record for coldest day this time of year.

The main problem we will have with the ice melting in Alaska is Russia and Canada will try to make claims to the many minerals that will become available since they both border Alaska and the shipping lines will change do to the expanded water.

There is a book out with the title, Who Are We: The Challenges to America's National Identity by Samuel P. Huntington that is a very good read. Check it out at Amazon.

I feel if we are lucky and the Mayan's were right, we won't have anything to worry about after 2012. What do you think? There are so many issues I can't cover all in one setting my friends.

How about Rush Lembaugh getting pushed out of buying into a NFL team by a lying Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Just because he is Conservative and speaks out to the masses that only hear the news that is no news at all.That's another subject but do you see where it is going?

Are you middle class, run your own business, have a child in college. What for? Some how there has to be a change or it will all be for nothing.


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    • ginosblog profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from USA

      How would you put it? Free Masons? Skull & Bones? Godly? Anyway you put it they were good principles and they were good for the country and good for the people. They might have needed a little tweaking through the years, but they have endured time. Wouldn't you say? They did not take our freedoms away. They gave us the right to create, build, prosper and grow unlike Socialism by any name. We fought the war of independence to escape this kind of fickle. The only problem is they have given the minority groups more rights than the majoraties. I don't care who it is all they have to do is not like something , or their child say the teacher farted in school and they are going to get a lawsuit for whatever and usually get some backward, pervert judge, to rule in their favor. We were founded on being a Christian, God fearing country. Not one of heathens that wants to kill and cut heads off of non believers.

    • Ivorwen profile image


      10 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      "We are skewered if we don't speak up." I know and do, but probably not enough.

      Also, I think we need to remember Who's principles this country was founded on... Even if all the founders weren't followers.

    • ginosblog profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from USA

      Thank you. Good comment.

      The thing is, these clowns Obama has surrounding him, including Obama and mean no disrespect to the many wonderful clowns that make us laugh (this is no laughing matter) have no respect for the Constitution. They would like to completely re-write it as quickly as possible and to match their agenda as closely as possible.

      My dad always told me don't depend on the Government to take care of you because they won't. You have to take care of yourself. Well, Obama wants us to take care of ourself and if we are able to do that he wants us to take care of somebody else. That's why he wants to pass this health-care "thing a ma bob" that no one has any inkling on how to put it together right in the middle of an economic crisis, so he can give amnesty to 30 million illegal aliens and we can take care of them. I don't understand because all they have to do now is go to the hospital and it is free care. It's all about votes and his plan to get the Mexican vote. That's why he said the Healthcare Bill will not cover liiegal aliens, because he going to make sure there are no illegal aliens. That means their families all the way to their grandparents can come to America and become legal.

      We can support that much of an influx. Heck we spent 350 billion last year on illegal health care. I'm sorry, it's hard to stop when I get started. This situation really scares me. I love America and most of his cabinet hates it the way it is.

      My question os why can't he get Cobra down to where someone that lost there job does not have to mortgage their house to keep healthcare?

      Speaking of Judges. We just had a little girl disappear in Orange Park, Fl and a body has been found in a garbage dump in Ga., where they take the garbage from Orange Park. The point is a lot of our problem initiates from the liberal judges that put these disgusting people back on the streets.

      Now they have attorney's to write the laws. Do you think that will be any better? We are skewered if we don't speak up.

      Contact Congress:

    • Ivorwen profile image


      10 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      I know he is moving in Socialism as fast as he can. I fully agree with all of your points. 4,5 & 6 are some that could take place almost immediately with great effects. I would like to see the government cut back to the few portions it was meant to be, according to the constitution and bills limited to one issue at a time.

      The other thing is to stop letting judges write the laws! It is NOT their place.

    • ginosblog profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from USA

      Yes, I have some suggestions. Thank you for asking. The list goes much further than this though:

      #1. I don't know how we will ever re-coup the trillions that have been wasted by Obama on slush funding that will never be paid back by the folks that put him in office, such as ACORN and the banks that did not have to sign any sort of IOU's and the junk like Pelosi's 40 million dollar save the rat funding that have been jammed into these bills that had to be done right now because if they did not pass them the US would self destruct immediately (said Obama)but actually had not a damn thing to do with our economy. But I do know we have to take the pen out of Obama's hand. I did not say he has done it all, but he is going to finish it in a fashion we won't like.

      2. Instead of completely wiping out health care as we know it why don't they take on step at a time. Such as getting the fraud out of Medicare and Medicaid that would billions in funds, then take the next step.

      3. Do not allow Wall Street to give themselves a 140 billion dollar bonus as planned. They have stolen enough already. Don't you think?

      4. Locally, take the police out of their plush rides and put most of them back on foot. They are overweight anyway. The people are not getting mugged in the middle of the street. Put the cops where they are visible. If they are close by and not hauling ass down the road to some restaurant that gives them 1/2 off some of this crime could be prevented. Let them do their shift changes in some of these complexes where crime lives. On sidewalks, in the bars, back alleys, etc...Let the cops get rid of better than you attitudes. That will place a hell of a lot of money back into the city kitty. Don't you think?

      5. Legalize drugs and leave the dealers holding the bags. Do you know we have spent 2.5 trillion dollars (per one Calif. Judge) on the "war on drugs" and we have not made a dent in the business. Cocaine has a 98.5% profit margin from lab to nose! They are damn sure enjoying a heck of a lot more money than we are wasting. Go figure my friends.

      6. If there is a cure for cancer, aids, als, ms, etc... put it on the table. They are afraid so many people will lose careers, not to mention votes, if they cure anything. I guarantee you they have something but would rather sell drugs instead.

      7. Get Pelosi out of her personal 747 to the tune of $600,000 a week that she flies home in. That goes for the rest of the tax dollar wasting members of the Government.

      Point Is: I'm telling you Obama is making way for a Socialistic Marxist Society where you can not prosper and get ahead as fast as he can make the changes.

      What has he done for you? What has he done for the economy that he said would not go over 6% unemployment? He told all you people what he was going to do in his pre-election speeches, but no one listened. His private police, his standing by the Muslims if the political wind changes...etc. Nobody listened to him. All they heard was "hope and change". Well he is hoping you stay dumb-founded til he makes all these changes to our not so great country anymore. He is going to destroy our Constitution. Mark my words. He has nothing but crooks surrounding him. Check it out if you don't believe me!

    • Ivorwen profile image


      10 years ago from Hither and Yonder

      Got any suggestions?


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