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America Is Lost to a Trumped up World

Updated on July 5, 2019
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


Trump: The Scandalous Imposter

It is with my deepest regret that I return to write about political processes turned scandalous under a man named Trump.

The truth is, I haven't been here to write anything in a while. Certainly, I tried to leave the situation of who was elected in 2016 behind me after getting so verklempt with the doom that was, no doubt, going to take place in the upcoming years.

Therefore, I will not waste much time talking about the destruction that Trump and his administration, over the course of almost three years now, has succeeded in touting to our American citizens. The ones who once had commendable values towards life and others from around the globe.

Today, here in America, we are still a majority of those folks who want decency to prevail from the rafters of a want-to-be dictator. However, with this evil being in the most important position in our nation, and a corrupt political party (GOP) that runs the Senate, we are still finding it difficult to bury the mob that has overtaken our democracy.

Although the good guys have won back the house, we have yet to find the most competent person to drive these rats out of our White House. I fear that even though we have a good chance at succeeding in the 2020 election, the nightmare of what we will have endured through the past four years will haunt our history.

The Embarrassment That is Trump: How to be Mentally Unstable 101

Trump: A Want to Be Dictator

The values of what we stood for over many decades now has been toyed with by a man child that has no clue of any compassionate goals or articulate thoughts in order to drive the most glorious nation on this planet to move forward in positive ways that will prosper our way of life. It is our freedoms and diversity that we build on and it is what has nudged me to write my own thoughts down here today.

Yesterday, The Fourth of July, was supposed to be about celebrating our freedoms, but instead, we saw an egomaniac try to make a day all about his power of authority over the military and the American people. The good news is that God was watching and decided to rain on his parade. Thank you, God!

However, no matter how much he plays to the people about economic growth, most of us who still struggle have not seen this in our own lives. It is the rich that has, again, been glorified by Trump's economy. He has stalled our growth by installing hate and division between all Americans.

Furthermore, he is succeeding at killing our relations with our foreign allies and worst of all killing babies at the border. We have now learned that his crazy rules that hold immigrants back at the border have turned into what can only be described as concentration camps that abuse by separating children from their parents and cramming them into cages and hot tents; no soap to bathe, no toothbrushes, no water some days. THIS IS NOT THE AMERICA WE KNOW!

A Crucial True Look at Trump's Way of MAGA: His Bigotry That Runs the Border

We Must Continue to Show Trump's Disdain for Diversity in Hopes it Will Bring More Attention to His Evil

When I started writing this I had no inclination that I would carry-on for so long on the subject. Like I said, for the past few years, I have indulged in back and forth with others who disagree with me, but I try to keep it cordial the best I can. After all, what good does it do to argue with someone that has been literally hypnotized to believe what Trump has been selling as truth? It is truly unimaginable that so many people do believe this mental case, but it seems to me, the ones who do, have no excuse but to be labeled as racist bigots. I see no other excuse for the insanity of their thought process.

The truth is that I do not know the purpose for me writing this article. There is nothing in the content that the world doesn't already know about what is going on here in America and at the border. Even so, it feels necessary to bring it up again, and again, and again, and again, until maybe one day the blind will see the light. And hopefully, when the 2020 election comes around, we will win back our way of living. I hope human compassion will be soaring, and a new and better world will have bloomed out of the gloom of the Trump era. Fingers crossed!

A Broke Girl's World

I am so uninspired.

Because here in the real

world we expire.

Looking at how the privilege

live, causes me to hate my poor

girl gifts.

There is no plane ride to paradise

in a day. if I were to take that chance

evil would surely come my way.

See, there is no luck in a broke girl’s

world, just an unrealistic dream of being

a rich Supergirl.

Travel to another place, and without

a doubt, some other evil will notice

my non-clout.

A throwaway in a world of delights.

A captive to these daily plights.

There is no fun in a broke girl’s


There is no real welcoming here in

this new blasphemous Trumped up


Show Some Human Compassion for the Immigrants and All Here in America Who Have to Fight Trump's Corrupt Laws

© 2019 Missy Smith


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