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America is on the Road to Tyranny

Updated on September 20, 2014

American Freedom and the Natural Law

Throughout history, tyranny and oppression have been humanity's most common existence. Freedom has been rare and the freedom that America has experienced has been unique. The moral truth of our Judeo-Christian heritage that was articulated by the philosophers of the Enlightenment, was the basis for the founders of America.

“All men are bound by the laws of nature or to speak more properly, the laws of the Creator." - Samuel Adams

Just as there are physical laws that govern the physical universe, there are also spiritual laws that preside over the moral aspect of man and creation. This is the Natural Law, the Creator’s Law. Every individual is a unique spiritual being, created with a soul and a conscience that is subject to the moral order of nature’s laws. The Founders of our country were men of Enlightenment, basing their ideas of governing on the self-evident truths of natural rights. The Declaration of Independence acknowledges that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, which among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. These rights are possessed by every individual by virtue of their humanity and birth. They are God given rights, independent of government or any other worldly authority. These natural rights are humanity’s most basic possessions because the source is the Supreme Authority. The Founders understood that the moral order and blessings of liberty could only be served by respecting the dignity of the individual and protecting those natural rights. Knowing that government is inclined to expand their power and authority that leads to the erosion of freedom, they formed a government with limited and specific powers that was designed to secure these rights. They wrote a constitution with a Bill of Rights that acknowledged and protected the rights of the individual above all else. The Founders understood that self-government built upon these moral principles could only succeed if the people were basically noble and decent. John Adams observed that “our constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Adams also said; “It is morality alone which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand.”

Liberty and virtue are bonded together. You can’t have one without the other; it is part of the natural moral order. The Natural Law is ingrained in all of all humanity. Its existence is not a choice any more than we can choose gravity. With reason and understanding, humanity can come to realize that something exists greater than self. It is upon these truths that this nation was founded.

The Political Left is Destroying American Liberty

The political left today rejects the existence of Natural Law. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution are obstacles to them and their schemes to attain power and build a godless utopian society. They don’t believe in the dignity of the individual and that unalienable rights are a condition of human existence. They believe in the supremacy of government and that the only rights that exist are those that are granted by government. To them, rights are to be rationed by the state to those whom the state deems most deserving. This is a system that supplants liberty and the Constitution and replaces it with government force. This is an egregious departure from America’s founding principles and because of this, we are witnessing the nation's decline. The infidelity to our Constitution and the abandonment of the principles of natural rights is doing great harm to the civil society as it gives tyranny a stronger foothold in the country. If this assault on liberty is not reversed , our existence will go back to the pre enlightenment age of servitude and misery.

The leftist of today call themselves liberals or progressive because they know that it sounds benign and even positive to enough of the population so that they can win elections which is also because the left has been successful in dumbing down the culture in so many ways. These forces that are opposed to freedom have always existed as evil has always existed. They have worked patiently and slowly at times, but they are always busy, advancing their agenda. America has experienced a few major assaults by the left in the past century. A hundred years ago, the Progressive movement was one of the earlier attempts to impose the force of government over the liberty of the individual. Later, during the Great Depression, the New Deal broke down some constitutional barriers, resulting in more government and less freedom. Since the 1960’s the assault on American culture has been almost relentless, with the exception being the Reagan years in the 1980’s.

But overall, the past 50 years have been a time when the left has been successful in destroying the values, traditions and underpinnings of American liberty. By distorting the intent and meaning of the Constitution, they have removed God and religion from virtually everything and have forced upon society a Godless system of beliefs that has come to be known as "political correctness." It is the religion of the left and their promise land is a utopian society, based not on truth, but fantasy. Included in all of this is an environmental policy that lacks good sense, diminishes property rights and freedom and stifles economic growth. This system, perpetrated by the advocates of more and bigger government destroys personal liberty, strips the individual of their uniqueness and is an affront to human decency. It repudiates more than 200 years of American existence and 2,000 years of western civilization, labeling those values and traditions as extreme. It is hostile to our Judeo-Christian heritage and seeks to purge it from society. Political correctness is humanity's rebellion against the God given natural order. Individual rights and personal freedoms are never considered because those on the left are collectivist, who believes in the supremacy of an all-powerful government. The criteria are always what are acceptable to the left and how best to advance the agenda of more and bigger government. That which is not acceptable to the left is judged as offensive and therefore racist, hateful, homophobic or whatever else they come up with. Under this system, people are not free to make decisions according to their own interest and beliefs. In the name of diversity, it demands absolute conformity. Their idea of tolerance is agreeing with their twisted way of thinking. They demonize anything that does not support their upside down world view. Sadly enough, they have conditioned many into acceptance of this perversity. They have been busy attacking social institutions for decades. Today they control public education, rewriting history and promoting a leftist ideology that will result in future generations being that much more removed from reality and easier to manipulate to their liking. This is a radical departure from the enlightened truth that made America the beacon of freedom.

America's Self Destruction

This radical anti-American political view has always existed in the country but since it has now gained control of the country and its culture, it has taken on a cult like character, a death cult. America is committing suicide. This is no longer business as usual in this country. We aren’t talking about traditional political differences. The dark force of tyranny cannot abide liberty, coexistence is not possible. Liberty must be extinguished because it has no place in the society that the left is creating. The debate is no longer within the bounds of rational thinking. The left wants to destroy the country as it was founded, erase all of Western Civilization with it and replace it with a utopian fantasy. A fantasy, not rooted in reality or truth but in the ego centered imagination of those who do not believe in the individual's right to make their own choices in life. Their tendencies are despotic. They are a serious and dangerous threat to freedom and have been the source of tyranny in world history. Their utopian fantasies always result in misery, suffering and failure and this is because they reject the natural order that was created, replacing it with their own "creation". It is defiance to The Natural Law. This is what it means to “fundamentally transform America.” Neither freedom nor civility can exist in a utopian state because a utopian state is outside of the limits of reality and truth, thus immoral. Both reason and history tell us that death, destruction and a miserable tyranny is at the end of the road that we are currently on. If and when America falls, the light of civilization will go out and the world could find itself in a second Dark Age.


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