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America, beware of false prophets...

Updated on April 20, 2015

From the beginning, when mankind lived in caves, we sought a better way of life; to obtain food, water, shelter, clothing, territory, a mate - existence.

Come on, you'll love! It's a nice little cave with view of the canyon - just on the other side to that hill!

Throughout history, throughout our struggle, we were "guided" by our superstitions of the stars in the evening sky, our innermost fears in the day time. It gave us a sense of direction.

We fought and crawled our way, inch by inch - for more.

We developed better weapons to defend ourselves against other predators as well as those whom we "feared" and called them - our "enemies".

Moving forward... some of us started to get "antsy" and took to the sea.

As we all know, Christopher Columbus went on a road / sea trip - and discovered in reality - the coast of Florida down to Haiti and Cuba - calling it the "New World".

A new land, filled with wondrous an boundless opportunities!

Throughout time, we got stronger, smarter. Maybe even a little bit wiser. Mankind began to get "civilized". That yearning to be better than what we started out to be, was burning inside us. We were not without fault however, such as finding new ways to kill each other and to destroy what our "enemies" had built.

Guess who's coming for dinner!

In 1620 we crashed the party landing at Plymouth Rock - where only the American Indians had occupied the land.

The Native Americans who they met were very friendly. The settlers entered into an alliance with them. When spring came, the colonists, with help from the natives planted the native corn crop. By the time the second fall came around, the colonists harvested a bountiful crop of corn, along with other crops. To celebrate that crop yield the colonists had a feast. Thus began the tradition of Thanksgiving.

The Pilgrims established a settlement at what had been an abandoned Indian village known as Patuxet. There were a limited number of houses that first winter in New Plymouth. Half of the settlers died that first winter. The colony grew slowly and eventually became part of the much larger Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Thus begins man's legacy - screwing up the "New World. " A land of a people guided by Mother Earth.

For what ever the reason around 1635, I guess we started to feel like the overzealous guest and started taking more and more - from those that helped us get settled. And, as we made our way westward we brought more and more atrocities upon the Native Americans. Of course our logic was - well thought out;


Yea, right...

Throughout history, as we struggled to grow, as well as our desire for knowledge, we still took advantage of those of who had something - what ever it was - that we wanted; land, food, animal skins, gold, silver, etc. and we didn't care what we had to do to get it. Then, when we did get those things, we found a way to make it more attractive to others, convinced them that THEY REALLY NEEDED THESE THINGS - and began to make huge profits by creating a market and cashing in on it.

Now lets jump ahead a bit.

Here we are 2015.

What's changed sinced then?

Not a damn thing - as far as business and greed is concerned, other than the fact it's just grown bigger.

We all know that the "things" that stimulate our basic senses, motivates us.

So, car companies brag about how fast their car can go and how "cool" it is to drive to convince us that we need this. How many people have died trying to "match" their lives to that commercial they saw on T.V.?

Fast food places...oh boy...

You see young adults laughing, having fun and enjoying their favorite fast food. Of course they don't show the average person who probably eats there more than two times weekly and is around 60 to 100 pounds - over weight!

Ah, the youth of today...the time of innocence...I can remember warm summer days fishing in the lake, playing in the woods, building tree forts, riding my bicycle and even trying to find a way to make my go cart go faster!

Not today!

It's video games showing kids how "cool and fun" it is to shoot others! To cut off their arms, heads - to kill! And the more you kill, the more points you score!

Of all the research that's been going on for years showing a direct correlation between kids playing these violent games and the increase in shooting related incidents in our schools, you think these game manufacturers would take a hint and change these games that our children spend hours playing them - every single day!

Of course not!


Because this is what we want! It is our natural animal instinct compelling us to do this! we really need to go there?

Check out the following link on my thoughts on that subject.

The movies?

Once again people, Hollywood is giving us - exactly what we want! Sex, Violence, Deception, Destruction; in all its gore and technicolor!

Exactly what we want.

Or Is It?

How easily we forget that we as individuals, decide what we chose to do with our lives.

For instance, we don't have to sit around the T.V. and watch the garbage that society is trying to convince our children and our selves, what is correct. Which also applies to the movies with all it's violence and sex and "darkness." Or going to a fast food place as a family and pretend that it all tastes good and we're having "fun" like they show us on T.V. when every one else does this.


Instead, go to the park, play games with our children...make plans to join others and do the same.

Remember, we decide what to do with our lives.


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