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Is America in time for a revolution.

Updated on January 30, 2011
The Bankers reply.
The Bankers reply.

A world view from America

America is finished without a revolt.

Not content to steal American money, the crooked banks and financial institutions have flattened the whole world economy. For what? Oh yeh that's right to protect their jobs and get even more power and control by using the bailout money to buy more banks.

Americans continue to suffer the atrocities of a ridiculous bailout of the rich based on the fear of a recession. That fear was planted by the Bush government to create a false premise that America would be in big doo doo if it did not hand over huge sums from the poor to the rich.

Result? A world depression, the very thing the bailout was supposed to avoid.

That's right I said the D word. Not a recession, recession is what we have had for at least 2 years already in Australia, America and most other developed economies, hidden by cheap imports and credit card debt.

The only way to fix this situation is to let the banks fall over. Everyone in the chain will take a hit. How could it do more damage than giving them trillions of dollars to buy each other out with.

A large portion of the bailout money has already been used by the larger banks for acquisition.

The banking system needs to survive, but not this banking system.

Make those who manufactured this whole sub-prime AAA bull wear the fall.

The terminology "sub-prime and AAA should be enough to send a warning to one and all.

Sub-prime, means less than prime and prime means of superior or excellent quality. OK so far. I know from this that it is Not of superior quality.

How much less than superior is it? AAA. Just one A, as in A class, or first class is sufficient to say that something is reliable and good. So sub-prime and triple A paper is an obvious contradiction in terms, that only a banker or politician could come up with. Not superior AAA makes no sense to me."Derivatives" is another financial wonder word. Like "Collateral Damage" it does not like to identify itself.

In the case of this AAA paper, it was derived from a the greedy little dream probably cooked up in not just Wall street, but also Threadneedle Street in London, Collins St. in Melbourne, Market St in Sydney, all of them jumping on board and eager to pass the paper to the local banks like the f***ing flue!

Making money out of future home value by taking the risk of over valuation to ensure the sale for their money in to the future while they all feed off it like vermin.

Will it cause millions to be un-employed and the whole world to go down the chute if we allow these crooks to sink in their own slime? Not bloody likely.

It is the enterprise of the humble worker that is the real money maker for any economy. Money is a measure of the worth and enterprise of work, not something you get for doing nothing but creating derivatives without creating anything of value at all.

Give all Americans their home back. I say home, as those who took out 30 mortgages to buy up big using this monopoly money were greedy. Sorry, do not pass go, do your community a favor and be graceful about your high risk losses. If you can;t then you deserve to go the way of the banks too.

The American dream that the poor can get rich has only ever been a marginal truth that may apply more to Australia to some degree as a relatively new country with opportunities, it does not apply to America and never has for many reasons. It is a bullshit system developed and designed to make people work from a false premise. Your rich get rich, not your poor. Wake up America, you live in a capitalist controlled society that has lost it's heart trying to find the American Dream!

A dustman or car industry worker can get rich, but at about the same rate as pigs fly. It could happen, it may have happened, but statistically it doesn't happen and when it appears often smoke and mirrors are involved.

America will not move any of the crooks out of their comfortable lives without a revolution. Have one now, it will not be as violent or far reaching as it will be in a years time when it will happen anyway due to food shortages and the new masses of poor and homeless.

When I first went to America in 1977 New York and Washington were dangerous cities to be in. The next time I visited New York it was one of the safest major cities in the world. Did the wonderful new mayor solve the problem?

Hell no. He just moved it down the road a bit and has lived off the credo from doing so ever since.That is the American way under this government and probably the next. Move it on to someone else's turf and the problems are solved.

Australia used to have a few people who used drugs. Then America started the "war on drugs" Due to enormous pressure we followed and now have a huge drug problem almost overnight.

The fear factor at work again. Australia's politicians are a self serving toadying lot and we are used to the same sort of rubbish, but we are generally cynical as hell about our pollies.

The loony in America learnt nothing from the 13 years of prohibition which allowed criminals to turn peaceful American cities in to war zones, while the politicians of the day pocketed millions from prohibition, yet America has apparently learnt nothing from the past and will allow the Hank or Henry Paulson's of this world to pull the wool over their eyes yet again.

America has more poor people than most countries. For one thing they feel poor because of consumerism even if they are ok for the basic needs, the kids have to have brand names all over their shoes and clothes to be accepted by their peers.

America just denies this constant hurt of the workers of America and calls itself a rich it's long term peril. Some Americans are rich. Very rich, but a truly rich nation can afford to protect it's most vulnerable and America has never done so to my knowledge, but will need to this time..

Talk of America's freedom and democracy do not wash well at all with me either. What is free about America? Freedom of speech? See if you can get elected to a government or corporate position in the US without being a god-bothering narrow minded bigot. If you use marijuana or any other drug for physical or psychological pain you are drug tested and an un-employable criminal.

Decent young people are rotting away in your jails because they have had a joint. That is neither democratic nor free any way you look at it. What I eat or put in my own body is nobody else's business unless it hurts someone else. Without oppressive laws a few may endanger life, but not to one tenth of the degree that criminalization and incarceration does.

Whole families lives are destroyed. While America watches the cops round up and humiliate drug users and the super poor on national television, with shows like "bad boys". Who are you?

The theme song "Bad boys bad boys what ya gonna do, what ya gonna do when we come for you" makes me want to puke.You sick bunch of bastards. That entertains you?

From here in Australia it looks to be one of the ugliest things I have ever seen and the producers should be jailed not the poor people in their video.

The victims are often unable to feed themselves without the proceeds of crime.They are publicly humiliated and marginalized by self righteous arrogant cops in a country where the living standards promoted by consumerism that leaves their victims forever on the outside looking in until they are on the inside of a jail.

American people are not bad, but many are as ignorant as goat shit when it comes to thinking for themselves.

I give America a lot of flack I know, but that is because I have so many American friends who can think a lot better than the state of their country would indicate.

What gets to me is that voting age America doesn't seem to recognize the power they have with their vote. Their local, State and Federal representation is in their hands at all times. Americans as a people with the right to vote should be able to get the government they vote for. In other words. You get the Government you deserve.

Tell me it isn't so!!!

My American many American friends think the same way.

Who votes for these war-mongering-to-get-rich-low-life-bastards!

Or do the George Bushes, John Howard's and Tony Blair's of this world just have to hit the fear button to get thousands to vote for them and save their jobs? Shit! Flora is smarter than that! Don't accept any reason for war, there isn't one..

Sick leaders send our kids offshore to die or to see so much inhumanity that they need years of therapy When they return and they have no love left to give to their wives and girlfriends and are stressed and mentally unwell almost every last one of them. This is the horrible truth of the gulf wars, and a domestic time bomb.

Rip your Politicians a new ornamental orrifice America!!!

Do it Now.

The rest of us are well over it.

What do I propose?

Ok so what do I propose?

A revolution? You have a vote. Get rid of the crooks in congress for starters.

  • Revolt against the crooked Judiciary who have allowed personal freedom to become a joke.
  • Organize to remove all the god-bothering do gooders out of politics. They screw your country with their narrow minded religious crap, which winds up superimposed on the Government itself.
  • Ensure that fundementalist like Pailin never get a job where they have any say in what the American people can say or do.
  • Jail the crooked bankers and the politicians that supported them.
  • Get rid of congressmen and women who prop up the big chemical companies and other major players who have a vested interest in making laws to protect their own huge profits at the cost of the personal freedom of fellow Americans.Vote them out.
  • Find out about the rest of the world. Most Americans know nothing about the countries they have invaded or the countries forced to do their bidding by threats, blackmail and trade embargoes.
  • Change the dumb ass-ed constitution that encourages gun warfare, and the unbelievably stupid and vague "pursuit of happiness" that Carl Jung recognized as crud when he commented on it on visiting America.

I will not accept that America has the right to tell Australians or any other people living in free nations how to live their lives.N

Nor do I agree with Obama appointing another bunch of crooks to treasury.

Change now America, you have already got most of the world offside.

America is not the world. Nor is it the richest, strongest or best country in the world. The world is a big place, and if America continues to ignore it, they will be marginalized themselves.

Nationalistic fervor is not patriotism. It is self aggrandisement and bullshit, and the rest of the world is well over it.


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    • profile image

      AngryMan 5 years ago

      People....What are we waiting for? Get off your butts revolt and incite a great revolution. This way we can take our country back and confiscate the assets of the rich and give it to the poor. Bringing Socialism into America will create opportunity for all once again and not just the scumbag rich.

      So, get over your fears and take to the streets and get things started or are you people to scared? I hope not.

    • profile image

      banesbox 6 years ago

      Love your point and agree. I have thousands of cans of food, few thousand rounds of ammo, several guns and the wife, kids and I are in self bootcamp mode right now. My wife and I are both veterans and we are teaching the kids to put down the Ipod and pick up a field guide. We know its going to happen and we are preparing. Its not a matter of "if" but a matter of "when". I for one can not wait, we need a huge change from top to bottom in ever American department.

    • profile image

      Josh Pena 6 years ago

      What you have writen here truly sums up what needs to happen the problem is getting it to happen. I agree 100% with you revolution is what is needed. But As you said with the "cops round up and humiliate drug users" the cops are the new Nizi police here and to be honist very one who trys it watched by the Fbi or Cia and I fear when Revolution truly grabs this country may God have mercy on us. Again thank you for what you wrote could not agree more.

    • profile image

      Patriot 6 years ago

      Man... if only more people here in America were able to connect the dots. Its a nation of morons and suckers.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thank you Eric, your response prompted me to re-read it myself.

      It has stood the test of time pretty well I think, along with the many comments that indicate you have a common and clear understanding of the situation.

      It's easier to see from offshore I think. :)

    • profile image

      Eric 6 years ago

      Well..this was written 2 years ago...and it would be pretty hard to dispute what you have to say. Bravo!

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks Mike! I'm glad you thought it fantastic. This is an old hub, so new comments are enlightening considering the time that has passed.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks Peter, I just reread this hub after receiving your comment.

      If I were you I would stay in Asia if possible.

      It is very interesting to see how it is turning out, and it is even below my expectations unfortunately.

      As you said Peter, we will see what happens. It will likely surprise us both one way or the other.

    • PETER LUMETTA profile image

      PETER LUMETTA 6 years ago from KENAI, ALAKSA

      It is curious to read a HUB from two years ago before Obama took office. A lot of hope and moxie for the new administration that unfortunately flopped. And instead of throwing the crooks out we got the TPM (Tea Party). Earnest your assessment is not even close to what happened in the past two years. It is now worse and getting more so everyday. I am in Asia and see the U.S.A. similar to your view. The rest of the world looks on in horror as we slowly tear our country down and wonders, why? Thank you for your thoughts and we'll see what happens,


    • TheMikeNealis profile image

      TheMikeNealis 6 years ago from Baltimore Maryland

      Fantastic hib sir!!

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Fantastic comment Jim, I see many of my American friends who think as you do on many points. I wish the political system worked a little better at the polls.

      Thank you for your vision.

    • profile image

      Netwerkjim 7 years ago

      It's very frustrating spending hours and hours researching and weeding out all of the massive amounts of propaganda from the truth these days. It’s even more frustrating to learn the truth and then try to share this knowledge with most of my fellow countrymen and women I know and meet.

      I have read the writings of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Pane. By trying to understand the minds of these great men and their philosophies I understand what my obligation is to my country, to protect this now Cancer ridden democracy from its demise.

      It is the duty of every citizen of this country to protect and work to keep this democracy and its constitution strong. It really doesn’t take that much time and effort, but it does take responsibility and a little work on the part of every person from the time they can read and write until the day they die!

      It is the duty of every American to read and re-read and on a regular basis re again the Constitution and the Bill of rights of this country and to periodically go back and re-read what we were taught in school about American History and the who, what, where, why and how this country was founded. Then learn if you can what was left out of our History books that the powers that be didn’t want us to easily know.

      The most important duty I feel is to demand the truth from every person who asks you for your vote. After and only after you have made an informed opinion of all of the issues and who is telling the truth, only vote for the wellbeing of the majority of your countrymen and women and not for the special or selfish interest of a few. Lastly and the most important duty is, GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND VOTE EVERY TIME YOU ARE ASKED TO DO SO!

      Like I said it can be very frustrating when you try to enlighten people with the true nature of our country’s problems and what needs to be done to solve them. The hope of gaining numbers to create a greater strength to fight this Corporate Fascism can be daunting at times because people are either apathetic or I get the hostile ones who after nearly 30 years of media brainwashing refuse to listen let alone consider accepting the truth about why American is in such dire straits and who is responsible for our crisis. It’s as if our people have all been given a tranquilizer and are to buzzed to realize they are about to walk off of a cliff or the brainwashed ones who have been slowly programmed so that they would probably vote for Hitler if he were running for President in 2012.

      It takes someone from another country sometimes to see the glaring problems of another country and right now The United States of America is glaring like a search light! I know that our people will not stand for much more of this Oligarchy and $5 to $7 a gallon gas or $8 per lbs Apples that are coming in the next year should be the wake-up call. I pray that this country wakes up very soon and cleans house seizes the mass fortunes that have been stolen from us by the top 1% and we finally put into our government the same structure that they have in Germany or Denmark where Corporations can only operate for the good of the people and must have 50% of the board members be from the regular average worker so that Greedy cannot ever run amuck again!

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Dave, I feel some of the recent foreign policy focus has been on repairing damaged relationships with foreign countries. Along with other changes, it will be very helpful in turning America around (I hope!)

      The foreign governments that were cajoled and bullied into joining the Iraq war on false premises were incensed when they found out the truth.

      Americans needs to realise that it is the people in these countries that will effect America's future to a large degree.

      America will never be strong enough to go it alone in a world where it not only needs markets for it's products, but co-operation in dealing with the emerging Asian giants such as India and China.

      Australia has a great relationship with China, and even George Bush saw that the best way to deal with the Asian nations is to learn from Australia, who have already built a strong presence in the region.

    • profile image

      Dave 7 years ago

      I love my country .I fear an dislike my goverment an need to make a change.Not sure how to do so

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      The vote. Organise and vote.

    • profile image

      Rooster 7 years ago

      The time for talk is over. I am interested in taking action against those who elect to hoard the wealth in this country. I am based out of Arizona. Like-minded people, please, contact me:

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Nice comment Mike. I am OK with 85%, but would love to put the other 15% in here as well. Got some ideas?

    • mike francisco profile image

      mike francisco 7 years ago

      Well Earnest o'boy that was quite a mouthful! But, about 85% true. Grab your rifle (pen) and let's go at it.

      Now, go softly into the night. mgf

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Strong stuff Andy. I don't think I would like to be on any terrorist list because I have an opinion!

      I did not realise the patriot act would impact so badly on citizens, but then I should not be surprised.

      The decision to go into Iraq because of 9/11 was a disgrace in my opinion, and it seems the American people are being disrespected by an act that was a knee jerk reaction at the time, thus overkill found it's way into the legislation.

    • profile image

      Andy Crawford 7 years ago

      I truly wish that all the change that needs to come would be peaceful, Yet I know in my heart that will never happen... The people of the USA no longer have the right to assembly nor the right to free speech with but one word "Terrorist" any serous revolt against them in any way would result in there arrest

      Thank you patriot act. I know for a fact that I am on a Terrorist watch list as any American who thinks for him or herself and speaks out against the powers that be or should I say corporate world. Government doesn’t run the world the corporations do and they will not stand for any revolt of any kind that would reduce their profits and any revolt is a treat to their bottom line.

      I understand the way some of the Terrorist feel about the USA. I don’t have a problem with them attracting military targets that is the way of war but war against incident civilian is wrong and in that I cannot forgive, A lot of people throughout the world hate Americans because of what our Government

      With that kind of thinking I would hate all Muslim, but there no more guilty of terrorism than I am as to what our Government has done in their country.

      I would like to see us pull back to our shores and fix our problems here. What could we as a country have done with all the money that has been spent on this war Heath care for everyone?

      I’m sorry to much to say. Watch “V is for vendetta”

      Andy Crawford Asheville, NC.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 8 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks for the comment Keith. I see you are totally over what is happening to America, and your comment is very clear. I do not think the senate or congress run an honest agenda either. The people need to use their power better don't you think?

    • profile image

      Keith 8 years ago

      This is the way it is, The rich greedy corporations in this country get away with what they want, they spend the money that the poor people make for them and use it to buy there mansions and lots to benifit themselves, then they beg the goverment for help only to use that money to buy more crap for there own selfish greed, This Country is headed for a revolution no doubt, and it will be the rich vs the poor. Id sooner side with the mexicans who are as a matter of fact, already invading our country than side with the arrogant asses and greedy old men in the senate who pass bills to make sure there health insurance is safe because they know this country is going to hell, there is no peaceful solution to this mess, The United States try to claim they are a Country who work for God, God to them is the dollar bill, In God We trust is not correct, it should be in Money we trust. Why is it that illegal immigrants receive more benifits than people who were born in this country? I might as well move to another Country, get a citizenship there then cross the border to get all the free stuff that all the other immigrants get. The rich are getting richer, and the Poorer are getting Poorer, Screw Money, Screw corporations, we are basically slaves for there greed, I say off with there heads, If you gather a million people to march on the white house what are they gonna do bomb us? Itll just show the world our goverments true colors, If there was a armed rebellion against our goverment i would not be surprised one bit if we would actually get support from other countries, and maybe even terrorist organizations, Case in point, Osama told Americans they hate our Goverment not us, so i say take up arms and take our country back.

    • profile image

      xbleedinkx 9 years ago

      Oh man I hate saying it but i am an American.... lately i do believe 90% of the U.S. cant spell Europe without spell check... on a good note more people are becoming aware of how our government is raping us for their gain... but on a downward note still 89% believe that Married With Children will come back to prime time.. I agree that we should stand up and we should fight back but who will cast the first stone and from what corner of the globe...

      Dont be scared the swine flu is only a diversion from out global crisis is economy, the war in Iraq and or pollution rate... Lets fix our problems with poverty hunger in africa and our own countries for christ sakes lets put an end to irresponsibilty so our species can further itself.... for my children and their children ill see you on the battle field..

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thank you for this well thought out comment and for becoming a fan! I agree if Americans would do as you suggest we could be out of this in a few months. They won't do it though will they? I would like to see ethical investment take off, and the end of a lot of sick industries like porn and others. The problem I see is that the way we are structured encourages the lowest forms of thought to become businesses. Businesses that bring mankind down by appealing to the lowest part of the self like greed.

    • profile image

      urimidden 9 years ago

      Excellent article earnestshub...from a new fan!

      This pervasive monstrosity has crept incredibly slowly into the lives of the citizens in this nation who were first emancipated by a violent revolution which allowed far too many people to become "free" absent the intrinsic knowledge necessary for proper defense and daily investment in that freedom. The battle to regain this country's inherent inalienable standards may very well come at the same sober and incremental pace in which they were lost.

      The revolutions and marches have been employed ad nauseum across the planet, but the only lasting, and genuine, freedom comes from a convivial consensus which breaks away from the leader worship and monarchial piety engendered by most religions.

      As much as I would love to see a revolution and plenty of banker's heads roll, the pace of reformation is best employed slowly. In truth, much of the bail-out mentality and government fast-tracking is merely another form of revolutionary intervention.

      It is time for AMERICAN CITIZENS to wake up and begin shaking off the hypnotic trance they have been goaded into by media manipulation and decadent promises.

      The greedy exploits of business investors has found its way into the average home as people make trades on stocks they have no true knowledge of, and may very well be investing in their own neighbors' demise.

      It is time to begin investing in this nation rather than spending billions on salacious movies, impetuous habits, vain exploits and mind rotting fantasies...(being a bit vague...don't want to get into it on this subject at the moment)

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Your right Misha, we are running out of places that are still solvent! If you were a banker, no problem, just buy France!

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 9 years ago from DC Area

      LOL according to Mark it is no better over there :)

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I must agree jim10. You have summed it up nicely. I feel for my American friends.

      If you were a rich Banker you could move yourself and all your family to the south of France!

    • jim10 profile image

      jim10 9 years ago from ma

      Most of our politicians are corrupt, our newspapers, TV and radio are biased by being owned by a few rich corportations. Our government keeps taking away more rights of the citizensWe sure are due for a revolution to offset this ballance. Our medical industry makes us sick and charges us a fortune. Bailouts are a joke. You don't reward people for doing a bad job. If I can't pay my bills I get kicked out. Why is it different for the banks. When most Americans started living off of credit instead of saving up their money to buy things the prices went sky high. Americans expect to have a new car when all they can afford is a used car. I am an American, my wife and I would like to move but, all of our family is here and we don't want to leave them.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Hi Websense. Thanks for the comment. I guess we disagree about most things. That's ok, I am here to inform as we all are. I do not agree that my fans are left wing. Lots of broad minds here.

      I see Pailin as a dangerously ignorant-by-choice lunatic. I do not believe in god. I guess you haven't seen my religion hubs. "The god of the bible is a psychopath." It explains my view clearly.

      Intolerant? Moi? Surely not! he he he. You notices hu? I am very intolerant of fanatical god-botherers who live on a six thousand year old planet and have an invisible friend in the sky. The taliban go one step further and live on a flat planet.

      I do not use the word god in relation to my soul or spirituality in any way.

      Christian and Islamic cultures preach religious freedom while killing each other, yet both religious groups have commandments that demand tolerance.

      I have religious friends who seem able to keep it simple and try to follow the key points taught in both the Koran and the bible. You know, the bits about love thy neighbor, do not steal etc.

      They are good people, but there is no need to attribute that to their religion, people take what they want from their gods.

      Those who are in denial of the dark side of themselves, or contribute their wrong doings to an "evil" entity are dangerously ignorant in my view.

    • Websense profile image

      Websense 9 years ago from Raleigh, NC

      A lot of HOT AIR from the Loony Left - just Demonize anyone who disagrees with your views - that will clarify things.  What did Sarah Palin do that was so bad???  (Maybe her very presence in the Political arena shed light on something ‘evil’ that the radical left BELIEVES is ‘good’ -  and the resultant reactionary cries from the guilty.)  So the Loony left hates Bush, Conservatives, Palin, God, etc. and their reactionary counterpart - the right-wing Demigods - hate Obama, Pelosi, Barney Frank, Liberals, atheism, etc.  If ANYONE finds themselves in this Left-Right Polarized paradigm, then WAKE UP.  It's not all about Left and Right, or Democrat and Republican, or man-made Religion and Atheism, etc.  

      I don’t agree with everything that Edmund Burke wrote, but he had some interesting thoughts about how the French Revolution went ‘too’ far in the area of individual liberties: “The French had shewn themselves the ablest architects of ruin that had hitherto existed in the world. In that very short space of time they had completely pulled down to the ground, their monarchy; their church; their nobility; their law; their revenue; their army; their navy; their commerce; their arts; and their manufactures...[there was a danger of] an imitation of the excesses of an irrational, unprincipled, proscribing, confiscating, plundering, ferocious, bloody and tyrannical democracy...[in religion] the danger of their example is no longer from intolerance, but from Atheism; a foul, unnatural vice, foe to all the dignity and consolation of mankind.”  Good riddens to the Monarchy, man-made Christianity, and the nobility.  But I don’t throw God out with the dirty bath water (the Churchianity cult). 

      Where are there people who REALLY SEEK AFTER TRUTH - WHATEVER IT IS?  Instead we BELIEVE in the truth we Want to be true, or we Think is true - not what we KNOW to be True (which only the God of Reality can reveal to us).

      Imagine a Parallel Universe, where there is a God (Holy, Righteous, Love, Life, Truth, and Creator of man) and there is man, who wants to be his own god.  So what happens if God allows man to live out his own life?  First there will be a few who actually seek after this God of Reality.  Then there will be those who want to make their own brand of religion - with a mix of Truth and Lies - and where they would be the Authority, the Clergy – and if anyone disagrees, they will torture and kill them.  Also, there will be those who reject God, or create a 'god' who allows them to pursue their own "knowledge of good and evil" - a pseudo-religious Liberation Theology – full of Liberties, like Pro-Choice (a woman can kill the unborn human in her womb); abnormal sexuality (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, etc.); Black Liberation Theology (blame everything on the whites); tolerance for anyone to do anything; and whatever their little hearts desire. All those who oppose the Tolerant Liberty People, will of course be vilified as religious Demigods. Duh, isn't that Intolerance?

      Oh, I guess this wasn't a Parallel Universe after all - it's our own little world, Earth.  People can continue to rebel against God from the Left or Right, Religious or non-religious, straight or gay, ... or STOP, turn our back to our own godhead, REPENT, and SEEK the Reality of God, Whoever He is.  We cannot change the God who said, “I AM that I AM”.  It's our choice - either we Seek and Find a God of Truth, Life, Holy, Love, etc. or we just keep the god of ourselves - I, Me, Mine, Myself.  With Liberty, there is the cost of Responsibility! 

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks tor reading gjcodyil l can't believe America's political choices. You cannot build a whole nation on me me me. I have made so many American friends over the years, yet I am still shocked to find my college educated American friends knowing less than rocks should about the world around them, and how the world really perceived America under bush and cheney.

    • gjcody profile image

      gjcody 9 years ago

      earnestshub ...I am glad I have found your hub.  I do agree with you on so much  ...and with your fans.  I am from the US and along with my business partner, we find it really frustrating.  We talk about it often.  Seeing stock go from 90 dollar a share to nearly nothing is something that we have watch take place. 

      The political arena is disheartening.  Everyone that is in the ring of dishonesty in government is from the CFR.  I do mean the high positions.  With that common dominator, we need to keep our eyes open when we vote.  The problem many people are driven by emotion and the media that is controlled way beyond the president.

      So you are probably right. We took this land years ago from the Indians and now people like Robber Barons are taking it from us.  They are live and well.  Most people think that was just in history books.  But read the "Titan" or "House of Morgan" and you will see that history is just repeating itself by the families that took advantage of what we called freedom.

      Yes ...when people were not educated enough to understand and now we do understand, but I agree that the society is "dumbing down."  That is by design. 

      I am in the health and nutrition business and you would have to know that we are what we eat.  Only God his self knows what they feed us and what the chemicals do to your brain. 

      I have never seen such a society that constantly takes chemical pills.  Our body is not screaming for more chemicals is crying for nutrition.

      So I agree ...wake up America and take your lives back ...take your families into consideration and pay attention to what is being said and do your own research.  It is not as easy as turning on your TV.  You have to read ...think and pay attention to the small details.

      I just wrote a hub on habits and dishonesty is one of the bad habits that are on the list.  Believe me ..the people in charge do not care a cent about you.  All you are is a grain of salt on their map.  You actually, usually cost them money and take up space.  There are no free rides. 

      When Americans wake up to the real reality, then and only then can we gather together and make the change.

      Thanks for sharing best to you ernestshub.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Hi UnCntrlld A revolution is probably what you'll get soon if these bankers get away with this theft any longer.

      Religion in politics is everywhere in America. Show me an American politician who is not religious and I will show you an empty seat! Religious fanatics are one of the reason America got stuffed in the first place.

      Guess who voted for dubya bush en mass.

    • profile image

      UnCntrlld 9 years ago

      "Change the dumb assed constitution that encourages gun warfare, and the unbelievably stupid and vague "pursuit of happiness" that Carl Yung reckognised as crud when he commented on it on visiting America."

      WTF? I want a revolution to save the constitution, not change it. If we don't revolt they will take away our right to bare arms.

      The government is exploiting the fear of terrorism to restrict civil liberties. They have become far too large and intrusive. They violate the constitution on almost a daily basis passing laws the constitution has not given them the power to make.

      "Organize and remove all the god-bothering do gooders who screw your country with their narrow minded religious crap."

      What the hell are you talking about? What is wrong with religion?

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks bgmall. The language of crooked finance is the same as for crooked politicians, slimy double talk and weasel words. I think it will change with all the flack they are getting!

    • bgamall profile image

      Gary Anderson 9 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Nice warning. AAA shoud mean AAA.

    • profile image

      ColdWarBaby 9 years ago

      First let me apologize for overlooking your hubs for so long. Then let me add that, aside from minor differences of style, we appear to be counterparts, brothers in arms.

      Being born and raised here and having lived and observed all this for over sixty years now, I can explain in part why it is what it is. Capitalism. Which means consumerism. Which means marketing. Well, they market a great deal more than the useless products they sell. This is a nation whose masses have been deeply indoctrinated for several generations. It affects some more than others and a few not at all. But most are well and truly brainwashed by the time they enter the first grade.

      Have a look if you haven't already:

      As to economics:

      I fear that Obama is just a variation on a theme. Oil on troubled waters to soothe the masses back into passivity. Dubya overplayed his hand and stirred up the masses a bit more than the supremacists wanted. They need someone to calm things down so the usury can continue.

      Great hub and I'm off to read a bit more of your work.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks Stacie L. Very clear thinking comment. I so hope Obama has something up his sleeve.

    • Stacie L profile image

      Stacie L 9 years ago

      It's a thorough and thought- provoking hub; I try to be optimistic but these days are frighening with all the negative news reported each hour.

      The politicians seem to forget(or the people let them) that we are in charge;WE are THEIR bosses.

      They say what we want to hear when campaigning but quickly make excuses when elected.

      I had a lot of hope when Obama was elected. No,I'm not that naive;I know he has to play ball and deal with what was left for him after GW.

      He ,too,is a politican,after all, and tells us what we want to hear. ;(

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      You are spot on Mighty Mom. I hope the American people can have two miracles.

      Get out and chase your congress America, give yourselves this last shot at fairness is what I would like to say. Maybe we will be lucky, I sure hope so. The alternative is unthinkable.

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      It's unfathomable to us to know that all that money -- our money -- is GONE. You think we're ever going to be able to retrieve it from the banks and bankers? I'd like to be that optimistic. Time will tell what the Republicans will actually allow Obama to do.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      I am overwhelmed! Thank you all for commenting.

      I had hoped that Americans would have a better treasury under Obama with a new agenda to lock up a few bankers, especially from treasury.

      But as it does not seem so, I fear America will need to show themselves again as they did in voting for Obama and support and direct this Government from local appointments all the way to treasury and the president personally to get the thieving bankers personal and business assets back in the public purse from where it was stolen.

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      OMG! Well, thank goodness Prince Charles and Camilla are out in the open -- can you imagine being found out by the intelligence services because your emails to each other inadvertently contained the keyword "Balmoral"?

      Actually it could make a fun hub topic to come up with our own list of key words and phrases to be "red flagged." Somehow, I suspect it would be more fun (and probably more effective, too!) than what they could come up with!

      In the meantime, I think you are safe from revolution over there in Greece. We here in America are stockpiling our teabags getting ready for the big "R"!!

    • Sufidreamer profile image

      Sufidreamer 9 years ago from Sparti, Greece

      The UK is trying to bring in a law where the intelligence services will be able to read every e-mail sent to and from the country. I assume that software 'red-flags' key words and phrases.

      This type of thing is one of the reasons I moved to Greece (apart from the sun, food, Ouzo and lifestyle!). If the government tried that here, never mind a few riots - the Greeks would burn the parliament to the ground!

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      Sufi and Amada, dream on. You don't get no orange jumpsuits. You will be naked with a black hood over your head as you face the perfectly legal waterboard. I wouldn't trust that your thoughts can't be read -- careful now!

      Sufi -- you nailed this issue down to its base elements. We have become so polarized here in the US. Either you are a "socialist" (an invective that I see leveled against pretty much anyone who voted for Obama or who believes in Universal Health Care or a woman's right to choose or pretty much any ideology even 1 degree to the left of center). Or, you are a "fascist" like those 70 year-old Germans and our outgoing leaders. Although for the most part you will find us "socialists" too polite to come right out and accuse our accusers of being such.

      Scary stuff, indeed. Our forefathers must be rolling over in their graves.

    • Sufidreamer profile image

      Sufidreamer 9 years ago from Sparti, Greece

      In a moment of serendipity, Greek TV has a Michael Moore film about the Patriot Act on at the moment. That was tried about 70 years ago, in Germany. Scary stuff.

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 9 years ago from United States

      Collectively, I don't know if we have the courage to take our country to where it needs to be to survive as the democracy, it is supposed to be and hasn't been for a very long time. I'm thinking everyone of us had better have a good plan A and Plan B -- as we've stepped into some deep water without knowing how far we can swim with the sharks after us.

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 9 years ago from UK

      An orange jumpsuit. Groovy! They'd better fit me up for one too!

    • Sufidreamer profile image

      Sufidreamer 9 years ago from Sparti, Greece

      OK, MM. With you on that one. So if I incite violence against certain US luminaries, then I will be measured for an orange jumpsuit in no time.

      Can they censor my thoughts with this act?

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 9 years ago from UK

      What a totally fabulous no-holds-barred hub! You've said exactly what I've been itching to say for months. Things are changing in the good old U S of A, and it can't come soon enough. The banks are run by the thoroughly corrupt super-rich, and the attitude that God helps those that help themselves, seems to be taken to new extremesby the Ultra-religious right. I can scarcely believe some of the comments I read on these hubs. There are so many so-called caring Christians who would not spare the sweat off their brow to help those who are needy, elderly, jobless or sick. A revolution is overdue. I sincerely hope that it will be a peaceful one, but gIven the nature of the problem it would be should be no surprise if tensions get out of hand!

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      Hi Sufi, You are not alone. I don't know anyone who understands (or approves of) the Patriot Act. Even though you are safely in a country that is not known as a bastion of terrorists (except within the country itself), you just never know.

      My Hubby and I watched the movie "Rendition" last night with Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. Very frightening. And seemingly not too farfetched.

      However, if you want to create a clever "code" so us hubbers know who you'd like to smack upside the head, I think that would probably be ok. But this is not my hub. I don't have the authority to invite violence on someone else's hub. But seems to me our kind Aussie host would not mind:-)

    • Sufidreamer profile image

      Sufidreamer 9 years ago from Sparti, Greece

      I never understood this Patriot Act thing. Am I breaking some law if I name a few Americans who I would like to punch in the back of the head?

    • Mighty Mom profile image

      Susan Reid 9 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

      Vive la revolution! Thank GOD we still have the right to bear arms here in the United States of Amurikuh. Honestly, some days I really do feel like shooting somebody (although I will refrain from naming names because the Patriot Act is still in effect).

      Your take on our sorry-ass political/economic situation is spot on. There were people here screaming about the 2000 election confiscation, but we were vox clamantis in deserto. Then that phony war that kept Bush in office after 2004. Again, what were Americans THINKING!!!??? We get the government we deserve. And you're so right. Americans have allowed themselves to become dumb as goat shit (don't know if goat shit is the lowest of the low on the shit scale, but I will assume it is). And yeah -- Out with Iraq, in with Israel/Hamas. Right on cue. Bingo. Timing is just a bit too pat to be accidental...

      I would feel more optimistic about Obama's ability to effect the widespread changes that are needed if they weren't quite so widespread. Stay tuned, folks and buckle your seatbelts. The ride's gonna be bumpy until we hit cruising altitude (if we ever do).

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 9 years ago from Free and running....

      In a couple of days, Obama will take office, now I know he can't wipe out all the problems with a magic wand, but something is happening here is America as it is coming to reality that we are going to move beyond the mindset that has sucked us into this disaster. We've been stuck in this doorway for the last two months anxious to walk out of the old house of pain and into something greater than ourselves. We've been pumped with hate for our own country as we see dumb ass Bush just shrug his shoulders and say sorry. Obama is not just another president taking office. he represents a fundamental change in philosophy, and we're going to hold his nuts to it.

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 9 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Lgali, May I ask you something? Why do you not thoroughly comment on some of the hubs, how do you really know it is a great hub? I admire you but I am just curious as you do it on my hubs too.:) What makes them a great hub? This is a wonderful hub, but I am only asking.:)

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 9 years ago

      Great hub!

    • LondonGirl profile image

      LondonGirl 9 years ago from London

      "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel" as Dr. Johnson put it...

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 9 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      I could not agree with you more, as we just lost our home and the bank miraculously lost are ppw and then demanded another 9,000 to stop the foreclosure after we gave them 6,000 becasue they stated that it was a down payment toward our home. I am not ashamed as now we do not have a $3000.00 mortgage and have found another home where the payment is $840.00, however I am angry that our government still wants to hand the corrupt banks money and we as Americans are being laughed at and our dreams are still being stolen right from underneath our noses. Our government is corrupt and I wrote an article to President Elect Obama, who knows maybe it will go up on Google ratings and someone in that White House will read it, as our Country needs to bailout the people and screw the banks. O.K. enough said and thanks for writing this award-winning article!!:)

    • profile image

      yxhuang 9 years ago

      Thanks for visiting me and read my hub. You sure got your point about how bad the American economy is now and I agreed with your theory that if you can get out of this place it would be possibly better (according to your reply to rockinjoe). For someone like me I have the priority making such a move. I've thought about that many times and even have seriously planned to make a move before; however, moving out of the country still requires a strong economic base to make it really happened with a better and even a successful result. Beside, just like you say, I found America is always good to me. Instead of just walking away, I think it is the time for most of us to be creative to come out solutions of dealing with such a slow and not so good time.

      I have a few successful stories about American people who are nearly filling bankruptcy in America but they decided to make their move overseas (mostly teaching English in China or Taiwan) then being very successful out there.  And the other great example of making a smart move to solve the company's economic crisis should be the most American's favorite store Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart made a move to China while it's American headquarter was nearly bankrupt. The profit they made from oversea was surprisingly great that saved the whole company in the U.S. Now Wal-Mart in China is a well-known American corporation. I've stopped by several branches while went back China visiting relatives with my husband years ago. It was amazingly crowded and the products are actually expensive -- Wal-Mart sells the goods with the prices that are most likely equal to the cost you pay in America. Wal-Mart in China is never a thrift store but native Chinese love it. Perhaps this story can inspire someone who is seriously thinking of getting out of America to make their life a breakthrough. 

      We Chinese said "The outsider sees most of the game". I guess this shows why your vision to America and American are quite unique.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Newcapo (love that name!) thank you for reading and for complimenting this hub.

      I am so glad you left a comment. When I read your hubs yesterday I liked your up front easy going writing very much and you have written awesome hubs yourself.

      I figured you would have an opinion to offer that had been well thought out. Hubpages somehow gives us the ability to see each other through more than just our profiles, we see each others character in hubs too.

    • profile image

      newcapo 9 years ago

      Yes, I agree, a revolution or extreme 'grass roots' movement is necessary to restore order and get rid of the corruption and bloating of the federal government... Great hub! Even if you disagree, this hub is an awesome read, nice job!

    • EYEAM4ANARCHY profile image

      Kelly W. Patterson 9 years ago from Las Vegas, NV.

      "I dream of Obama taking treasury by the throat after his inauguration...."

      It's a nice dream, but the idea that Obama is suddenly going to turn on the interests of the people that got into that office is truely nothing more than that.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks for the comments. Endurance is essential in this environment.

      I think it is a great attribute for anyone to have. Your attitude is what we all need.

    • TKIMWRSVC profile image

      TKIMWRSVC 9 years ago from United States

      Well not really being able to head out of town, so to speak, i am going to work on encouraging the best, do what I can to start a non profit, share what donations and grant money I can get with homeless, job transitioning and veterans and do what I can to help hold this place together.

      Of course just as soon as I post this the news comes on talking about the initial body count in The Gaza Strip. Sigh, beyond sigh.

      Yes I have way too much endurance for my own good. But an excellent hub as I said before and I hope we are ALL WRONG

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 9 years ago from Australia

      Yes, Treasury needs a major overhaul. I would want transparency, paper trails, show me the balance sheet. Afterall it's the taxpayers money being played with, I'd want to know where it's gone - to the last dollar. USA is technically bankrupt, yikes!

    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 9 years ago from Australia

      Ok Earn the 64 dollar question. What religion ARE Buddhist Monks?

      You kidding right?

      Now that it looks like the war in Iraq is "over", right on cue the never ending war with Israel has flaired again. How long do you think it will be before USA ( oh yeah that starts with a U) declares war on Hamas?

      So where do you think your friends in America would go if they took your advice?

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Jewels. It looks like it will take all the courage of the thinking public to turn this around. I dream of Obama taking treasury by the throat after his inauguration....

      Paraglider, insightful as ever and spot on!

      Of course even mentioning Israel brings up the holocaust as an excuse to do the same to others. You are right Israel is a disgrace! We will both be hearing from their apologists in America and Israel no doubt. Gutsy. As for Iraq you can't beat the old fear factor to convince a frightened and gullible nation. John Howard the Australian Prime Minister at that time followed like a lap dog.

    • Paraglider profile image

      Dave McClure 9 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

      OK, but what about some of the triumphs? Let's see:

      Unequivocal support for the warmongering State of Israel

      The total destuction of Iraq, on a false premise

      The 'War on Terror', aka Al Qaeda's recruitment campaign

      OK, you win ;)

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 9 years ago from Australia

      Golly gosh ernest - you read my mind, I just couldn't get it out on paper the same. ditto ditto ditto. Bring on the revolution, it's well overdue.

    • profile image

      pgrundy 9 years ago

      Well, we're in for it, that's for sure. I think it will get a lot uglier before it gets better. So many Americans are busy worrying about what their neighbor is doing in the bedroom instead of worrying about what the banks and politicians are doing. I'd like to disagree with you here, but sadly I can't. I think we'll see violence before it turns around. The bad part is only just starting.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thank you sir, I hope other less informed Americans wake up before it is too late.

    • TKIMWRSVC profile image

      TKIMWRSVC 9 years ago from United States

      I must agree with you sir. Some excellent advice and commentary and it dovetails nicely with lots I am thinking about lately. Thank you for an excellent piece.

    • profile image

      yxhuang 9 years ago

      I am scared, too. Now if any one ever called me "(You God Damn Chinese) Go back to your country!" I'll seriously take that as an advice.

      Great work!

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 9 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Thanks mate, that was the intention rockinjoe. To scare some sense into my tin tank mates in the US of.

      I have worked in America alongside Americans and a harder working lot would be hard to find. They do not need this shit, and nor do we.

      I had high hopes for Obama, but that is fading fast. If the god-botherers and puritans keep running what America thinks and does, my advice to my friends would be get the hell out of there!

    • rockinjoe profile image

      Joseph Addams 9 years ago from Standing right behind you!

      I think I'm just going to hide under the kitchen table until this mess blows over. You have successfully scared the shit out of me with that hub. Congratulations.


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