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Americans' Systematic Loss of Freedom and Rights

Updated on June 12, 2014

Where does the line begin or end?

At the dawn of government, we as Americans and United States citizens were given certain rights set forth by our founding fathers. These rights were drafted to protect our God given freedom and rights to do so as we wish, of course as long as it were within the limits of the law. So why is it now that the powers that be decide they have the right to infringe on our rights and interfere with our personal lives?


And the media presents it's case...

There have been many incidents throughout the past few years where reporters make it known just how far the United States government has crossed the boundary, dangling it's finger in a territory in which our freedom might as well not exist. If you've never heard of such an event, then you might as well be living with Patrick and Spongebob at the bottom of the sea.

US Governments stripping us of our rights... it's a crying shame.


TSA Agents going above and beyond what is right...

There was one such incident which was and continues to be covered by media outlets such as The Hard Truth Magazine,, CBS News, The Huffington Post and many more. The list is potentially endless, and why can we blame them? Who in their right mind would go to the extent the TSA agents involved did after suspecting a 4 year old girl of being capable of terroristic acts, when it was blatantly obvious she was in no way capable of harming anyone or doing anything dangerous. If you must call for backup claiming that a 4 year old suspect is not being cooperative, then you should be knocked upside the head.

An article published in the first edition of The Hard Truth Magazine gives readers an accurate, eye opening account of what transpired that day.

Innocent until proven guilty?

As American's we know, or should I say knew, that we are presumed innocent until proven guilty. The US government is slowly, but surely taking away our rights piece by piece in a slow and methodical process that can only end up with one result. If things continue to progress as they have been lately, our wonderful democracy will sour and ferment until it becomes a festering freedomless dictatorship.

Are you tired of TSA overstepping your constitutional rights? There's now a way to let them know... TSA Proof 4th Amendment Wear. The apparel is sure to raise some eyebrows as you pass through the scanner!


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