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Americans at War in America

Updated on November 5, 2011

America at War in America

Often I wonder at the political cavalcade going on in the US. I see the news posting illegal aliens burning our flag, because we won’t give them equal rights with US citizens. Did I miss something? Illegal means no rights, no benefits and AGAINST THE LAW! Convicted felons lose their right to vote and participate in an election. They are citizens (most of them) and they have to suffer the consequences of their actions. But we tolerate the illegals burning our flag, one many Americans have fought and died to protect and preserve. What gives the illegals a right to burn our flag in our own back yard? We are at war and some don’t realize it.

We see our own government trying to give illegals amnesty and make them citizens for the sole purpose of obtaining votes. The politicians don’t get it, Illegals don’t want citizenship they just want the money, Healthcare and services their own country can’t offer them. Then they can return to their country and live wealthy from what was provided them here. Tax money used to build a fence along our borders was halted. Which begs the question, Why? Was it because of the drug trade constantly moving over the border between Mexico and the US, was it because of the human trafficking being done nightly, or was it because it is the only area that terrorist can move into this country without detection?

We spend billions of dollars to protect our Airline industry and screen foreigners coming into our country, but leave the borders wide open. What is the reasoning behind retaining the National Guard if they are not permitted to protect our borders? Armed insurgents populate the National forest along the Border in Arizona, and we knowingly allow it to continue. Meanwhile some illegals are being shot and their women and children raped; their clothes hung up like trophies in the washes and scrubs along our border. Our laws cannot do anything to protect them because of the way they entered the US, while the low life degrading individuals who attack them are free to continue.

It is estimated that we spend 3.5 Billion dollars a year for medical services to Illegals. How difficult would it be to establish citizenship by producing a Driver’s license or personal identification with an embossed seal of authentication prior to medical treatment or after it is provided the individual is escorted to the appropriate Authorities, and eliminate another battle?

Our economy is in poor condition, and American Jobs are being lost to illegals. Is it because the illegals are willing to do what Americans won’t do? Some maybe, but mostly is it because American businesses can pay the illegals less money, no FICA, no Social security Payouts, and no employee benefits. The stopping of the border fence only helps to tear down our country more every day. We pay our Tax dollars for welfare, healthcare and legal representation for illegals every year. It is estimated it would cost 2 billion to secure the borders and in a short span of time, Americans would return to the work force and do the same jobs. How many farmers are afraid to work a day’s work, how many construction workers would shy away from a hard day’s labor, and eliminate the unemployment battle. These are the things that founded America.

America can be strong again, but it will take a concise effort by Americans as a whole to accomplish it. We must pull together, say it loud, say it with our voice, say it with our votes, and put political partisanship aside and let our government know we want a stronger America.


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