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Americans losing faith in government

Updated on March 31, 2015

Our elections do not have the level of participation by voters that it should have as the impact of decisions made can and has had a big impact. The actions or inactions of those elected to serve us and sometimes those who are not elected but appointed are causing Americans to lose faith in government. We as the voters of today and those who will vote in the future must have faith in our government and the people in it even if we have nothing for us to have faith. We must remember the government we have is what we have chosen through our votes.

The lack of participation sees a stark difference when there is a distinct difference between the positions of one candidate over another. If we do not have faith in our government we must have faith in ourselves that we will make the right decision each time we cast our vote. Losing faith in government can be reflected in the perception that an individual’s vote does not count as politicians will do what they want whether the public agrees or not. We have seen this over and over through the culture which now exist in Congress and the government as a whole.

We are one of the few countries and possibly the only country that has the kind of political structure that is conducive to letting the people choose those who will make decisions for them. We have limits on the time an individual serves in government. The House of Representatives are up for re-election every two years while in the Senate 1/3 of individuals are up for election every two years. With regards to those who are appointed and the President every four years those in appointed positions can change dependent upon who is elected President.

Losing faith in government is not a good thing but with the last election the people made bold decisions to put their faith to the test by changing the control of Congress. It was and is a step of faith that those elected will change the dynamics of how Congress and the government will operate. We have a system of checks and balance which our founding fathers were wise enough to put in place. There are many issues facing our country not the least of which is our soaring debt. While losing faith in government appears to be in place for many of us we can have faith in the fact that new individuals have been elected who are fighting for our constitutional rights.

This involves bucking party leadership and being criticized for it.

Leaders of both political parties must understand the frustration of the American people and start to work with those who have the integrity to say enough is enough or they can be voted out when they are up for election. The influx of new individuals in government is causing some positive reaction that finally someone is standing up for our rights and the principles upon which the Constitution was created. The culture of Congress must change.

Recent decisions by some elected officials to not seek another term will most probably change the dynamics of Congress. It appears these individuals have finally received the message that the people are demanding a change. The voters sent a loud message that they are tired of the actions of some individuals who kept legislation from coming to a vote. This is not about one party but both political parties. In some cases the proposals being made go against our principles as a country and in some respects affect our constitutional rights. Keeping legislation from going through is wrong as it is obstructing the legislative process.

We need to have more individuals elected to stand up for our rights and the principles upon which this country was found. The next election will give us the voters another opportunity to elect more individuals who will fight for the rights we have engrained in the Constitution. The legislative process should be more about what is best for the country not any political party. More individuals are voting with their conscience not what their political party wants them to do and it is a refreshing change to say the least.

While the Republicans are currently in control of Congress they must exhibit to the American people that they can govern. The current decisions being made by Congress and the executive branch is causing a lack of faith that anything of consequence can get accomplished. It seems as though nothing gets done until the last minute then legislation gets pushed through without much time to properly review the final content. We see this over and over and deadlines fast approach such as keeping the government operations funded and what happens in many cases a continuing resolution is put in place. This type of action is what causes individuals to lose faith in the ability of government to function. It should not take a fast approaching deadline to come to agreement on critical decisions about any government operation. This however is how it has been for years and possibly decades but with new individuals in Congress this hopefully may be on the path to change.

The legislative process should be one of cooperation not combative. Both political parties for the most part are in agreement on what issues need to be addressed it is the approach where there are differences. No one individual or political party has all the answers. Americans would have more faith in government if there were more cooperation between the political parties. Hard decisions need to be made about the issues facing our country but to date neither political party has had the support to make these decisions. Good ideas surface from time to time which get exposure in the media but leadership in some cases do not embrace the approaches being proposed. One of the reasons appears to be or the perception being reported is that it is something never before suggested and that they may disagree with party policy or philosophy. There are good individuals on both sides of the isle and these individuals must come together to develop approaches to solve critical issues now not push the decision down the road to let other legislative bodies make the decisions. If this were to happen Americans would begin to have more faith in government and the decisions it makes not less.


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    • Dennis AuBuchon profile image

      Dennis AuBuchon 2 years ago

      Jackclee lm

      Thanks for stopping by and providing your input.

    • jackclee lm profile image

      Jack Lee 2 years ago from Yorktown NY

      You make some very good points. I've been following the state of our government for quite a while. I've come to the conclusion that the one thing that can change the status quo of Washington is term limits. Unfortunately, the only way this can come about is legislation by the very same people who are there. Alternatively, we the voters can institute term limits by voting out our Congressmen and Senators after 2 terms regardless of their party or performance. We can put them on notice that they only have a limited time in power. Hopefully, this will force them to change their behavior and focus on solving problems instead of getting re-elected.