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Americans the New Schrödinger’s Cats

Updated on July 30, 2011

Schrodinger's Cat


Shrodinger's Cat

Perhaps the only way to predictably explain Americans is to accept they are the New Schrödinger’s Cats. In every sense of the experiment Americans are on the presidious of being both dead and a live all at once. And the world is transfixed upon them as if they are truly the new Schrödinger’s Cat. The entire country is on a state of flux and time is almost up. Americans will either die or they will survive but the real question is why Americans would ever allow themselves to become the new cats of Schrödinger? Why would they ever choose leaders who were so greedy and corrupt and that would put their existence in jeopardy?

And your government has put you in the box quite literally. Where Shrodinger conducted this experiment theoretically the USA government has uiteliterally decided its citizens should live the fate of Shroedinger's cat quite literally.

And for the international community, America's fate is entertainment. But in order to appreciate this betrayal by the USA government you must first understand the plight of Shrodeinger's cat. Realize it was only a theorectical experiement while the USA government has decided to take a theorectical experiment and do it to its people; the ruling body of the nation. I guess the only use of American is for the entertainment and defense of the international world. If i were a leader of another country or a leader of the USA or preceived leader I would be quite worried that The People of the USA would have had quite enough of being Shrodinger's Cat and would want all leaders' to live in Shrodinger's box for the next decade. 10 years in the box and perhaps leaders will learn that the only fair play is if they suffer the same fate.

Shrodinger's Cat Explanation

American Isolationism and Protectionsim

Now it is time for isolationism. Americans are no longer willing to be the force protection for the crummy leaders of the world. The USA not only has lost the will of the people but also the good nature of them as well. We will no longer be Shrodinger's Cat but only serve to put our leaders and other oppressors in the very boxes they have held Americans in for so long and that is especially true of the entire Scientology crowd who line their pockets in a country they so readily betray.

Good Bye Scientology!!! Goodbye bad betraying organized crime Hollywood. Time to shut your holes and pay your taxes or go live in third world countries. Betrayal in this country is not allowed and Scientology and especially Oprah has sold the USA for an OPEC funded president...Obama.

Particle Physics is the new alternative energy source not that we need it because we can use propane to run cars. But Particle Physics offers a new venue for alternative energy.

I am voting Republican because I want a president that will not put his people in the Shrodinger's box to entertain international communities. And I would submit that a president that has is subject to live the rest of his dual existences and his families duel existences in the box as well. The troops should have never been asked to fight a false war in North Africa and therefore their return in September is not a political gain. And I seriously doubt war will end for long. Something somewhere will blow up in order for Obama to attempt to stay in the White House all funded by OPEC.

Vote Romney!!!

Invalid Assumptions on behalf of Scientologists.

In all probability the legacy of the Scientology community including Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey and Barack Obama as well as Jennifer Grainer will be that of the Nazi's in Germany during World War II savagely stealing and ethnic cleansing for their own greed.

But Shrodinger's cat doesn't tranlsate to Americans.

1) The assumption with Shrodinger's cat is that the Cat doesn't know it is in duel existences. Americans can figure that out as exhibited by this artilce.

2) The assumption the cat can't break free from the box. Again this article clealry demonstrates that Americans are aware when thgey are being treated like Shrodinger's Cat and they can break free from the box. They can also disarm the cyanide.

3) Shrodinger assumed non of the risk whie receiving all the benefit. That will nto be true for any human being prepetrating on another human being.

4) Shrodinger's Cat can't communicate with either Shrodinger or the other authorities like the Human Society. Because the USA is conscious it is being treated like Shrodinger's Cat and is requesting Human Treatment by its government the failure to do so to over feed the Scientology community that is already completely corrupt and broken is a failure by the leadership and not the people. The abuse must end once it is identified and human treatment is requested.

5) The international fall out for treating Americans like Shrodinger's Cat. While it might be humnerous for a bit the long term message to the world is that of cruelity and inhumanity to the USA people and subsequently other countries and therefore Scientology has self destructed.

6) Obama could not have committed political suicide in a more public manner. All associations he has are now in jeopardy and the children who follwo this mad man have only to look forward to being Shrodinger's Cat in the box. And I doubt anyone from Hawaii (pot smoking Scientologists liberals) cares for anyone in the USA. Hawaii considers itself to still be an English colony even though it was seeded by Engldn back in the time of Captian Hook. England tossed Queen Lily out the window. Take that Harry Potter.

Goodbye Scientology and pay your taxes on the way to moving to your new third world country home. USA will not be aroudn to save you. We don't take betrayal lightly in this country. The only cult you had a right to belong to in this country was the USA cult. Too bad Tom Cruise you have spoken so badly about the USA and too bad Brad Pitt you called the USA a racist country and George Clooney so sad you had to speak so badly about K street and then round around asking for hand outs in DC. Pay your taxes andf thenget out of the USA Scientologists/expatriots their are Shrodinger's boxes waiting all over the world for you to be put into and to live in.

Goodbye JJ Abrams who doesn't know a lie he couldn't tell. Or diligence in working on any television series. Goodbye Scientoogy who hurts the American People to elevate themselevs in the world. Good bye!!!! Pay your taxes especially from thsoe isalnds you like to hide your money on.

Scientology has failed because you didn't study the multi covariant analysis and you made false assumptions. Scientology/Hollywood you are the Nazi(s) of the American Holocaust.

Mitt it is time to take America back from Scientology and OPEC!!! We look forward to your leadership!!


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