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Americas’ Hurricane Harvey Social Media Shame Exploited by Infowars’ Sick Alex Jones

Updated on August 30, 2017
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Mr Bueno is a sometimes writer, musician, and digital artist. He treats art as Magick. He currently lives and works in Cambridge, England.

Faux Slanted Outrage at Infowars HQ (Again!)

As usual, Alex Jones cherry picks information to suit his propaganda outfit Infowars
As usual, Alex Jones cherry picks information to suit his propaganda outfit Infowars

The Sound of One Brain Cell Rubbing Together

Any sane thinking, rational person, would think that the devastation and countless human tragedies generated by the apparently ‘one in a thousand year event,’ Hurricane Harvey would be a rare chance for people of all political persuasions in the United States to come together and help those whose lives, livelihoods, homes, and possessions have been damaged and destroyed by this monster storm. For the many good people of the United States, this has, of course, been the case and there are many tales of selfless endeavour and giving to be told by those who have put themselves in harm’s way to help their fellow man, woman, and child. Many who have watched the unfolding horror in Houston via television and the internet from remote locations in both the U.S and worldwide have also dug deep to donate money, food, possessions and clothing in a desperate bid to help those stricken by this disaster.

Others with sick minds, however, will always see in any event and disaster an opportunity to further their own nefarious ends. This may manifest itself in looters taking advantage of the empty homes of those who are unfortunate enough to have had to leave their homes to the ravages of nature, false insurance claims by individuals who say they were affected by the tragedy but weren’t, and also of course, those who seek to make political capital to further their own twisted ideologies.

Alex Jones in a Self-Generated Flap

If he flaps hard enough he may make it to Alpha Centauri
If he flaps hard enough he may make it to Alpha Centauri

Hurricane Harvey as Infowars' Fear Porn

So, of course, it comes as no surprise that Texan wacko, Alex Jones, can’t wait to put the tragedy of Hurricane Harvey to work, spinning off multiple conspiracy theories in a bid to pander to the confirmation bias of the six million or so followers of his Infowars mind warping operation and faux support for Donald Trump.

The headlines of the Infowars articles relating to the disaster were depressingly familiar, following the Alex Jones’ identikit, off the shelf, conspiracy approach which his supporters unthinkingly lap up, rather than taking a balanced look at all the evidence. This led to various chunks of paranoia meat being thrown to the millions of ravenous Infowars fear porn monkeys, such as….


Did Democrats Sabotage Houston Evacuation To Blame Trump?



It's the Infowars' and Alex Jones' Mental Breakdown Time

Once again, Alex Jones assertions are factually incorrect, loaded and unbalanced in the extreme, so let’s take a few moments to “break down” Alex Jones apoplexy and find out why, once again he and his shabby Infowars outfit are telling us, that black is really white, up is really down and there is a hole in the centre of the earth that goes right through to the other side.

Is Your Village Missing An Idiot? - A Premonition of Alex Jones and Infowars from the 1970's

The Psychology of Alex Jones

At a time when people with powerful media operations should be coming together with all Americans to help those afflicted by this terrible event, Jones, who likes to tell his fans he is a Christian proves he is nothing of the sort with his poisonous spin, designed to cause division and hatred, the very thing he claims those he targets are trying to do. This, of course, appears to be a psychological projection of his own worst traits onto the world at large around him but surely Alex Jones has a bit more savvy than that? If not, one can only conclude that Jones really is the ultimate village idiot.

The Important Bit that Alex Jones and Infowars Left Out on Purpose

The suggestion that the Democrat mayor of Houston ordered a “stand down” which made the catastrophe worse is, of course, standard Alex Jones nonsense. There were multiple problems for the authorities to consider in issuing such an edict in the developing situation at the time. The main one being that, were an evacuation order to have been put in place, highways could be clogged with millions of people trying to leave the area causing traffic gridlock. As we all saw from the pictures and footage of the disaster as it unfolded, many highways were quickly deluged with flood water and were these roads to have been jammed with panicked residents trying to leave the area, and the resulting loss of life would have been catastrophic in the extreme. Added to this would be the problem of emergency services trying to navigate the disaster zone compounding the problem even further.

Another problem was the uncertainty of exactly where the storm would dump its record downfall of rain, so not only could the roads have been at a standstill in urban areas but those fleeing the storm could have been directed further into harm’s way and been even more exposed than they were in their own properties. So of course, there is a complex set of percentages to work out as to what the best advice is to keep the most people as possible safe and alive.

For an armchair detective such as Alex Jones however, the answer is simple because he has the same answer ready in advance, every single time. It’s quite obvious that were an evacuation order to be given with massive loss of life ensuing, that Jones headline would have been….

Democrat Mayor of Houston Ordered Evacuation to Cause Massive Loss of Life and Blame on Donald Trump.

This sort of disaster is a gimme for Jones, he can’t lose either way as the majority of his fans are just too slow on the uptake to work it all out.

The Art of the Sick

As for the Infowars headline “SICK LEFTISTS CELEBRATE HURRICANE AS VICTORY OVER CONSERVATIVE, WHITE AMERICANS,” there is, in fact, some truth in what the report says. However, any respectable media outfit would be reporting the whole picture and not just slanting and exploiting America’s social media shame to make the picture look one sided. After watching a number of youtube videos posted on the web, I scrawled down the page to check the comments and there were vile messages being left from both side of the U.S. political divide.

One video with particularly choice comments uploaded by Fox News was entitled….

“Rockport, Texas laundromat destroyed by Hurricane Harvey”

Alex Jones' Grubby Little Paws

Unfortunately for Alex Jones, many of the sick comments that were left had the finger prints of his deluded acolytes all over them, and where else might be an appropriate second home for such appalling creatures as Fox News?

One commenter gave the game away as to where he likes to spend his spare time when he wrote in reply to one Rick Rucksack:

“You most definitely are not conservative. Now take Michelle Obama's dick out of your mouth and stop playing games.”

Serious and Respectable Reporting at Infowars

Now, the suggestion by some on the far right that Michelle Obama is actually a man has been doing the rounds in right-wing conspiracy circles for some considerable time. However, on the very day when Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Jones had time to publish an article and video to Infowars entitled….


What Would Jesus Do, Alex Jones?

That’s right, when virtually every other respectable news organisation in the West was directing most of their resources towards the unfolding tragedy in Houston, Jones, who lives not great distance from Houston and could have been acting in a Christian manner and helping those afflicted, was actually spending a great deal of time furthering a ridiculous and offensive conspiracy theory.

Another popular comment, by Maya Turnow announced….

“Trump supporters and other good hearted human beings will come out in full force to help these folks. The far left will hide behind their masks and keyboards and just hate. Sad lives they have.”

Takes One to Know One!

As irony is not a favourite tool of certain segments of citizens of the United States, it was probably lost on Maya that she was actually hiding herself behind the mask of a screen and keyboard and hating herself. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so sad.

Down at Alex Jones' Level

Another commenter left not so much as a comment but an electronic grunt, on the state of the devastated Laundromat which was pictured in the article….

“Hillary was washing her diaper and it exploded.”

You Ain't No Christian, Bruv

And there we have it, right there in that comment is the target audience of Alex Jones. Puerile, ignorant and uncaring of the human misery being suffered by those caught in the path of Hurricane Harvey. The comments went on and on and shame was brought to America from both sides of the political spectrum. Kids big and small may know no better but Alex Jones at Infowars is often telling us how much of a man he is and what a wide ranging brain he has. Well, if that is the case, why do you so often act like a child and the ultimate classroom dunce and bring shame on your country by acting out the way you do?

And I’ll tell you something else as well, Alex Jones.

You ain’t no Christian, bruv.

Be seeing you!

© 2017 Mr Bueno


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